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  1. Is this the part where he presents himself to this thread?
  2. Speaking of which, ran into Michael Turner at a brazillian steakhouse last night. Really chill guy. He had me feeling like a middleschooler meeting his hero
  3. Depending on how the team is built, it can be up to 4 TEs in the final roster
  4. AS might have to insert himself in the depth chart soon
  5. I had a family member who was taking care of him as a patient in a hospital. He was watching us live one of the times we were losing in the playoffs. Bet he decided to get healthy
  6. might want to keep your observations to yourself after 30 drinks
  7. I think he's a diamond in the rough too. He's got the straight line speed and enough grit to fight contested catches. I think he definitely fights his way to at least #4 WR this year and a ceiling to be a #2 in a couple years.
  8. We're going to have to give them more than Julio if you want Donald
  9. If he balls out this year, we get a comp pick that can net us another TE of the same caliber at rd 3 or 4 next year. That 5 mil can then go to solidifying the defense
  10. They probably don't think he would be valuable by next year with Kyle Pitts' progression. That 7 Mil or whatever can go towards filling in another starting position
  11. he probably does it to stop getting notifications about rumors and articles. Pretty sure he cuts straight out of it
  12. The height and wingspan is pretty much another Kyle Pitts. I bet you if he makes the roster, AS will have him line up as an extra tackle at the goalline
  13. He's going to catch a touchdown pass this year
  14. They literally said Pitts was BPA and that they would go BPA over needs. I think Julio is only being traded this year if it includes a player from the other team.
  15. You can't compete if you're not using your best guys...
  16. That's what I'm saying. They knew a month before that Lance wasn't going to be there at 4. They called it and was ready for it, so no surprise and they went with the BPA Pitts
  17. I don't think so. I wasn't part of the draft a QB crew but this video doesn't prove anything other than that they were ready for Lance to be drafted by the 49ers. It can also mean that Arthur Smith saw just how impressive Lance was on his pro day, he knew SF fell in love with him. Arthur could have fell in love with Lance too but came to accept that Lance wasn't going to be there. Only thing for sure that we know is they didn't value Fields or Mac
  18. Didn't know that was him! That's hilarious
  19. Hmm wonder if there is a cut that actually is worth it
  20. Can we now officially declare a trade or cut as post-june?
  21. He was my favorite pick that draft. Seems like Quinn had favorites
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