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  1. Ill actually be okay with trading next year's second to move up and take Vea. If all goes well, we should have 30 mil cap to play with and npt many holes to fill.
  2. That's good for them, and we all want to get there. But the point is, most of their money goes to towards the QB more than any other other player. SEA was paying for Jimmy Graham though, ill give them that.
  3. Exactly. End of thread. He leads this offense. Pay him what he deserves. It's nunya business.
  4. Neither of them have the number 1 WR, one of the best WR2, top 5 RB or top 5 center on their payroll. Simple math
  5. The guys on offense arent getting new contracts unless their name is Ryan, Julio or mathews. The young guys on defense on the other hand are gonna get big contracts. Guys like Grady, Deion, Beasley, keanu, campbell, rico allen etc are gonna tie up some money in abt 2 years. Lets revisit this thread then
  6. Can we build a dam? The tears in this forum is drowning the rest of us.
  7. Man I opened the thread fearing something bad happened to Deion Jones. Glad he's ok but as everyone else said; RIP Mr. Benson.
  8. Coleman twin, its eerie. Right down to the inability of switching the ball to his left hand.
  9. Now get Star Lotuleili or Benny Logan!
  10. Lol actually the opposite happened with Smitty. Instead of focusing on drafting new talent, we decided to give money to aging vets. Dickson will be a dirt cheap TE 3/4
  11. Hmm would this affect Matt's negotiations?
  12. Or we cam spend that money towards a DT or OG and draft Fumagalli
  13. Called this from the beginning. Just have to grab him at a good price ~5 mil/yr or less to prove his worth. Well worth the money, especially in the red zone.
  14. no one forces me to do anything I don't want. I really doubt you've spent a dime in real life, but you sure act like Matt took everything after the divorce though.
  15. Lol obsessed with Ryan much? Where did he touch you?