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  1. Julio doesn't even turn the jets on until about the 25 yard line even. Freak.
  2. So a veteran Qb with over 100 wins vs a college qb with 0 NFL games let alone wins? Do I have that right?
  3. I would rather possibly look into Melvin Gordon. It seems like he's not getting much attention in FA. Maybe get him for a deal? Gurlie would be ok only if we dont pay up the wazoo
  4. I think this kind of situation is what I was thinking about. I know winning a division should come with a playoff spot but in an instance like this, a 10-6 team deserves it more in my eyes than a below .500 team. This new 7 team playoff scenario might help with that though.
  5. How would they determine the 7th team? There always seems to be a few instances where a 10+ win team doesn't make the playoffs while an inferior one does because of the way it's structured.
  6. Clowney seems to be hurt too much. When healthy then he can wreck but that's not too often. I would say go get Griffen and sry to say, let Hoop walk. We need to start getting weapons on the defense. I've always wished we had Griffen whenever I watched the Vikings.
  7. Nice to learn some backstory on someone who just came out of nowhere (at least for me). I hope he does well. Koo!!
  8. Living in the SF area, I'm so glad they lost
  9. Just because it didn't cover over then doesn't mean it cant/wont carry over now.
  10. I'm going to miss seeing Julio have his way with him. But seriously, good for him. Those concussions were going to catch up with him if they haven't already. Here's already had a successful career.
  11. *Sigh* I need more alcohol now that I'm thinking about this again
  12. I don't buy into the whole 'this franchise is cursed' nonsense. I've been a fan since the Vick days so maybe I haven't been a fan long enough to really endure the heartaches of this franchise haha. People will blame Ryan or Freeman or Quin or KS for the SB loss and I choose to blame KS.
  13. Idk....that JG has some sweet handing off the ball skills
  14. I'm rooting against KS, not necessarily against the 9ers. But KS can win a ring only after we get ours. With that said, yeah I'll be glad for all the former Falcons on that team if they do win it all.
  15. I caught it. Warms my heart