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  1. This should be quite beneficial for both of them. Hope Pitts gets some good advise from players as well as a rookie coming into the league.
  2. I've always seen the dude on the sidelines but never knew too much about him. Glad to learn something. But dang 4 degrees?! Big brain over here
  3. This was our last best chance to get anything for an aging WR. While JJ gave us fans plenty to cheer about, the financial benefits along with the negative media drama he's brought makes this the right decision.
  4. So what is Tennessee's cap situation going to look like specifically? Is there any players they may have to cut that we could take a look at?
  5. Anyone else hoping the Titans suck now? Not just for the higher 2nd?
  6. I honestly could see Blank doing this for JJ, but if JJ doesn't see what Blank is doing for him and doesn't realize how good the organization has been to him (at least from what I've seen), then he doesn't deserve it.
  7. In any case, all we have to go on is reports floating around the internet. Who knows what is right and what is wrong. Sit back and let the chips fall where they may. But seriously....... F Shanny 😄
  8. And on a personal note, I would hate the 9ers trading for JJ cuz I'm in the bay area and the 9er fans will start going ape **** and start yelling "championship!" And acting all obnoxious.....as they often do
  9. This is possibly the worst reason to make any trade. Why would we possibly trade for someone we don't want.
  10. Please no. First, Shanny can go F himself (yes I'm still bitter towards him). Second, I'm in 9er country here in Cali and I hate it when fans think they're hot ****. Annoying as ****. 😄🤮
  11. It's not about shutting him up. It's more about removing what could be a bad seed when AS and TF are entering their first season at the helm of the team. If they have someone undermining them in front of staff and players, it makes it that much harder for the two to get everyone to buy into what they are doing. If JJ wants to talk crap about the Falcons once he's gone, then he can go off and do it. But at least he's not whispering into Falcon players' ears laying seeds of negativity.
  12. Anyone got anymore of them OTA tweets? *Insert Tyrone Biggums meme*
  13. From a fan's perspective this may be the case. But we never know what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe there's been some bad blood. But I agree, it certainly seems like the Falcons have done whatever they could to keep JJ happy. I don't know where this desire to leave is coming from. I feel optimistic about this upcoming season and I would think most of the team would be too.
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