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  1. I was just thinking what to get for dinner..... Now I know. thnx
  2. Ultimately, no. But if it were me, it would be a factor. If my wife is making bank then Im willing to take less to get a ring for myself and a championship for my team/city.
  3. While I would like for him to give a "hometown discount", I don't ever see it happening. The example everyone brings up is Brady and he is in a situation where his wife would still make a ton more money than Brady would even if he didn't give hometown discounts. I'm not sure what Mrs. Ryan does for a living but I'm sure shes not pulling in the big bucks like Giselle.
  4. Nice Archer reference
  5. SF bay area. Ive lived in Cali all my life and have used Direct TV Sunday Ticket from the beginning. It seems to be the best bet. I have been able to get a discount at times when I threaten to leave but I may be only able to do that since Im a long time customer.
  6. I kind of doubt we would go after him with Vic and Takk on the roster. Those 2 need reps to continue to improve. If we get any veteran pass rusher, it would be a player like Freeney was or just simply depth. However, I'm not saying I wouldn't welcome Houston with open arms.
  7. The QB market is crazy and has been for a while I think but I'm sure Ryan will be paid accordingly while not getting crazy money at the same time. I don't believe he will take a home discount IMO. I do hope he does though!
  8. Kunew Neal? LOL Dude should take a few seconds learning how to pronounce players' names
  9. He seems to have turned his life around by that video. I could see him here. I don't know much about him other than he hasn't lived up to his potential since drafted. Who knows maybe he can produce at a high level now that he's gotten his life in order. Wish him luck wherever he ends up.
  10. I don't feel any better after seeing the Vikings get knocked down. If anything it makes me even more upset. The Vikings did nothing while at least our defense was playing well enough for us to win. Our biggest hurdle all season has been self inflicting wounds whether it's penalties, drops or bad playcalling/coaching. Had we won, it would be a different situation though for the vikes (we would play at their place) and who knows how they would have performed then.
  11. I understand having continuity with the offense, but if Sark can run this offense well enough to get us in the playoffs, then almost anyone can. Because of this, I'm good with finding someone else. But I realize it's a very low possibility.
  12. FB Coleman. He's the only one that doesn't need to be on the team that won't be good depth.
  13. This...... makes me even more angry that Coleman want used more.....
  14. Either Sark just wants to spread the load to keep the RBs fresh or he's just not experienced enough to see the hot hand. Either way, he's not a real NFL OC. He will have his flashes but he can't get it done
  15. I doubt he's that selfish to put his stats ahead of his team. Though he takes sacks because in certain situations that's the best thing to do. I know for instance the last sack he took last night towards the end of the game, the clock kept rolling I believe. Had he thrown it away the clock would have stopped which leaves LA more time to work with.