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  1. This thread is a sign that training camp and the season needs to hurry up and get here because this is what is going to happen when boredom strikes! But other than that...COUNT ME IN!! That name Butterworth is great! Even on pancakes
  2. Yeah it is really funny how people on the board wanted to stockpile on DT's! People forget that we have signed 3 DT's this offseason and it creates depth for us and a ROTATION! We will have fresher bodies and get more push on the line! Good draft so far and people need to do some more research before they start bashing...I 100% agree wit ya Mash
  3. Wow compares to Reggie Nelson! I hope that we do get that type of quality out of this pick...NFLN Mike Mayock just said that he LOVES what Atlanta is doing and has done so far. He said that we are building our zone/cover 2 defense perfectly!
  4. Douglas was picked for a couple of reasons in my opinion! I think that the Falcons want to place him as kick returner, they want to use him as a 4th WR who is a deep threat with his speed, and he is a Georgia boy from Jonesboro HS so of course plenty of people will support him
  5. And he is from Georgia...Went to Jonesboro High School and was an absolute superstar in basketball and football! Played against him in basketball and he is an absolute athlete! I think that we drafted him to be a speed WR and return kicks. A surprising pick IMO but i guess we are trying to hit those needs
  6. Bengals just took Pat Sims so that is one less DT on the board for us to choose from.. BTW, I love the Jackson pick! Very tough kid and fits a need at corner
  7. Yeah those comments made me smile :P Hopefully Baker pans out but I think it was a great move and one that needed to be done! Good job TD!
  8. This is one of the few topics today in which most of the posters are making sense! Baker would not have made it to the 2nd round at all and if we didnt trade up to get him we would have ignored one of our biggest needs
  9. Three seconds and a first? Where are you getting this from, the Falcons traded TWO seconds and a 4th. They were saying on NFL network that baker was a pure LT Which is exactly what we need! A Pure LT to protect for Ryan and block for Turner! It was a move that needed to be made because most of the players that we hoped would drop didn't so it was vital that we made this move! Good job TD and the rest of the Front Office on this
  10. Was hoping he fell to the 2nd round to us!! Surprised that Detroit took him
  11. Yeah KC has had a pretty impressive draft! Both Dorsey and Albert solidify both lines for a long time! Now they have to hope that Croyle steps up and produces at QB
  12. Mr. Ryan you have my full support! Prove all of your doubters wrong and take us to the promise land!
  13. Lets just support Ryan! Goodness people are bashing him like we went 0-16 and he didn't throw one TD for us...Let him play some games and prove himself in the NFL!
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