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  1. Only 31? And coming off an injury? Kick the tires but don't get hopes up
  2. He very well could become an elite player but you can't call him elite with such a small sample size. You're just going out on a very long and possibly termite infected limb
  3. We still have our core players but good/great coaching will be absolutely necessary since we will be bargain hunting in FA for a year or two. Maybe a little luck too😁
  4. Normally I would say you're insane but with all the BPA talk from Fonty, I wouldn't be completely surprised
  5. Gonna need more than that to trade back. I'm assuming the 9ers get their QB. If they want him, they're gonna have to pay.
  6. There seems to be movement in my pants.....
  7. Didn't realize Justin Peelle is our TE coach now. It took me a second to realize why that name sounded so familiar
  8. I would love it if the first 3 picks went this way. Almost guarantees whatever Terry and Arthur have planned will be within reach at 4 whether they believe in Wilson/Fields or trade down
  9. I'm confused. You say he's the GOAT and then turn around claiming brady stunk it up and won because of his defense.
  10. Brady is arguable the GOAT. He would prob be successful anywhere but that doesn't mean any "real qb" would have taken the buccs to the playoffs/SB
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