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  1. I know there are many disgruntled diehard season ticket holders and fans since day 0 posters here. Let me save you a trip of wasting your time driving in the Atlanta traffic tomorrow night. Help me spare you by sending 2 tickets in this direction please, thank you.
  2. He has one of the quickest releases in the game lol. Try again
  3. I guess at the same place you hide when we are winning
  4. I'm still waiting for one of these goons to post the photoshopped picture of Ryan wearing a bra. It's like they havent learned to smack talk since 2009
  5. Yup so you realize how sad this thread is
  6. It's not funny and it didn't even get us mildly irritated. It's mostly pity about how much the falcons are in your fans' heads and how humorless you girls are
  7. He looks good!! except he had an injury in July along with a surgery. might take a couple weeks to be 100%
  8. ollison is a fast rb
  9. Carpenter was more consistent. Brown would pancake someone and get blown up the next snap. Brown might need more time to get comfortable
  10. Ok then. Don't you ever dare use the past or bring up any falcons losses from history ever again. THANKS!
  11. When are we going to learn that history has no bearing on your future? Smitty was a whole different scenario
  12. I remember when people wrote off some guy named Tevin Coleman. Now the same people were sad we didn't keep the guy
  13. Only when it comes to their obsession with making tshirts, billboards, etc about the rival team. I've never seen anything pathetic like that from here.