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  1. I've been over Quintorus since his contract dispute a few years ago. Good riddance to him, his 3TD's/yr and Wide open drops. (135) Julio Jones Unbelievable Dropped Pass | Falcons vs. Panthers | NFL - YouTube (135) Julio Jones Drops Touchdown Reception | Cowboys vs Falcons Week 2 | - YouTube (135) Eagles make Crucial fourth-down stop as ball goes through Julio's hands! - YouTube
  2. Oh no! Tandy, I am so sorry. I am praying for you and your family. Much love and God bless.
  3. Slappy, I'm praying for super natural healing over your body in the name of Jesus. Surrender... repent... and receive his restoration. God bless you!
  4. 4 times Losing 3 if you count the 2 point conversion
  5. Same kind of thing happened to me. I left mid-game to go to a bible study. I looked at the score online after the study was over and it said we won. When I got back home I watched the second half up to 8 seconds left in the game. I was like what the??? I thought we won??? I started going back and double checking the scores. I texted a friend asking if we actually won the game. It was very weird because looking at the play in real time, it looked like the Lions won.
  6. Thank you all for the useful tips. I’ll try to wait it out til the end of the week and check those apps you suggested.
  7. Hey all, The military sent me back stateside for a couple weeks and am planning on making a trip to Atlanta this weekend. Anyone have decently priced tickets to the game this weekend for sale? Or have a strategy for buying tickets in the new stadium? I only need two. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. I watch games almost every week from China. Honolulu Hawaii internet -> VPN to China -> NFL GAMEPASS = No blackout live streaming of EVERY GAME. Paid $200 equivalent at the beginning of the season for the service. I am sure its cheaper now just for the playoffs/superbowl.
  9. What he said. The last NFC championship game, I bought 50 yard line seats in the upper deck (6 rows back) for $200 each the second they went on sale. Not bad considering the magnitude of the game.
  10. Hey all, living in Hawaii currently I was unable to make it to the game yesterday. I keep hearing about how rocking it was and I was hoping someone had some videos they posted. If you have them, please post them. Thanks!
  11. I wish!!! The flight from Honolulu was too expensive. The last game I made it to was the NFC championship in 2012. My heart is still broken
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