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  1. Thank God... Oh, and FYI - Shockley won't be the starter over Ryan in 2010...
  2. And last year was so memorable... And thumbs up on the post Rev... I wholeheartedly agree...
  3. And guess what - he's still gone... It's time for folks to get over this crap and move on... Seriously...
  4. I think we've got all the folks with Hall man crushes in here now... We should probably enjoy having the rest of the board free of them for a moment!
  5. That's the most intelligent post I've seen on these boards in days... Imagine that, a heretic renewing my faith that these boards haven't become a wasteland...
  6. Per NFL Network... Extra points » Worth waching: Trade talks for Atlanta s disgruntled cornerback DeAngelo Hall are heating up. Two teams are showing interest and it now would be a major upset if Hall were not dealt before the draft.
  7. Could someone pass me the crack pipe, please? Evidently you have to be fried to enjoy this thread...
  8. If another NFL team doesn't want to pick him up he can likely find a spot in the CFL or maybe the Arena League... I never said he wasn't talented - I just don't think he has NFL starter ability...
  9. Could you guys start locking some of these repeat threads and/or deleting them? It's out of control. It seems like nobody on here knows what the search button is or how to use it... Oh, and in case you were wondering, it looks like the Falcons are gonna resign Joey Harrington... Bet you haven't heard that today... /sigh...
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