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  1. A pic I saw when that trade happened for those family Guy fans out there
  2. That just means there's more money for the next sub par qb who's going to get paid like he's won 20 superbowls
  3. "it's agressive", "it adapts to the opponent", "it adapts to the players". This is what we don't have right now. I'm all for Todd for DC but doubt it happens. Thanks to @Sidecar Falcon for the link
  4. I'm at the game right now so they better win
  5. We're already complaining about having 1 college coach.... Let's not add to that
  6. Just because we don't have Free doesn't mean we win games. However, this does show that we can win games without paying big money to RBs.
  7. He needs some big incentives for INTs in his contract. Didnt he at least attempt to work on his hands this offseason?
  8. There was also an ATL chant going on I believe...I was pleasantly surprised by all the bird fans out there
  9. And we complain about DQ's game management but Shurmur's decision making is unfathomable
  10. Are we deathly allergic to a sizeable lead? Or is it just to a normal one?
  11. How can this year be so cursed? I know this doesn't mean he will miss games or if it's anything serious but this is just insane. The football God's needs to grant us a SB win next season if the injuries continue to pile up.
  12. Anyone have a gif of Ito picking up the blitz? I'm really liking the kid and his performance lately
  13. I saw that sack on Rodgers and fully expected a flag but never happened......I have no idea anymore on what is roughing the passer. Something needs to happen with the rules. Every week I hear announcers say something negative regarding it.
  14. Even when he's fantastic the guy can't catch a break
  15. I've been on the fence when it comes to Vic but reading this pushes me over the edge. Let him go after this year and move on.....