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  1. if you look here, you'll see the EXACT moment Sean Dooshbaggery's heart broke
  2. New salt mine in lousiana covers the world's salt needs for the next century
  3. https://saintsreport.com/threads/saints-should-raise-nfc-champ-banner-next-year-anyway.402825/
  4. I would pay for a referee group pic in the endzone
  5. They should have tanked to get a higher 2nd rounder!!
  6. Dear SAINTS FANS, I remember in 2009 going to watch the SB here in ATL and many of the who I watched with and many more here on the forums were ROOTING for the Aints. You were our ****ed-up brother till you guys won the big one and became the most obnoxious fan-bases in the league. You made fun of our close playoff runs and pathetically talk about it like they were done by you. Your fans deserve this, so enjoy. P.S. If anyone should be the LAST to complain about refs, it's you P.P.S. Greatest QB in history lands in your lap and you have ONLY 1 SB to show for it
  7. That's another year Mr. Brees
  8. Is it normal for people to worry so much about things that haven't even happened yet? Geez these forums..
  9. No reunion with Toilolo. Instead get us Maxx Williams
  10. I hope we grab Maxx Williams in FA this year. 6'4" 254lbs This 2nd rounder from Minnesota was severly underused in Baltimore but whenever he touched the ball, he produced. He can be a nice steal and a great addition to Malarkey's 3 TE sets. Guys like Hartsock and Peele made Malarkey's offense run smooth back in 08
  11. Hahah I understand bro. I sincerely hope we have a good rushing attack after getting that O line retooled and maybe a big back and a FB, and it alll starts with free agency. Can't wait!
  12. Dammit man, don't leave us on that cliffhanger
  13. Would a defense run by the man - Dan Quinn himself make up for cootie?
  14. I know you're a grown man who can like whatever you want, I respect that. You probably wouldn't like it but I think you're going to see a good football team if you tune in on the Falcons this year.