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  1. He needs rest
  2. The article is actually about Coleman doing better with the run blocking he got than Free did. Nothing about pass blocking.
  3. Falcons: Please come back Julio: No Falcons: but we have a defense now. We can go back to the SB. Julio: Nah Falcons: but we paid you, we dont have much left :/ Julio: ain't that a *****??
  4. The threeway wasn't a phone call
  5. I think I saw Michael Turner riding in a Toyota Prius with the owner of steak-n-shake on GA 400 a couple mins ago. It was pitch black but it could have been them
  6. We can say the same about the Europeans
  7. No one except the ignorant wants malarkey back Unless they like seeing Devonte running into Alex Mack's lower back on 1st and second down then chucking it to Julio on third down on a comeback route. EVERYTIME.
  8. can we start a "2016 season forum" where people can hang on to old memories of Kyle, passing the ball on third down, freeman missing his block etc?. Thanks Mods!!
  9. Atlanta falcon DBs.
  10. Would have been an easy road if we were in the AFC.
  11. Some guys need to let go of 2016. Yoy can pout and hang on to that binky for the rest of your life, but it's not coming back and neither is Shanahan. Im focused on 2018 Falcons being the best they can be, and i think they will be one of the top offenses again this year.
  12. So you lower your head one time and it's an ejection? This is gonna be an interesting season
  13. It's satire mixed with a hint of truth. Like all jokes are.
  14. That's just Takk's slice