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  1. This doesn't bode well for Free
  2. I would say both lines.....our OLine is aging (Levitre and Mack mainly) and will be needing upgrading soon but I'm with ya
  3. I feel dirty rooting for the cowgirls but they need to put a drive together. We best get ready for carolina's D- line. Almost no drop off from this week to next.
  4. My wife and I are going as well.... All the way from California. Yikes. We decided because, as previously stated, it's Lambeau field. Historic venue we've never been to. Plus, we were in Atlanta already for the NFC championship game against GB (She's a GB fan). It'll be a memorable trip. Even with the cold haha. And one of us will leave happy. Staying at the Astor house.
  5. Free has his shiftiness and his low center of gravity which can get lower with the lowering of his head and he's right, that's his advantage. This rule takes out a part if his game. I'm behind him and want him to play his style..... So long as it doesn't result in losses
  6. Wife And I will be going to Green Bay since she's a GB fan. We went to the NFC championship game at the Georgia dome from Cali.....hopefully it's the same result
  7. I would rather lose to the Packers than lose to the cowboys. But overall I like it
  8. I hope they don't flex it actually. The wife and I have already made travel arrangements for that game. And if they do flex it, I hope not to an evening game...... I'll become a human popsicle otherwise
  9. Love the Lions one! They alter their logo every now and then.....theres the next version
  10. Oh look at that...... Another sark thread
  11. I don't take OP seriously especially since there is no least that is canon.
  12. Def helps when you can draft well on the defensive side of the ball also (not just pass rushers)
  13. Im just going by the fact that hes a browns cast yea pick him up