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  1. He is still going to be good. Like KoG said, he got thrust into the frontlines since we dont have a good passcatching vet. Those who want posters to eat crow need to wait a year or two. Just like they had to for countless other players like Alford and Vic.
  2. Hahaha what a jackass
  3. The playcall was good but the bye week has great players too and they made a play. Maybe when we face the bye again in the playoffs we can crush them.
  4. Eddie Royal and VJ?? Is this 2009?
  5. No one is talking about that except you.
  6. Actually Stephen A has been pretty supportive of the 2017 team. Saying we are the real deal and we will make amends for the collapse.
  7. Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  8. No matter how you slice it, rhis is NFL news now.
  9. Weather permitting
  10. Yea this dude was always elite and he tied the team togerher better than any single other player could. I will never underestimate the position of Center again.
  11. Dan Quinn just said in 92.9 that we'll be wearing black..
  12. Since when is worshipping a flag or anthem ok? You can respect military and their priceless sacrifices, but that doesn't mean everything done under the flag is the right thing. If a population in this country believes it's unfair to be a citizen, they can have their voice heard; that's democracy. Listen to their argument with objectivity and listen to the educated in that group. Maybe they have a point, or maybe you can create an intelligent counter argument. I don't understand why people think that's disrespect to the military. If a military personnel truly believes in the ideals America was built on, they would approve.
  13. I was hoping we get a gif of him riding the metal falcon, burning down the NFL 'wall'
  14. Bill created Tom. Theres nothing else to know by reading abt it.
  15. But contrary to the draft hype and saints fan bias, Anthony isn't even the best LB on the worst defense in NFL history...