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Norwood all the way!

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  1. I still remember watching that play and thinking how TF he caught it. Never gets old watching it is P.s. I miss the dreads
  2. Such a great person and not just a qb our team has. Proud to have him. Wonder who's that towards...😆
  3. Ordered a Ryan black vapor limited jersey but I'm waiting for a DJ45 white vapor jersey to go on sale. Just here waiting....
  4. I don't really care if Hopkins thinks he's the best. Most elite receivers in the league believe they're the best and who can blame them for being confident. Just as long as they know in their heart it's JJ 😁
  5. Calvinisk vs calvinesk vs calvin-esque which is what I think they were trying to say. But that's a lot of words to say "Julio is a beast"
  6. Depending on a lot of factors but I was thinking the chargers game, raiders game or the GB one....I need to visit the new dome though
  7. I'm thinking another team trying to trade with SF that made TB make a move up?
  8. Lol Atlanta is stacked. NO is stacked. TB is stacked. Aaaaand then there's Christian standing there by himself
  9. Well duh. Blank would prob never let that happen. Right now, JJ is prob the only untouchable player we have above Ryan with regards to being traded.
  10. After how bad the defense played in the first half of the season, it's not surprising their end of the yr rankings. The good play at the back end of the season wasn't going to make up for it
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