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  1. I hang out with his brother and play poker with him. Cool guys...... and jay is a beast in softball he hits bombs (jay coaches the orlando preds)
  2. go play sum PS2 MLB the show 09 thats what Im doing till the draft-Game is sick
  3. my bad bro.....just got mad cause we all should be pumped for Tony G and didnt realize u wrote that post yesterday. The F'in idiot comment I take back lol...... Sorry after i heard we got Tony G it was celebrating time with Jager Bombs......
  4. whats funny is i did write a few min ago defending Jedi and Legion but after reading Legions post a few min ago that he did "Not starting to start anything but"....man I take that back. Your not so good of fan. I would call u a ****IN idiot but then u would cry cause I cursed. Man, we just got Tony G today -this is great news and all u are is negative. TD is the man so dont disrespect our leader u knucklehead
  5. I used to hate Jedi but Thats my boy.... Love him now. He does weird stuff but Hes a die harder like us all. Legion cant say much about but I do respect him but he did get mad cause I curse alot. What can I say Im a Poka player and we curse ALOT
  6. bad at world series but final table at venetien deep stack for $28g
  7. I know lol Im gonna be playin great wearing a Abe Jersey and someones gonna get me mad and Im gonna start a temper tandrum and the camera will catch me my luck then Im gonna have to answer to everyone here on the boards lol
  8. Thats a good one. I like it BUT whos it gonna be. I cant wait till sat......
  9. thats a good idea lol The Predator
  10. hey bro i was supposed to meet you out in vegas also-u still out there?
  11. this is the guy who i dont like
  12. Man, many comments to answer. I wasnt trying to be a idiot talkin about gambling at all I just want to represent one of my boys as I bleed red and black like all of you. So the guy who is dissin me. Go SUCK my D I make 400g a year in poker-what do u make? Ok sorry back to my cool falcons people. I will say this. My brother won a bracelet 2 years ago and yes Full tilt and Ultimate Bet hit him up-he did wear a hat but he also wore his mets jersey lol so Trust me as a fan and I know Full tilt doesnt pay a whole lot but it shows you down with them and thats what they want and prob you want BUT
  13. you ever played in biloxi, ms at the beau rivage?

  14. Going to the WSOP 2009 in Vegas in June....Have to be prepared as If I make Final table for TV what jersey should I wear? 2 years ago I wore Roddy. Last Year i wore Harry....Should I wear Matty Ice this year. I just want to wear my colors proud and represent all us fans. The black Matty jersey is pretty sweet I have. But after meeting Abe in vegas in January, Im kinda thinkin him for good karma
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