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  1. I read a report that a lot of the veterans on the dolphins were privately against Gase and wanted him gone and if not, they would ask to be traded. Not sure if true but just putting it out there
  2. I didn't expect this but welcome it. Though I do understand the concern if can he handle both head coaching duties as well as being the DC. I'm hoping either the OC (who preferably has head coaching experience) can help or someone who can come in and help DQ with head coaching decisions
  3. Thats the key.....the oline. QBs like Brady and Brees get to play into their 40s because their olines are built to protect the Qb.....unlike ours.
  4. People's opinions of Ryan won't likely change at this point in his career, no matter how much logic is thrown at them
  5. I'll agree to the premise but we know what we have in Ryan. He is an above average - great Qb and we can win with him. Who's to say we would pick the next Mahomes or Watson and not some underachieving nobody. Moving on from Ryan could put us back years and years. We need to get an OL for him.
  6. They better not draft a CB in the first, no matter how the progress is with Oliver. Get studs on the Dline and get a push so we can stick any average corner back there.
  7. A pic I saw when that trade happened for those family Guy fans out there
  8. That just means there's more money for the next sub par qb who's going to get paid like he's won 20 superbowls
  9. "it's agressive", "it adapts to the opponent", "it adapts to the players". This is what we don't have right now. I'm all for Todd for DC but doubt it happens. Thanks to @Sidecar Falcon for the link
  10. I'm at the game right now so they better win
  11. We're already complaining about having 1 college coach.... Let's not add to that
  12. Just because we don't have Free doesn't mean we win games. However, this does show that we can win games without paying big money to RBs.
  13. He needs some big incentives for INTs in his contract. Didnt he at least attempt to work on his hands this offseason?
  14. There was also an ATL chant going on I believe...I was pleasantly surprised by all the bird fans out there
  15. And we complain about DQ's game management but Shurmur's decision making is unfathomable