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  1. Roddy did well with whoever the QB was, and I won't doubt Calvin Johnson's ability to do the same albeit in a smaller way than Roddy. Even if we were picking at 5, I don't think we land Matt tbh. But I guess we would never know and I'm glad we didn't miss out on him.
  2. I think about this scenario a lot. But I think if we had Calvin in 07, we miss out on Matt Ryan in 08
  3. Oh yea he works hard for the ones he get 😆
  4. He needs to run for a few TDs. The media loves that ish
  5. Then the coaches should be making the players work on these things during practice and demand better. Belichick works his players with seemingly no talent until they're polished. His no name players would never have poor execution 2 games in a row meanwhile talent gets squandered in Atlanta year after year
  6. I think we will too. But coaching and players might have to be exceptional to beat out the competition within the division and conference 😕
  7. Doesn't matter how well he plays. If he gives up one long TD pass, the pitchforks will come out from the chicken littles
  8. Oh his wagon since day 1. If he stays healthy, no one is going to miss Hooper
  9. They also dont start cheering until the clock hits 00:00. Must be fun during games
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