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  1. Raheem Morris will have the defense playing with more confidence atleast. The CBs could use that alot
  2. Some said since we're in cap ****, the team should be torn down and be a complete 3 year rebuild. The drama queens are sometimes on a different level in these boards
  3. I saw an AJC article stating the 5 mil number, but over the cap gives the same 10.75 mil relief. But yea you're right, we will see soon enough and I hope it's the latter. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/atlanta-falcons/
  4. we get almost 11 mil The Falcons released Desmond Trufant (forearm) on Wednesday.As expected, the team designated Trufant as a post-June 1 release, a move that frees up $10.75 million in 2020 cap space.
  5. The draft class will be less than 7 mil total https://overthecap.com/draft/ This could be predraft numbers though. So might have some variation
  6. Ya boiiii already posted But still... that one dude really had to struggle to put Ryan over Bridgewater? Was that man once in concussion protocol?
  7. “I’d like to think that we here at Stripchat embody some of New Orleans’ character they both suck major **** on the biggest stage
  8. He was better than them and a probowl RB 2 years ago. Ito shined better than Freeman last season when given the same chances. Brian Hill, I would say is on the same or lower level than Free until he proves it for a long period of time. I believe Ollison will take a huge step forward if he gets his opportunities this year though
  9. How is his situation any different that Hurst's and Hurst only had 2 years in the league, one injured.
  10. 🥱 we can all see who can't read since I never said that. New Orleans educational system at it again so I won't fault you. I guess the schools were on the side of the city still left behind unbuilt from Katrina. keep coming back here when you want to speak to some adults. Was fun seeing you disappear a couple days after Brees and Tweety thomas couldn't even score a touchdown against a non playoff team in that stadium😉
  11. Go look at your favorite teams forum where all of a sudden no one cared for Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-Benz is just looking to back the better stadium because of the SEC games good **** I've written papers longer than anything academic you've written together in your whole life combined, so let's not go there. You think unnamed dome will continue surviving without selling out to a sponsor again? Will any successful company even want their name attached to a rustbucket? Do you think they can host a SB without embarassing themselves on the international stage by falling apart again? Keep hoping a brand new stadium isn't here to stay Do people in Louisiana really think MARTA staying in front of a weatherchannel camera is some kind of insult to Falcons fans? Lol WTH..
  12. We can really tell you don't really care about Mercedes-Benz dumping that dump from the 2 page essay that you wrote. You really must be from saintsreport, really sounds like the **** they they tell each other in that echochamber. If the superdump could have survived without a sponser, they wouldn't have taken the money and now they got dumped for a rival's better stadium. Now all of a sudden Mercedes-Benz is a ****ty company right? No one in their right mind is going to build a good stadium in that city and nameless dome isn't going to be relevant in less than 10 years.
  13. Absolutely no excuse for the defense not to make ONE stop on any of the third downs or 2 point conversions with a fully healthy squad. Offense couldn't hold the point of attack with a center playing on a broken leg, 2 backup guards and the best blocking RB out of the game. **** there wouldn't even be a SB without Matt Ryan. Brees can't even get to the SB this decade and never without cheating, so it's a moot argument and my original statement stands
  14. Absolutely no excuse for a defense to allow 25 points in 15 mins. They couldn't get off the field because they couldn't make ONE stop. That's why they are on the team, definitely not for decor.
  15. I missed the part where Matt told his defense to lay down and roll over
  16. Check the dictionary to see what a decade is and Brees hasn't done anything in the last decade. And not without a bountygate team
  17. What notable things have Brees done in the last 10 years again?
  18. In before someone says that the falcons only appear in their worst nightmares
  19. more than half a decade younger than Brees 🤷‍♂️
  20. Time flies.. **** Happy birthday, Ironman Ryan. Cheers to your good health
  21. I would say Hayden Hurst but most have an expectation about him. Ollison is my sleeper and our future starting RB
  22. Gradient numbers.. on their primary jersey They upped us on that by a lot Aaron Donald will still make QBs piss while wearing those
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