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  1. Harlow was cut wasn't he? I wish he could back up Wes just in case.
  2. Funniest is last year when Matt Juked luke out of his shoes and then Thomas Davis
  3. I guess people always have to find something to complain about. What a miserable life
  4. Game knowledge on this board is bad as twitter. All emotion, 0 IQ.
  5. Umm..take a break from the internet bruh
  6. I hope they all pissed after the game. That's a long time to hold in your urine. That's bad for the kidney
  7. Yea because of the SB defines a QB rule that fans make up. Rodgers makes all that money and hasn't accomplished anything without a top 5 defense. That's a fact
  8. Would you be disappearing again one you realize that the AINTS defense is poopoo and you girls go back to your rightful place of 7-9 seasons Brees own?
  9. I think it's more funny that you thought kikaha and odizhuwhahswa from NY were better picks than Beasley
  10. A backup QB for a third rd pick..lol
  11. Obviously SB does not mean any QB is better than the other. Anyone who disagrees can take a hike and not post in this thread, it's not for you lol.
  12. It was already reported on 92.9 FM last month that the Falcons have a deal for Grady but Grady's side wants to wait it out. Either to get some inflated numbers from Donald's deal or to play and inflate his own stats.
  13. I'll agree that NONE of those QBs were transcendent beings who carried a whole team to win a SB. Brady got lucky with the greatest coach of all time and some pretty good defenses. Brees, Aaron and Peyton needed some REALLY good defenses to put them over the hump. I'll agree that Brees needed both a genius playcaller AND a defense to finally win it all, but you cannot deny his individual accomplishments, even though winning wasn't one of them.
  14. Can you guys share any statistics that is proof that Matt Ryan has been one of the top 5 QBs in the last decade and is making an impact on ALL-TIME lists. Most here agree that Matt has the HOF numbers that he is building on that can prove his position among the best. He obviously isn't in the Brady, Brees, Manning level. But his numbers definitely place him between the rest. I'm trying to compile these stats and can use some help to compile them . Some stats I know are He is the fastest QB to reach 40,000 Yards in history Has more Yards that Rodgers in the same time frame both started playing Has led his team to a NFC championship or SB when his Receivers aren't in the Top-5 in dropped passes.
  15. Matt has more yards than Rodgers in the same timeframe yet Matt's been playing since his rookie year. Without a good defense, Rodgers hasn't accomplished anything in the league either lol.