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    Seeking the deeper things of GOD, thru His Word, so that Truth overcomes deception. For His Word is spirit and life to those that find it.,and sharing with those that have ears to hear.....family,work,friends,hunting,fishing,.........and football.
  1. the goodness of GOD leads man to repentance

  2. I was listening to the Miami game on 790 the zone at work, & Dave Archer said he had only 1 more yr of eligibility left for the practice squad. They was talking about all the conditions for the PS & the amount of yrs they could be on it , as the game was being played but I was busy and couldn't pay a whole of attention to all the details. But he was very clear about this was the last yr JPW could be on the PS.
  3. As for Coffman , the coaching staff sees something, but someone else could pic him up anytime, the ps is a rotating door for the NFL.
  4. LeGree went to school at Appalachian State,& his first game was against Michigan.
  5. I believe Atl. will take advantage of no one knowing what we're going to do. There's no real game tape on us. Atl. should win this game. I believe the Bronco's game will be harder to win. Atl. has the makings of a team that's going to up some points.
  6. I like him because he doesn't sugar coat the truth, with a guy like that you'll always know where you stand with him. I believe we'll be alright baring injuries. I myself am excited about the KC game.
  7. that's funny, yea, the last 1 of 32, and even then I would fill sorry for the team that pics him up, unless it's a team in our Division. then good for them....
  8. I agree, how can McCown not knowing our play book,verbiage, & not have spent time in practice with our WRs working on timing routes, etc.. make him our #2 QB
  9. Probably so the coaches can get a early start on making their cuts to the 53 man roster, and who's on the PS.
  10. If the Falcons was going to pick up Gerrard, he would be the #2 right off the bat. He would have to learn our system,terminology,& play book, same as McCown does right now.
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