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  1. Does anybody know how long they are going to play? Is it a quick 30 minute show, or will they actually have 4 quarters? I'm sure it won't be as long as a 'real' game.
  2. Special Teams are absolutely critical to any teams success. Our main question mark is the return men. If they want to risk Norwood on kickoffs -- I'm OK with that, but there needs to be at least one more reliable kickoff returner besides him. The punt returner job seems to be up in the air -- there is no Rossum or Deion to take it to the house. Jennings may not even be on the team, Brown is an untested rookie -- what are the other options? Field position is a big part of the game -- and we don't need fumbles either!!
  3. I think I read that they bumped it up this year to 49 dressing for the game.
  4. Do any NFL teams carry 10 DB's on the roster if one of them is a primary kick returner? Like Rossum was with the falcons.
  5. Its pretty clear that with so many talented OT's in next years draft that the falcons could get one in the first round no matter what their position ends up being -- I'll add another to your list - Lyndon Murtha Nebraska 6'7" 315 We all know the need at DT (especially NT), but I'm not sure there's one worth a top 15 pick. Maybe the 2nd round we could get somebody like Al Woods LSU 6'5" 314. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to take care of the OLine for the future and use the 2nd pick on one of the following players -- if available: Centers -- Alex Mack, Jonathan Luigs Guards -- Duke Robinson, Herman Johnson. We can shore-up both lines with our early picks in next years draft 'IF' our young secondary shows it has a bright future. IF they don't pan out, we'll have to consider using a high pick here. Of course, any of these positions could also be addressed in free agency or a trade.
  6. Lito Sheppard -- he want's 10 million/yr. like DHall got & has the attitude problem also. Add to that his injury history and what the falcons would have to give up (players,draft picks) -- it just wouldn't work. Would I like to have a CB with his skills? -- Yes, but not at that price. Bentley -- I'm not sure what it would cost to get him, but his best years are behind him. His best stint was at center with N.O. -- do you think the falcons want to bench McClure? He could play guard, but we have more people competing for a job here than any other position. We are thinner at OT, but I don't think he's ever played there. Gravy Train -- he's probably laying on the sofa eating cheeseburgers
  7. I think most of the players have plenty of motivation to concentrate on football -- both physically and mentally. A lot of player evaluation is going on and they better be ready. If a player showed up out of shape or with a 'tude', I don't think it would be tolerated. I really hope guys like Jamal Anderson, Justin Blalock, Houston, Babineaux and others are in peak condition and ready to get it on! Also, players coming back from injuries better be working their a**es off. I think Weiner is probably going to be there for TC -- I'm more worried about Lewis.
  8. I sure hope Jackson proves to be good enough to start at one corner. He's just 6'0", but all the others are like 5'9" or 5'10". No matter how skilled they may be, it's hard to cover alot of the big receivers (i.e.Plaxico, TO, Calvin, etc.) consistently, giving up so much height. Some say size isn't important -- but all the women I know say otherwise.
  9. Weiner says he's ready for the start of TC. If his level of play has not diminished, he will be the starter at RT. I thought Clabo had the best chance of overtaking Forney at RG -- not Dahl. Oh well, it will be interesting to see how the O-line shakes out in TC.
  10. Seems to have a lot of character, seems friendly and accomodating, seems to be intelligent, hard working and motivated. Yeah, I guess we ought to fire him right now!
  11. magnus -- SS may not be as weak as you think. Milloy is healthy and he ain't chopped liver yet. Picking up Deke Cooper kind'a flew under the radar, but he is a very solid backup to Milloy. Darren Stone has alot of potential and I think that the recent incident may focus his attention on football.
  12. Yeah, the run stuffing nose tackle is the bigger need. We may not have Glenn Dorsey at UT, but we could have a decent rotation. Babinaux is in the last year of his contract and I look for him to have a good year. I always thought Moorehead played pretty good as a rotational player for Carolina. They've talked about JAnderson at UT on some pass downs. Frazer has played DE and UT. ****, even Lewis was quick enough to play some UT.
  13. birdfan -- I have to agree with you about the QB being at the top of the list -- I meant to say "besides QB". We have banked our future on Ryan and I'm sure they will give him at least two or three years to develope before there would be any consideration of making another huge investment at this position. FS is uncertian, but Coleman should be decent and DeCloud looks like he has a promising future. Deke Cooper has also played FS
  14. Yeah, that was pathetic. Maybe with a little rehersal they could'a busted a couple of moves!
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