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  1. Just BOLD predictions...not thought out ones.... I think Ducasse can, it really was a toss up between them for me, however I think I read somewhere that Dallas had a good bit of interest in Saffold, and it is one of their needs...unless Al davis takes Campbell, I don't think he will go in the 1st... That's not bold...its inevitable...
  2. Same here..I'm a doc student at OSU...I went to the Dallas game last year too.....I still get season tickets, just let my family and friends buy them from me for whatever games they can go to... I usually do the BWWs thing to watch the games instead of buy Sunday ticket...there about 6-7 of us that go up there, so we have one of the larger contingents that are not Cowboy fans
  3. Jahvid Best is selected by the Seahawks in Round 1 (2nd selection) There will be 6 OT selected in Round 1 (Williams, Okung, Bulaga, Davis, Saffold, Brown) Dez Bryant drops out of Round 1 There will be 4 QBs selcted in Round 1 (Bradford, Clausen, Tebow, and McCoy) in that order The Falcons will NOT select Morgan, Graham, Weatherspoon, Pouncey, or D.Thomas with a Round 1 pick, but they will select a player in Round 1
  4. I'm looking forward to see the schedule release....I think the NFL decided to have only divisional games in Week 17? didn't they....it would be awesome to play NO in Week 17 @ home...and have the division up for grabs...I think the dome would be rocking!!!
  5. How the first round could break downPlenty of variables come into play and make for interesting first-round possibilitiesEmail Print Comments 79Share18 retweet By Todd McShay, Steve Muench and Kevin Weidl ESPN.com The 2010 NFL draft is rapidly approaching, and the first round seems to be coming into focus. However, plenty of scenarios still could unfold and affect any pick and those teams selecting thereafter. The following is a look at Scouts Inc.'s breakdown of those scenarios. The first scenario offered for each team is an explanation of the pick we project at this point, followed by two p
  6. Would love to trade back....but I don't like any of the players you mentioned....
  7. DT is faster than most people think...and a lot of his catches were not just bombs...a lot were also little quick passes that we have seen Steve Smith just burn us on over the years....he has a great stiff arm and is very hard to bring down for smaller DBs.... I would like this selection at 19 if everyone else was gone...or if we traded back and picked up a 2nd rounder, and selected him around 25-30 range.... He could be a great hometown talent....too bad we didn't move up to get the better Tech WR a few years ago...cause that would have been nice to have CJ and Ryan...but hey, he is soon to h
  8. There were 3 plays out of all of those in that video posted that stood out to me....He really doesnt look explosive off the ball....IMO Also, side note....Michigan's secondary and LB in that game sucked
  9. +1....My thoughts exactly...the only thing that could stop our offense would be Mularky's dumb thoughts....this is now a passing oriented league that is focused on offense.... And if Denver doesn't select Bryant, I think they are making a mistake, because the talent drops off after him, and some of the next guys may be off the board before they select again....
  10. Sure you can...NFL teams do it every year when they draft new rookies that will play better than the older vets on the team.... In this case though, I do feel that Coleman will and should be the safety, unless Moore really plays well in camp and the coaches are sold on him being the starter.... And, I think Coleman played pretty solid last year, at points he was weak in coverage, but I think that was more due to weak LB coverage and the lack of a good pass rush....
  11. Dallas won there championships by building through the draft with Aikman, Emmitt, and Irvin, plus several key defensive players back in the 90s, with their last SB win in 95...since then they only have 2 playoff wins in the past 15 years, since Jerry hasn't been able to recover from the retirement of those guys, and only wants to find replacements in FA and not the draft.... The Bengals and Raiders...come'on...the Raider's last SB win was 1983, and they have only won 6 playoff games since then in 27 years....as for the Bengals, they have never won a SB, and the last time they played in one was
  12. xbox and gillette...take over everything from Tige, Matty Ice!!!! next Nike and TagHauer....
  13. I would be fine with this draft....I think instead of CB we should at a OLB or C though...and that would be better, I think we have too many guys in the secondary right now to be picking more CB with a pick higher than a 5th rounder
  14. Just throwing something different out there...you don't have to like it... I think it would work quite nicely for us IMO...and Iupati would be an instant upgrade over Dahl....
  15. Ummm...Ndamakong Suh is the safest pick in this draft...but after him, and actual possibilities for us to select....I will say S.Weatherspoon, D. Morgan, R.McClain, M.Pouncey, E. Thomas, B.Price, M.Iupati, and T.Mays....in that order It escapes my mind how evaluators really dont put as much stock into production as opposed to potential...that just it, its only potential....when you have a guy that has shown his production whoever it may be, how can you not take him over someone whom you THINK will be good...I havent figured out how to predict the future yet, so IMO you have to go on what that
  16. Awesome thoughts....I'm glad it is written out and broken down. I think you are correct. we want D.Morgan than B. Graham, if both are gone at #19 then we may try and move back or it looks like Pouncey (if we really like him over the others), or DT again. Remember Babs will be suspended for a few games next year, and you still have to wonder about P.jerry's health.... I would be fine with the selections, I like the Shipley pick, but I wonder if he is almost like HD...just a thought
  17. As I've mentioned before on the boards, until we lose depth at DE, I don't see us making DE a top pick in this draft, and all of the Graham fans can forget it, because we have shown little interest (unless a smokescreen). I am in firm beleif that our FO likes our young DEs and wants to give them a chance to really play with P.Jerry in the line up. Now, if D. morgan is avaialbe at 19, that is the pick, but this assumes he is not available. Now here we go: Trade #19 and #83 (1050 pts) and 2011 2nd round pick (pt value unknown) to PHI for #24 and #37 (1270 pts) AND Trade #149 and Jerious Norwood
  18. Yeah...if Sean Weatherspoon is available at 19 and we don't pick him...it would be the biggest smokescreen ever....I wonder how much money would have been spent on that??? I think it's pretty obvious who we are going to pick @19 if he is available...if he is not available, I think its obvious who we are gonna pick...B.Price...I think our FO and Coaching staff have an emphasis on Dline, and know they have talent outside that will be better with a healthy P.Jerry, and **** if no Spoon, then another young talented DT...remember that Babs will probably be suspended for a few games next year, and t
  19. J.Mike's mock is from left field...I don't recall ever seeing anyone on the boards really wanting T.Mays....
  20. Just go to show, what kinda idiot is running the show in Athens.....hehehehe GO Jackets!!!
  21. If anything, this could help the Falcons...maybe a team puts him higher on their board, which will allow a better player in our eyes to slip to us???
  22. We don't have the defensive front personel to play an effective 3-4 defense, not to mention the coaching staff...I would like to think that the McClain workout is just covering all of your bases so that when our pick occurs @19, we are not stuck reaching for a player...I think from what I have seen thus far with workouts and what the FO is doing...we will take BPA @19, whether that is DE, ILB, or OLB, or OL.....I personally think that if Loften can play solid in the middle running in the 4.9-5.0 range which is what he did pre-draft....I am not afraid of McClain playing SLB for us...he has a ve
  23. He would definately be a good addition, and adding him would probably mean that JA98 would be cut....this could be temporary solution and then draft DE next year...but guys to be honest...this is a much deeper draft on the defensive side of the ball...next year's draft will be more offensive heavy, with OL, RB, WR, and probably pro style QBs....I think we need to address our defensive needs in this years draft....
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