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  1. The#1 pass defense is kind of skewed isn't it? Only had 10 passes against us week 1.
  2. Complete destruction there. Ive watched the replay way too many times Boy, how one guy can be highly criticized one week and hailed the next. Gotta love it
  3. 6'10" and 300 lbs?!?!
  4. Time to retire!
  5. I know it was toward the end of the game and it was coming down to the wire but how does collinsworth and Michaels not mention either the Ryan stat or the Julio one? There had to be some stat guy in the background with this
  6. Now let's keep this going!
  7. What are the fvcking chances
  8. I would have thought with our lack of short yardage execution last week that we would at least activate one of our bigger backs but they just not have faith in their abilities at this point in their young careers? And wtf is going on with Senat?? Weird.
  9. Lol @ the fantasy stat. But let's hope this proves true!
  10. Our coaches don't seem to do this often if at all.
  11. I wonder then if the added snaps with the broken foot may have made it worse? Idk. I've never had a broken foot.
  12. What he said ^
  13. I'm not one of the doom and gloom guys. It's one game. If we start rolling then ppl around here will change their tune. But I was thinking, if he does get the boot and we get a new head coach, would he stay as the D coordinator? Would people want that? Would he want it? I imagine it would depend on who the new HC is
  14. Well I guess it's good to hear he's pissed and that he knows he and the team needs to learn from it. Now let's just see if he actually applies what he's learned.
  15. And doing all those things leads players to think they are tanking. At least I would think that way.