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  1. Glad Smith stuck with Nizialek and especially Mayfield. After wk 1 I wanted that dude off the team in a hurry. He's not out of the woods yet but it's encouraging seeing steady progress from him and Nizialek.
  2. I like the ring of it. They should use it as a title whenever showing anything related to Shanny ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. My wife and I were watching the game (she's a packers fan). We both knew once the 9ers scored that they left too much time in the clock, even with no timeouts. Flashes of Gurley trying not to score but doing so went thru my head. Also, I loved watching the 9ers lose ๐Ÿ˜
  4. I wasn't able to watch the game. Was Franks in other plays during the game or was it the one play? Wondering if Smith is going to start using him a bit like SF throws in Lance from time to time. Edit: I see Ergo's snap count post. Franks had 3 snaps total. Did he do anything in the other 2 plays?
  5. Encouraging. Though nowhere to go but up from a 1.4 grade. Hope the game is slowing down for Mayfield. Good stuff from Lindstrom and Oliver. Wonder what Mcgary graded out as.
  6. OLine gives up zero sacks Grady gets 3 sacks We sack the QB for a safety
  7. Every year there are teams that grow and become formidable. That could be us, it could not. Just need to wait and see.
  8. Campbell not gonna have an easier Int in his career than that
  9. Some people around here think it's all up to the QB tho.....I don't know who to believe!!
  10. Should change the name to the Atlanta Curse. And then curse any team we play. Maybe have a pregame ritual with a goats head and some incense.
  11. If anyone finds said video I would love to see it
  12. What was Fowler doing that got him a top grade?
  13. Don't waste your sympathy on these guys. Let them live in a state of pessimism.
  14. I agree. I expect to improve as time goes on. We did clean up the penalties from last week so there's a plus. Oline is still an issue but the only way out of that problem is really to have o line cohesion or wait for Gano and hope he can be our savior.
  15. The punting situation that unfolded during the off-season had me questioning it. Don't know what he showed that made the coaching staff keep him
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