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  1. In my opinion, and I think most would agree. There are about 8-10 guys who Have a realistic chance to compete and make the team. Will Ratelle, LB - if he plays LB Brandon Wilds - RB - 3rd/4th RB is absolutely a need Brian Poole - Hybrid NB/FS role. Guy fits well with Collins suspended. Sharrod Neasman - Clearly ATL likes this guy and should be an upgrade on Godfrey Jordan Walsh - OG, Iowa - he will compete and could earn the 9th or 10 OL. Could beat out Person. Gerald Dixon Jr - Big DT who hits hard. Mbu & Tyson Jackson need to come ready to compete.
  2. Kerry Meier has to make the team first before we start talking like this IMO
  3. I like this one a lot and i feel its a little more realistic but both are solid 53 man rosters and definitely improve our team from last year IMO I think Schillinger makes the team for sure, they like him a lot and Faulcon will be put on the PS or Mitchell depending on play I think James Rodgers makes the team over Pearcy and Cody will be on the PS as well and i also think Kevin Cone will make the team before Meier. Mike Johnson will make the team and Jackson as well.
  4. I like Jacoby Jones a lot but i like James Rodgers as a returner A LOT more
  5. Peterson has legit chance to be resigned, the rest are gone. No doubt. I still love Peterson, one of the best veterans you could possibly get for our team.
  6. Most likely is our PS QB and the ECU QB Davis will be our 3rd string
  7. I swear everytime i see a post from you i try to wipe the bug off my computer... EVERYTIME!
  8. James Rodgers, he will win the KR role and help out on special teams in many ways. Also our 5th/6th string WR..
  9. James Rodgers will make the team and be our KR/PR, mark my words!
  10. Im stoked about our UDFA, I'm extremely excited about James Rodgers.. I don't think there is any doubt that he will be returning kicks, he is an elite KR in the NCAA and he will carry that into the NFL, Im also excited Dominique Davis, QB, East Carolina I think he will provide very good compeition, he runs a 4.58, thats impressive! Aron White and Adam Nissley will compete for the 3rd TE role, one of the LB and DB will be signed to the PS and I think a WR and RB also have a chance
  11. I definetly think James Rodgers will make the team and be our starting KR/PR
  12. We definitely need to sign an UDFA TE like we did last year with Palmer, we can find hidden gems like that but we need more of a receiving threat.
  13. This is an interesting signing, guys like this guy from major conferences like the SEC and the ability to play/start for a prestigious program like Bama is impressive.
  14. I bet anything James Rodgers signs with the Falcons, obvious need for KR and WR and loves to play with his brother! Bring em home TD! Also really want Chris Polk, Kellen Moore and maybe a flier on Vontaze Burfict Kellen Moore signs with the Lions
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