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  1. Nah, I don't play out anymore. Just for fun around the house and at parties. I'll likely be forced to shoot weddings and/or get a job to make any money for the first year or two.
  2. Shred, I play some guitar, bass, and even have some vocal ability, but I take pictures of beautiful women for a living. Think I can get the same kind of love? :-)
  3. I am renting a place in Dunedin, if all works well I will buy something within the year. Houses are going for nothing down there.
  4. Well, actually moving to Clearwater. Anybody down there know of any safe bars where I could catch the game in Falcons attire? Maybe a primarily Falcons bar? I know that's a stretch, and have heard it's primarily Bucs or Steelers down there, but thought I would ask anyway. Any help would be appreciated, I don't know anyone down there, and I'll be moving Sept. 16th.
  5. Sanders, Bartkowski, Andrews, Riggs,Billy "white shoes" Johnson,Jamal Anderson(32), Jessie Tuggle, Buddy Curry.
  6. I wouldn't care if it was 5 picks. I didn't think he had it in him to make such a move. It shows he thinks we are almost there and he is now trying to get us over the top. We don't have a ton of glaring needs, we have 3 maybe 4, and he just filled one of the more crucial ones.I am stoked!
  7. This tells me that they are putting the finishing touches on what will be a championship team. I for one would have never thought they would have the nads to make such a move, but I happily stand corrected. Good job Falcons!
  8. I meant getting another 2nd or 3rd round pick in addition to a receiver for our first. your right not extra picks, If it were possible to make that trade. Mis-worded my bad. I just don't think we would be losing much by getting rid of #27 and adding another 2nd or third in this draft.And we could look at receivers in the draft next year since we would get the veteran. If it were possible.
  9. Doesn't gets an apostrophe. If your going to take the time to edit your tired a$$ "uhuhuh stick to Madden" insult, at least punctuate it correctly. Same stupid crap I got when I said "We should try and get Tony Gonzales from KC" after Crumpler left. You a$$holes said the same thing. Just stop saying words.
  10. If it were possible, it would not be absurd at all. Many would be in favor of trading out of the first to pick up extra picks as the drop off in talent is not that great in our positions of need. I personally think that one of these guys (particularly Smith) could be the punch we need on offense at least for a year or two.It just looks to me like by the time the FO finishes "building through the draft" Matt Ryan and Michael Turner will be ready to retire and then we will be talking about needing a RB and QB.Now if you would like to be an a$$ through the safety of the internet feel free. I don't feel the need to worry about it.
  11. Ok I have to admit being misinformed about the ability to make trades during this weeks draft. I was under the impression that since the lockout was lifted that the old CBA had been reinstated, and apparently some of you were as well, or at least believed a trade scenario was possible. I see now there is no CBA in place, therefore there will be no trades, even trades for picks are unlikely. I wish we could make those trades, but oh well.@Falcon Fanatic, and Desert_Falcon, you don't even have anything to add. you are just d__bags. FalconFanSince1970, I think a guy like Smith in particular would have helped, along with a better left tackle.
  12. If you would seriously rather have Michael Jenkins at the #2 receiver spot, than Steve Smith, I really just don't know what to say to you. And who said they would be a headache? Owens wasn't a headache in Cincy last year and actually had a few good games. 72 catches for 983 yards and 9 TD'S, but none of you rocket scientists wanted him. You wanted to stick with 41 receptions for 505 yards and 2 TD'S in Jenkins because Dimitrov is always right.And yes I wanted to get him last year too, talk smack about that.Smith got equal stats to Jenkins playing with no real QB on a horrible team. Either guy is an upgrade at #2, so is Owens for that matter. Don't you people want the Falcons to WIN?
  13. Easy, they don't want to be there at all. Pick 27 may as well be in the second round as far as we are concerned, so why not get someone with experience and an extra draft pick. I just don't see anything at 27 worthy of a first round pick that we need.
  14. That would have probably worked out better if we had gotten him. We have a different kind of team than Baltimore. He is just like you, takes every opportunity to poo poo any idea that doesn't completely go along with whatever the FO is doing. Sheep.
  15. Good players on crappy teams. You people sing the same song every year, and you have been wrong every year. How many of you were saying we didn't need a corner year before last? I'll bet at least a couple, and the front office agreed with you. The end of the season came and guess what? front office changed their mind because you were all wrong. "A bad game in the playoffs"?? really??? just a bad game? That was a beatdown when it mattered, just like the last game against the Saints. I know they won't go after somebody like 85 or Steve Smith, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't. An extra second or third rounder would make it worth it.One WR being a Diva or an a$$hole doesn't make a team lose games. This "Character guy" nonsense is an excuse not to spend money on proven talent, and a bunch of BS. Drink the Kool Aid if you want.
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