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  1. Oh boy. Now we are going to massively crap our bed against the Raiders because DK can't figure out why running Gurley up the middle for 2 yds isn't working. It's not like we will have a week before the next saints game to dedicate time to it. I can't face palm hard enough anymore with this guy....
  2. Im not really an advocate for Beiniemy but most likely we draft a QB soon so Ryan wont be here for too much longer in all likelihood.
  3. A monkey can watch the tape as well. Doesn't mean he can understand what hes seeing and create a gameplan that can catch the taints off guard. How does this guy have a job.
  4. Even if he did know at half, I wouldnt trust him to implement any adjustments properly
  5. This is not a good look for Morris. From saying 1st and 2nd down are not an issue to saying the Falcons were the more physical team. And we are hearing more of the same from dummy DK. If we need to get Gage and Hurst more involved when Jones and Ridley are taken out of the game, then DO IT. MAKE SOME GAHD DAHM ADJUSTMENTS
  6. So in other words he has no Fing clue? Thats what I'm getting out of this 🤫
  7. It def looked like we did nothing over the bye week. Looked like the coaches thought we looked good before the bye and we would just cruise along afterwards.
  8. This offense, nay, this entire team every Sunday has to overcome DK and his bonehead play calling and I'm tired of seeing it. I'm amazed we have won any games or even be in position to win at the end of games
  9. We brought up Benkert so just have Schaub call the plays.
  10. If Morris wants any chance to be considered for the job next year, he has to realize DK is a hinderance 100%. Fire him now. If he cant realize it or if he knows and sticks with him, he deserves to be looked over.
  11. I'm not going to say Ryan has no blame, but yes DK is a huge part of our downfall today. An actual NFL offensive coord gives his offense and QB a fighting chance. DK just throws darts at a 20 play playbook
  12. I'm not saying it is....but they are getting their butts whooped. Man to man they are getting their lunch money taken away
  13. Defense has given up. Defenders were just jogging and letting Hill get the TD Ignore the tag Spts1. Don't know why it quoted you
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