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  1. I understand having continuity with the offense, but if Sark can run this offense well enough to get us in the playoffs, then almost anyone can. Because of this, I'm good with finding someone else. But I realize it's a very low possibility.
  2. FB Coleman. He's the only one that doesn't need to be on the team that won't be good depth.
  3. This...... makes me even more angry that Coleman want used more.....
  4. Either Sark just wants to spread the load to keep the RBs fresh or he's just not experienced enough to see the hot hand. Either way, he's not a real NFL OC. He will have his flashes but he can't get it done
  5. I doubt he's that selfish to put his stats ahead of his team. Though he takes sacks because in certain situations that's the best thing to do. I know for instance the last sack he took last night towards the end of the game, the clock kept rolling I believe. Had he thrown it away the clock would have stopped which leaves LA more time to work with.
  6. Alluding to #4, I feel like this year Ryan has been at his best in the pocket. Other years we've seen him just take sacks. This year's he's moving better than I can remember.
  7. Get this bad juju post outta here please (Assuming you're posting this because playing the eagles is a W)
  8. I know Trufant prepares well and all but maybe Alford's performance pushes him even more.
  9. San Jose CA right here! I'm trying to make it work so I can can wait right?
  10. Saw he had tears on the sideline. Initially announcers mentioned a possible update but never got one. But I thought I saw him on the field late in the game. Anyone know what is up?
  11. Playoffs is a different animal. Records go out the window. We need to catch fire and get some momentum. Still possible
  12. Not true.....we just had a block in the back I don't know what to do with this special teams anymore other than laugh.
  13. This is concerning for sure but a part of me thinks he will play. *crosses fingers*
  14. I know its easy for people to want Takk to get more snaps due to his production so far but I think Quinn has been using him the right way. I dont think he would produce more sacks with more snaps. He may even produce less with the added playing time to go along with his 100% every play. Dude would get tired quick.