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  1. Dropping Tru after him doing fairly well last year surprised me, but the defense as a whole played a lot better in the second half of the season after he wasn't on the field anymore. Campbell on the other hand is not special at all. His best quality was his passrushing skills, which we barely utilized. Aside from that, he was a liability in coverage and was looking downright lost the entire time the defense stunk it up early in the season.
  2. "The bottom feeding has to stop" If you really have been a fan since 1982 you would know that this team hasn't been a bottom feeder since 2008. When Blank, TD and Ryan changed all that. Since 2008, every season we have had a chance to compete. For you sanity's sake, I'm glad you aren't a fan of the browns, lions, Jaguars etc
  3. I mean, if you look at it objectively Fowler > Beasley Gurley > Freeman Hurst = Hooper [if he gets the same amount of targets] Treadwell > Hardy We still need to replace Campbell and Clayborn, yes. And that's where the draft comes in, clay can still return Rest are depth players, easy to restock
  4. Atleast I didnt fall for photoshopped pictures of Todd Gurley in a black jersery
  5. Meh I'm on my phone and this post is just as relevant as the other 75 pages of useless into in this thread
  6. Aw man good find.. we're all itching for some uniform info and these clickbaiters got us by our *****
  7. Hmmmm??
  8. Man if Wirfs fell to us, I would pull the trigger on him too. He fills a huge hole on the offense that helps both the running and passing game. The rest of the draft can go towards defense
  9. I had some stored back home, but I'm stuck in another country which is going through lockdown right now. Sorry brother, we're all in unknown territory. Try to find R95 masks. They're practically the same but can also block oil particles.
  10. Hilarious. If the Aints are the number 4 team in the league, I like our chances to do some damage in the playoffs
  11. Why would you say that? Poole was good depth but if one of the starters went out, I would have never trusted Poole to man RCB or LCB
  12. Lol come on bro, he's a Falcon LEGEND
  13. Edited doublepost
  14. 24 in remembrance of Freeman