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  1. I was scratching my head when we drafted him. Wasnt he like 25? Not to mention he had an injury history with his legs. I love TD but WTF was that about?
  2. Awesome of him. Plus its always good to look good if you're going to get your *** beat.
  3. skip is a d-bag but he is a sports genius. It's why he has been around as long as he has.
  4. I hope Peyton heals up and is able to play us. Peyton is like Favre. It's not the same on Sunday if he isnt suiting up.
  5. It's really hard when you despise both teams, both QB's and pretty much everything about both organizations. I used to not hate the Packers, but I was in the stadium for the massacre that was our playoff exit last year. I will forever hate Aaron Rodgers and the Packers for the feeling I had watching our season get blown out of the Dome.
  6. Lol at people saying we should replace our first ballot HoF tight end. You do know he caught 70 passes last year right? For 656 yards and 6 TD's. Ya, he is really washed up. /sarcasm
  7. I saw it coming, I even posted a thread saying how wonderful it would be if we cut him and kept Darrin Walls with the extra roster space. How you consider this a major move is beyond me lol. JPW will never see the field as a number 1 or a number 2 in a real NFL contest. This thread made me laugh. Why are people so caught up on this horrible player? At least Shockley had legs, JPW brings nothing to the table. Which is why he is on our practice squad and Redman isnt selling insurance.
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