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  1. Once the Debbies go full downer, logic goes out the door.
  2. I swear some posters bust a nut every time the Falcons lose.
  3. I dont get these arguments. The cowboys fans pay the same for the same tickets without the PSL.
  4. Would be the perfect match. But DQ doesnt seem like the type who would the pull the plug on an coachinf decision after just one year.
  5. If the fans ran this team, we would be right below the Browns
  6. Why would Quinn want to spin anything? Dolphins game was weeks ago, move on. I understand you're trying to troll, I appreciate you taking time out of your personal life to show up when the Falcons do bad. But if you still need attention, buy a dog or get a life?
  7. Agree with OP. This is what is known as 'growing pains'. We have 2 entire new playcallers and new tweaks to last year's plays. We ARE rusty, but what is undeniable is that this is a talented team. Also Matt's always gotten better as the season went on. And hopefully the special teams decide to stop fooling around and the team gets things tighter in the next few short weeks.
  8. sooo what's the point of this thread OP? You want the city of Atlanta to pay your therapy bills?
  9. McCown already had those good games vs other teams...
  10. Lol when Sark called the jet sweep he couldnt tell the down or distance due tp the fog But yup, Matt said it himself. The problem is execution. The players, especially Matt needs to step it up. He usually does so i'm holding down hope.
  11. Dolphins tied the game with their 3rd string QB
  12. I am soooo happy that we lose games, we get to see a lot of posters who never post show up /purple
  13. Words of advice. Wash yourself instead of wiping it on paper like uncivilized folk.
  14. You realize when we're winning, we have an entire roster of HOFers and when we lose it's time to release everyone.
  15. Honestly as a top prospect, Jake mathews has been spectacularly average. At this point in his career, he is what he is. But once this unit gets more playing tine together, they'll gel a bit better.