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  1. Your team only had to wait a whole decade to start talking trash again. Good to see you scum showing face on this forum now that you finally have the division finally locked up
  2. I don't need to say anything, just got to open falcons twitter or facebook to see enough crap posted about the team.
  3. I really like Quinn but I'm wondering how John Harbaugh wont be an upgrade every way possible
  4. They played the spund bite on 92.9. He did say that
  5. Wrong. Irvin is 31, Vic's future has nothing to do with Irvin. I would draft another DE to push Vic down the roster though and offer Vic 6 mil a year if he wishes to stay in ATL
  6. **Aints, bruce. It's the Aints
  7. Smh. Shoulda made bloodline walk
  8. I know not to take anything personally. Not the team's play and especially not people's opinion. But if everyone felt like this is their private chat area and can flood the forum with 10 useless threads a day, this place will be a bigger cesspool than it already is.
  9. As if all of his threads aren't about seeking attention. But don't dare say anything because the Jedi defense club will soon make their appearance.
  10. Don't fail at both
  11. Anything is possible but dude is a cancer? Really? What makes someone a cancer? Please tell us
  12. Wait. Hahahahahahaha Haaaa Carry on.
  13. Dude has always been good. Always liked watching him, he's like mattie ice lite