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  1. we could just be like the Bucs and have six QB's on the roster...
  2. i was a little unsure about the Ryan pick, but after I thought about it, and let it digest, Im alright with it now. they addressed most of the big issues, and they got a bunch of quality guys. i think it was a pretty good draft.
  3. to suggest that is disgusting. matt ryan (or any other player for that matter) should not ever wear #7. ever.
  4. ive liked the draft so far. i was hopin' for Dorsey with the 3rd pick, but I trust that TD and AB know what they're doing... i think Matt Ryan will be the next great QB in the league. seriously. and baker wasn't a bad pick. give them a chance guys, we haven't even seen these guys in a ATL uni yet!!! typical over-reacting falcon fans... :pinch:
  5. i love south park. especially cartman. "How do I get through to these kiiiiidzzzz." hilarious. and they hit the nail on the head with the patriots.
  6. :laugh: Chad being chad... i think he was almost expecting espn to ask if was wanting to be traded... i think that was the first time I have ever seen an interview when the person asks, " Is that it?". lol.
  7. :laugh::w00t::laugh: that is hilarious!!! i have always thought that Grossman takes his woes like a man, but not from...
  8. the only reason i even give you the light of day is because i cannot stand people who knowingly come on to forums and post topics that they know is a sore subject and will ##### a bunch of people off. then, they get pissed off when the obvious happens, and begins to rename everybody. this forum is full of people who have ideas and opinions. not everyone is going to agree with you. actually, about 95% of the people on this forum is not going to agree with you on the Vick subject. not everyone graduated with a degree in Vickology, so, more than likely, they aren't going to be able to argue
  9. i know i wasn't going to argue with this a-hole anymore, but he has resorted to school-yard tactics to argue with, so... WHERE DO YOU GET OFF ON SAYING THAT NY & MA ARE THE MOST EDUCATED AREAS IN THE WORLD??? THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN THAT AREA ARE A BUNCH OF ARISTOCRATIC, ARROGANT, YUPPY SOB'S WHO THINK THAT THEY ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE!!! you are wrong when you say that the NY & MA areas have the best schools and best hospitals in the world. you want proof??? here ya go: Best High Schools According to Newsweek: =http://www.newsweek.com/id/39380 as you can see in the artic
  10. wow, aerosmith, you have some serious problems dude. you are definitely some weirdo dressing up in your mothers clothing somewhere in some hick town. really you should just kill yourself. oh, and to the assswipe that once again, tried to blame vick for the organization not putting any talent around him, you too are some wierd ##### dude probably dresed up in womens clothing with some girl in locked up in your basement. your post is the epitimy of what is wrong with football fans in atlanta. they dont know thier asss from thier elbow when it comes to analyzing football. first of all, vick w
  11. i am a fan of the Atlanta Falcons. I have stood by them through thick and thin. i absolutely dispise the people that wear their jerseys backwards. promote the team the player plays for not vise versa. the team, the coaching staff, and front office has all played a part in how well the player has performed. not one single player in the NFL could have made it without a team to play on. Off my rant now.
  12. liked GT making it to the NCAA Championship in 04 although they lost... rangers winning the stanley cup, isiah riders falling outta bounds shot was neat, and the "band is on the field!!!" is a classic.
  13. that's because HE CAN"T PLAY QUARTERBACK. he doesn't throw the ball. that's part of being a QB. he would be better off as a WR or a RB. he would be one **** of a RB. are you vick's gf in prison or something cause every one of your posts is about loving vick. are you totally blind to the dogfighting, flipping off hometown fans, and complaining about every **** thing that didn't go his way? those are the reasons people hate vick. we understand that vick was an outstanding player. doesn't give him a right to let us down and insult us. Just because he was the franchise player isn't enoug
  14. wow, if i had a nickel for everytime i absolutely shat on people for saying pretty much the same thing you just said.... as far as a running style qb never winning a sb, first of all, how many running style qbs are in the nfl at any given time? maybe two, three starting abs tops. common sense should tell you that whn 9 out of 10 teams have pocket passing qbs, theres a pretty good chance, in fact, thers a 90% chance, the a pocket passing qb is going to win the sb! and as far as the "running style" qbs that have been in the league recently, like vick, and mcnabb, look atvthier win% since t
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