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  1. I would rather lose to the Packers than lose to the cowboys. But overall I like it
  2. I hope they don't flex it actually. The wife and I have already made travel arrangements for that game. And if they do flex it, I hope not to an evening game...... I'll become a human popsicle otherwise
  3. Love the Lions one! They alter their logo every now and then.....theres the next version
  4. Oh look at that...... Another sark thread
  5. I don't take OP seriously especially since there is no least that is canon.
  6. Def helps when you can draft well on the defensive side of the ball also (not just pass rushers)
  7. Im just going by the fact that hes a browns cast yea pick him up
  8. Ah my bad. Well theres the partial video none the less haha.
  9. Vid is up on the front page. Dont know how to embed video here.
  10. I don't see DQ and the team saying much about that game. I see them giving us the usual "its a new year, new mindset" kind of thing. Im sure in private they will talk about it, but to the media and the rest of the world, its business as usual. Everything has reset.
  11. Would the team bring him back? Doubt it. Especially before the draft. Would I give him another shot? Sure
  12. I was just thinking what to get for dinner..... Now I know. thnx
  13. Ultimately, no. But if it were me, it would be a factor. If my wife is making bank then Im willing to take less to get a ring for myself and a championship for my team/city.