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  1. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/playoffscenari...urrentstandings According to that, if the Cowboys win tonight, they jump to the fifth seed and we stay at 6.
  2. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/playoffscenari...urrentstandings
  3. Actually, if the COwboys win, then the Bucs are out of the picture...not us.
  4. Is there anyone here who really thinks that the Browns, led by Ken Dorsey, will beat the Eagles? And then next week, Philly travels to DC to play a Washington team who just lost to Cincinnati. I agree that we shoud really win out...because if we lose next week and Philly wins...then they take our playoff spot.
  5. If we win next week then we are in the playoffs, if we lose and the Cowboys and Eagles win, then we cannot make the playoffs no matter what happens in week 17.
  6. Just FYI he is right. If the Falcons lose this Sunday, even if we win out we cannot make the playoffs this season. LETS GO BIRDS!!!
  7. Our defense is by far our weakest spot. They can never get a stop or make a big play when we really need one.
  8. I agree with most people that we will probably split the Bucs and Saints. I think that we will beat both Minny and St. Louis. That puts us at 3-1 for the remaining games. The way that I had the rest of the teams play out put us at playing Minny in the first round (with them winning the North and us getting the 5th seed). I think that is a game that we can win. The other Wildcard game is Arizona and Dallas, which I think Dallas would win. The two byes are New York and Tampa Bay. I think that because we are the 5th seed, we then play Tampa in Tampa Bay (2nd seed). I do not see us winning that g
  9. I am not going ot be the guy who puts up the played out Jim Mora youtube video, but I really don't think that we should think that we are certainly going to make the playoffs. We can still go 8-8.
  10. I would love to see Abe get a few sacks today against McNiel he is overrated.
  11. Wow, if this is true then the Bucs better hope they have someone on staff who can call 'em like Monte because if not then it will probably be bye-bye Gruden after next season.
  12. I watch the Chargers every week too and I gotta say Rivers is maybe the most overrated QB in the league.
  13. I think that we need to keep Mularkey here no matter what. Changing the playbook completely on Ryan will basically make him re-live his rookie season all over again.
  14. We have to show up with attitude this week, or else we are in for another disappointment.
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