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  1. What's wrong with these grade's, they gave jacksonville a B. I won't put much stock in this grading system.
  2. I'm not poking fun at people who said "Ryan sucks", it's directed at people who ssaid things like "there is no way we draft Ryan" or "Dorsey will definitely be our pick if he's there" That's what's so funny about this is the same thing you rediculed people for in this topic(getting it wrong) is no different than what you did by changing your mind about Ryan. I can look back if you want me to and dig another quote of yours where you said (no way would you take Ryan at three it doesn't represent value) if you want me to. But all i am saying is you had it wrong so just admit it.
  3. David EthanPosted 3/9/2008 Junior Falcon Group: Forum Members Last Login: Today @ 9:53 PM Posts: 833, Visits: 975 Matt RyanLet's begin with the quarterback that many (so called experts) think we should take with the 3rd pick in the upcoming draft. Before this season, Scouts Inc., the ESPN insider draft gurus, said that Matt Ryan was best served as a backup quarterback in the NFL, a player who was intelligent and an on-field leader who the other players respected, but who, at the end of the day, simply lacked the talent and arm strength that is needed in a QB who is a peak performer at
  4. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> This is only a miniscule sample of the HUNDREDS of "trust me, there is no way he draft Matt Ryan" or "If Glenn Dorsey is on the board, we'll take him" crap that soooo many of you have spewed over the last few weeks.....how little you all know. You don't pass on a franchise QB when you don't have one, simple as that. How can you not be excited to have Ryan? Have you seen how pumped up he is? He's said all the right things and deserves our loyalty and patience; we've got ourselves a keeper.... Wait just
  5. Agree. Man, we have alot of pessimist as a fan.It's really hard to be optimistic when we've never been able to put winning seasons together as a franchise. Make no mistake I want to be positive just like the next guy but don't be hard on people for thinking the worst. Until we are proven wrong then bad attitudes will always be here. If you want to blame somebody blame the new regime. Their the ones who led everybody to believe that we were going to focus on OL and DL by stating if you want to win you have to stop the run, also you have to be able to run the ball. We passed on the best defens
  6. Scrappy, I've been on the boards here for close to 10 drafts now and it's always the same thing.....an element of the fanbase come unhinged if the front office does not pick who they think should have been picked and then attack with vitriol whatever player WAS picked. It's horrible to watch, but it happens every year. I watched the front office just ge hammered after the Boley, Laurant Robinson and Schaub picks. We apparently didn't need these playersat the time according to them. Come on man, give everybody a break. If you've watched the last ten drafts then surely your sick of bad decisio
  7. All that is easy for someone who is sitting at home watching the draft. Its easy for us to sit here and say we should have drafted this player here and there cause the draft is almost over and we know where everyone has been takin. The Chevis Jackson pick was good and the Baker pick was good, and hate if you want but the Ryan pick was good according to everyone on the planet but us know it all Falcon fans. I think the majority felt that if Dorsey was there take him, at least that's how i felt. If not i said we should take Ryan. And never trade any of our precious picks to move anywhere. I kn
  8. Guys i was all for us taking QB early, But i never dreamed we would walk away with only one OT or one lineman all together. We can try to stay positive all we want but let's face it without upgrades to our offensive and defensive lines we will be screwed. Even though Sam is an upgrade, we still needed at least another guard or tackle. I know they talked about special teams being a big focus, it definitely looks like they drafted to improve our special teams rather than improving our O and D line. An outside linebacker that only weighs 219 pounds was a rather odd pick i thought.
  9. KC is going to be a POWERHOUSE. We are the same-ol-falcons. Love being a fan. Will love it better when Blank sells the team. Man i am sick of your negativity, you never have anything positive to say. Its easy to say KC is doing great, they didn't need a QB either. It makes it alot easier to build trenches when you don't have a need at the most important position on the field, being QB.
  10. So they locked Vick up for dog killing but then took all his dogs and KILLED them....Whats the point? So if fighting dogs makes him a THUG what does it make the rest of corporate america that does it too? Why do people forget that Vick did more for the community than Dunn did? I think Mcfadden will be great wherever he go's, that is if he can keep his head screwed on. And that leads me to my next point, breaking the law no matter what you do deserves punishment, Vick did this to himself, stop blaming everyone else, get over it.
  11. Ainge? He's #####ing garbage! He doesn't have it between the ears, has a weak arm, plays turtle ball when he's pressured as well as makes bad decisions. No thanks. Come on man, this is an unfair evaluation of this guy. All he did was lead the south to their first win in four years on that final drive at the senior bowl. His senior year was very impressive considering Tennessee had a crappy running game and he was forced to carry the offense on his back. Not to mention his impressive performance in his bowl game vs Wisconsin. By the way he has an above average arm, He's definately peaking at
  12. Brohm for several reasons, first he has a family rooted in football, second his four year stats are pretty impressive. Peyton Manning's four year stats: Att. Comp. Comp. Ratio Total yards Ints. TD's 1354 851 62.8 11201 33 90 Matt Ryan's four year stats: 1347 707 58.3 9313 37 56 Brian Brohm's four year stats: 1185 780 66.8 10775 24 71 His stat's are pretty impressive, and please don't start posting QB's who played weak competition or was part of a system offense that threw up rediculous stats like Colt Brennen for e
  13. How bout that game, Grendel? You are quick to point out the failings of Ryan, how bout your boy's awesome performance against the mighty South Florida team.? 48.6 % rating and 3 INTs BUMP
  14. Don't send them over there! We still mostly have intelligent conversations over there! Why then come here with all of your great football knowledge, oooh so you can have a chance to win, i see now.
  15. Vick was as talented as any dual-threat quarterback that ever played and no one in this class is of the same class athletically. That being said, he was barely able to mask our poor offensive line, terrible receivers and mediocre running backs, much less raise their performance to a level that could put us in the hunt for a Superbowl. No one in this class is going to mask our terrible offensive line with their feet and ability to improvise, rebuilding the line and finding more than the two competent receivers is more important than the manner in which our next quarterback moves in the pocket a
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