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  1. And there's some people here that believe that coaches aren't responsible for anything to do with player performance 😂
  2. Who had the final say on the 53 man roster again? TD atleast kept Takk under control.
  3. Dodds declines interviews because he wants to finish what he started in Indy. Interesting part is that Dodds and party tried to get Josh McDaniels to run the Colts a year ago
  4. Josh Mcdaniels. The one who always adjusts his offense on it's strengths every year. Not stubbornly play in a style that they physically can't. He finds good run games, makes it easier for the QB and makes no name WRs into game winners
  5. Hey man, why do you have to ruin the party with facts? DQ set the final roster so he's the one who felt okay releasing Cambell and the one who retained Beasely because he thought he could transform Beas
  6. Why isn't this radio hack naming the 'source'?. TD is gone, they won't hurt his feelings or he is making up things for radio as usual
  7. It used to be 'Bring him home Mckay' before the TD line started Except Mckay didn't bring anything home but disappointment
  8. A QBs job is to help score, not preventing the other team from scoring. The falcons would never have a huge lead if it wasn't for the offense. They should not be expected to score 35 points every game to win.
  9. same talent that went on a winning streak? At some point, doesn't coaching have to be held accountable?
  10. 2 coaches. 2 coaches with terrrrible defensive schemes. first one loved bend but don't break. second loves to live in cover 2/ cover 3
  11. TD hired Mike Smith, but after Smith's tenure was cut short, Blank took over the HC search and hired a firm to choose the best candidate for him. DQ was selected out of the list and DQ recognized TD's value and decided to keep him as his GM. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/12086906/atlanta-falcons-hire-search-firm-event-coaching-change DQ also decides who on the 53 man roster gets to be paid and extended no matter the cost. So Vic Beasely getting his 5th year option is alll Dan Quinn
  12. If anyone actually watched the video, you can see that coaches and schemes can absolutely make or break a team. No one has been wasting talent more than Dan Quinn and his defense. I'm sure even Mike smith could have done more with the talent in this defense.
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