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  1. Don't give me this B.S. You're not over anything if you are constantly cawing over what some bloated talking head has to say about the Falcons. You want to know why they aren't talking about this play? They didn't see it. They only watch the highlights of these games (especially the Falcons games).
  2. Leave it be. The rule says in the process of snapping, not in the QBs hands. The right arm of the center looks to be hidden, signaling that the arm is snapping the ball at that moment. This happens just about 3 times per game now. This is not an issue. Neither is the TG catch/non-catch b/c that, too, happens multiple times a game. Sometimes it's caught, sometimes it isn't.
  3. Not B.O.B's best work. He was really struggling to spit out some of those rhymes.
  4. Ball has been snapped, and the Center is already lunging forward here. I'm a falcons fan, and this stuff happens. We need to get over it.
  5. It was definitely Weatherspoon that went for the big hit instead of the wrap-up on Brees. He's trying to hard to make a highlight, and this happens to him at least once a game. Hopefully, the coaches start getting on him about this. The sack is always good, no matter how aggressive it looks. Have to give Brees some credit though for being so agile in the pocket, he really showed some great pocket awareness.
  6. Interesting article w/ a lot of metrics there. However, it looks like if anything, they're neck-and-neck, not really separated as one over the other. The columnist is clearly trying to stir the frenzy/hype pot a little more.
  7. I'm also surprised that they gave the Saints the edge in Special Teams. Ours have been rock solid after a few problems earlier this year. I guess they're putting Bush into that equation. I could also argue that the DBs are a push, esp. with their injuries. Crazy how similarly matched these teams are. Both have their things they do very well, and rarely crap the bed.
  8. Can you buy tix for the NFC Championship or just the Divisional round?
  9. The statement is really as much of a dig at the Panthers as it is at Paul Kuharsky (whom he mocked the entire article). The guy is as hard-headed as they come and refuses to give any NFC credit.
  10. TB was 5-15 on 3rd Down conversions. It was a sloppy field, and players said after the game that the field and possible injury risk were weighing heavily on their minds. Yes, our DEF is frustrating at times (that first TD drive by TB especially), but I see tremendous improvement over the last 2 years. Furthermore, they are continuing to gel just like our Offense is. Don't give up on this unit or BVG just yet. Oh, and we did just give up 17 pts to the Pack.
  11. This is very interesting, but this is sure to change w/ the Panties up twice before the season's done.
  12. Someone already mentioned, but the spots were killing me. From the very start of the game, they were doing some very liberal spots. The calls and the overturns, were mostly justified.
  13. They have 2 safeties that are going to be out on Sunday. I know one is their starter (Bigby, but I don't know about the other.
  14. Didn't record a single tackle. Saw him around the bar though at times.
  15. If you guys don't know who Steve Johnson is yet, you're not really NFL fans. PAY ATTENTION! The guy has some crazy stats this year and is carving up some decent DEFs with a marginal QB.
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