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  1. Most likely not when there are possibility of strengthening other positions. Sewell for example can be thrown into LG and the offensive line is set. He can take over for Jake too next year
  2. lol at these trolls grasping at straws to hate on Ryan. Somehow every bad play is Ryan's fault and the other 50 players get a free pass 😁Hilaaaarious He's been here 13 years, give it a rest. If we had 53 players on this team that plays as efficiently in big games like Matt, Julio or Grady, this team would have a couple SBs since 2010.
  3. Sounds like a recurring theme around the league. All these generational QBs and how many won more than one SB? Tom- always had solid defenses and elite coaching Eli- Elite defenses and great coaching Big Ben- Elite defense in 05, good running game, great coaching, enough offensive pieces
  4. he's just 20 years old right now and has room to grow, literally. Those who say he played a weaker conference should know that he DOMINATED his conference. Small town kid with a prove it mentality
  5. Lance is the QB I want. Wilson could be special too but I wouldn't feel bad at all if we traded back, got Lance and sat him behind Matt till he hangs it up. The extra picks from the trade down will help make the team better right now.
  6. Covid relief cap? What do you mean? Covid IS the reason why the cap dropped in 2021. If anything, the NFL might add cap to return it to normal levels, in which case, we were managing the cap pretty. Giving Ryan a 2 yr extention can help spread out the cap more if keeping Ryan is the move. If he takes less
  7. The moment Falcons fans started getting spoiled
  8. As much I'm on watch and see about Fontenot, I HIGHLY doubt he had anything to do with contracts in NO. They put themselves in that financial position on purpose by backloading all their contracts.
  9. They're 100 million over the cap. They will have to restructure a lot of their deals and let go of most of the young guys on the roster
  10. Wonder if he was wrong or if the truth just hurts
  11. Mathews is wayy to weak to be our LG. I don't mind grabbing a dominant LT at all and letting him start at LG for the first season. Boot Mathews next year and get way tougher out front
  12. He shouldn't have been in position to throw that int Did Drew Brees throw an int in overtime to throw the playoff game vs the Rams two years ago? Yet all they talked about as the gamechanger was the ignored pass interference that happened 15 mins before that
  13. Nice. Did he have a post hire interview? I would like to see more of that
  14. This thread should be pinned till the end of Arthur Smith's tenure. Will save the mods some time
  15. It's not a sin to want a big RB with a bit of quickness. Posters here have been clamoring for one since Mike Turner burned out. People are just excited about returning to the WCO focused on running the ball.
  16. I like him a lot. Wonder why he's been buried down the roster but Koetter's done this with Freeman as a rookie too
  17. Rhamondre Stevenson School: Oklahoma Position: RB 6-0, 246lb (183cm, 111kg) Remind you of a diet version of a particular RB in Tennessee? Travis Etienne School: Clemson Position: RB 5-10, 205lb (178cm, 92kg) I like both these guys. If they trade out of the 4th pick and get some extra one, I would go greedy and nab both. The new staff would most likely grab atleast one RB early. Who do you think that should be?
  18. DQ was in charge of the 53 man roster and coaching staff decisions. Keeping Beasley etc.
  19. I saw on the Titans forum they called him Thiccolas Cage
  20. True. I think it's wayyyy too early for him to take over a team at the NFL level
  21. They both used to be on the Saints dude. Joe Brady existed on this earth before LSU
  22. if it's only been 3 years and they are still on their rookie deal and you got them top 5? **** yea you are
  23. if Ryan balls and the rookie stinks end of 2023, you can trade the rookie for a low first. If the rookie shows good promise by 2022 and can win, trade Ryan for a 2nd/3rd rd pick in 2023 or let him back the new kid till he chooses to retire. His salary won't matter at that point
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