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  1. I work at a Sexual Predator Treatment Program where the "residents" have already served the prison sentence for their crimes and were then civilly committed to this program by the courts because they were deemed to be too high risk to society. Successful "treatment" is seemingly rare (especially with regards to pedophilia), as we have very few residents successfully make it through the program.
  2. Same here, switching teams wouldn't take. Just gonna have to deal with heartbreak and disappointment. Glad I am blessed in many other ways.
  3. Think I finally figured it out. Thanks for the help @ya_boi_j My wife and I and then my two sons. She's a Chiefs fan that roots for the Falcons to appease me. The boys like both.
  4. I've got them on imgur, just what do I do now?
  5. It was super blurry because it was compressed
  6. https://imgur.com/a/YmLEVEV Obviously still don't know what I'm doing. Oh well lol
  7. How do you convert photos so they meet the requirements?
  8. The thing that stands out to me in this video is how competitive AJ remains even when they are up big in the fourth quarter. A couple of those impressive efforts were when they were up huge when a lot of guys would tone it down some. Starting to like the pick more and more.
  9. Welcome home Mr. Henderson! Oh, wait...
  10. Hope you all are prepared for us to pick someone you've never heard of
  11. Get ready for another pick of someone you never expected.
  12. You are just now realizing this? Always knew you were very slow to process info.
  13. Like I said, I will believe it when I see it. Every year its the same thing with TD. How many times have we actually known who the player was they wanted in a trade up? Once? With the Julio trade.
  14. I will believe it when I see it. Last year most of you were 100% certain we were trading up for Oliver. To the point there were many of you shocked when he was selected. Also, I have never been in a trade discussion (obviously), but is it typical for the GM wanting to move up to divulge what player they are wanting to move up for? I wouldn't think so. I would imagine the player would be referred to as "our guy" and the details of the trade would be worked out if that player fell.
  15. You would really want an all white pants/jersey combo with no color except the numbers? Sounds so bland.
  16. You seriously bringing the coronavirus into this conversation about uniforms? Seriously???
  17. Not sure how these aren’t? So many fans wanted a clean look and we got that. I’m extreme happy with them. Perfect, no, but good enough.
  18. Same way I feel. I have wanted black on black for a while now. Toss in the matte helmets and I love it. I can’t believe the hate they are getting. Wtf did every one want ?
  19. The black on black is home according to the homepage. The faded one is an alternate.
  20. I just dont get it. I think they are sharp. Been wanting black on black for forever and its back. Plus the matte black helmet. Im good.
  21. I like em. Dont know why there is so much whining. I dig em.
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