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  1. Defensive coordinators across the league winced. Somewhere Bene Benewikere peed a little.
  2. Some guy who doesn't have 3 chains.
  3. Getting rid of Steve Smith was the worst decision Carolina ever made. Smith would have been like a joe Horn and kept guys like Benjamin and Cam accountable. Keep doing what you do Carolina!
  4. Great come back. Enjoy feeding your social needs on a message board.
  5. Are you lacking attention at home?
  6. Never was a big college fan but stumbled on the BC vs VT game live. Needless to say I watched the whole game. Wasn't sure how good he'll be but it all worked out. Hopefully that ellusive ring will find its way here.
  7. Lmao.. Theres some gold in the second thread from some familiar faces.
  8. IMO his production just validated what his college tape, his demeanor, and work ethic showed back when he was drafted. It was a matter of getting the opportunity (unlike his rookie year)
  9. From you hating him, that's a long way up
  10. Add Shelby to dline
  11. Lol not even close. The ignorance level on that forum is otherworldly.
  12. Try looking at it from in Grady's view, sir.
  13. Reading their forum is the most frustrating feeling in the world. How that team managed to collect the most uneducated, obnoxious, and oblivious people to be their fans; I'll never understand.
  14. He had fractured a bone on his leg during the championship game