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  1. Oh snap.. really? But yea I wouldn't mind it either way. The 4th pick gives us a lot of flexibility and I'm excited to see what we can do with it.
  2. BPA no matter what right? Unlike Matt Julio can be traded without his dead cap hit being any worse than the reg cap hit. Julio has been nothing but great for us but someone might give us a first rd pick for Julio and I wouldn't mind trading him in for someone 10 years younger
  3. The same Justin Jefferson who was a candidate to be rookie of the year too
  4. He is seriously a diamond in the rough. The Falcons or the 49ers would be a perfect situation for him to sit and learn from and I hope we get the kid at around pick 6 to 10
  5. Because they cut all the aging baggage we were carrying around like Alge Crumpled, Warrick Done, Betty Crocker, GimmeYoMoney Williams, Rod Oldman, etc. Vick's bonuses and the 7mil dead cap for cutting him was the cherry on top
  6. Ok OP, let's look at 2008. Due to us having terrible cap management and Vick's departure, this team was in a terrible spot. After the 2008 transactions, the falcons just had 1.2 mil to roll over to 2009 2008 NFL Season Preview: Veteran Additions:RB Michael Turner, TE Ben Hartsock, TE Marcus Pollard, TE Jason Rader, C Alex Stepanovich, DT Grady Jackson, DT Kindal Moorehead, DT Simon Fraser, NT Rashard Moore, CB Von Hutchins, CB Dominique Foxworth, S Erik Coleman, S Deke Cooper, S Blue Adams, S Coy Wire, K Jason Elam.Draft Picks:QB Matt Ryan, RB Thomas Brown, WR Harry Dou
  7. ****, you're right.. ironically it's the Titans who snatched him
  8. I want to see what AS can do with Pinkney. Dude was considered a top TE till his last college year.
  9. The podcast breaks down the myth that we were set up for a cap **** year in 2021. We were supposed to have 210 million in cap before the pandemic hit
  10. Not if we are looking at the "resources" dumped to add weapons for him. Aside from the probowl RBs, he had a probowl TE, 2 first rd WRs, traded for WRs Price and Lelie and OL picked in the first 3 rds.
  11. I like the kid too, if we trade down a bit, he could be a bonus pick that still let's us draft to win now while developing for the future. Also he's just 20 years old right now. If we have to get a QB this year, that's the guy I want
  12. I highly doubt Rico would have got paid if DQ didn't want Rico as his FS, just like Beasly
  13. Who had the final say on the 53 man roster again? 🤔
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