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  1. they havent been throwing him the ball. Hard to catch it when it isnt thrown to you. Quit bein such a homer. Admitting that Fitz is the best doesnt take anything away from our guys
  2. DUde I understand your support for Roddy but you cant Deny what Fitz can do. He can go up and get the ball better than anyone in the game
  3. Dude do you realize how old that game is and how many people have already posted it on this board
  4. Its still early and AZ gets the ball after the half
  5. Hold em to a FG and its still a one score game. Actually I better check with Gazoo on that, gimme a sec............................................................................. ...................................Yep, Gazoo confirms that it will still be a one score game
  6. Yeah but it brought back terrible childhood memories
  7. DUde if you have to refer to a FullHouse episode to get your point across, please quit posting
  8. I love that song. And I love it when amateurs sing it, but I hate baseball cards
  9. For one the Cards are in the NFC and I would like to see the NFC win it again. And also, if we had to lose I would like it to be to the superbowl champs
  10. Honestly I am one of the few that wasnt really that impressed with Foxworth. His first 2 games starting dude looked awesome but after that he looked average at best. I hope Chevis gets a chance to start and Houston, Von Hutchins and Foxy battle it out for the other spot. That is most likley not how it will go down but thats what I would like to see
  11. I was disappointed that Penn never tried a takedown. Penn is lethal when he is on top. no homo
  12. I dont see the problem. The olympics are over and its not like weeed gives you the power to swim faster. If anything, it makes it more impressive that the man did that while being a pothead
  13. Congrats to GSP. I have never seen Penn dominated like that. He will hit the gym and come back and be the BJ of old very soon
  14. The only thing worse than GoldenGrain is moonshine. If you can drink Moonshine, you can drink anything.
  15. same here man. When Penn is on his game there is nobody better. When he fought Hughes for the first time and Hughes was talking about how Penn was to weak and didnt have the ability to beat em, then 2 minutes later Hughes' Face was purple with tears running down his face. I almost lost my voice from cheering so hard.
  16. yeah your crazy ***** but ya **** so good im on top of it, when I dream of doin you all night, scratches all down my back to keep me rite on. Love that song
  17. the PPV starts at 10, im guessing the Penn St Pierre fight will prbably between 12 and 1
  18. Kimbo is a joke. I might as well fight Fedor
  19. I hate people who run there mouth except for a select few that have earned it. Ali and PrimeTime both ran there mouth but were the best at what they did so it didnt bother me. I put Penn n that same category.
  20. 1 player in his prime or two players that are over the hill. Ill take AH. Lito wouldnt be that bad but Tank, really?
  21. Dude I assure you, you dont have to go to school to get into college. Pass the GED test and you get in.
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