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  1. Oh ok. Must just be me then. Right. When (if) we go on a winning streak, you will disappear.
  2. You know exactly what I mean. The only time you post is when the team isn't performing like they should be, after a bad loss, etc. I am asking you why that is...
  3. Yo BLM, why is it that you only resurface on these forums when things are going bad?
  4. I own quite a few firearms and am licensed to conceal and carry and do so anytime my family and I go anywhere. Its sad that one has to carry a firearm for fear of something like this happening on even normal outings. This guy didnt use normal firearms to carry out this massacre; he had fully automatic weapons that are illegal to own in this country. Even though they are illegal, apparently they aren't impossible to obtain, unfortunately. God be with the victims and their families of this terrible tragedy. I cant imagine the sorrow they must be feeling. These types of things make me anxious to go anywhere. I am starting to feel especially anxious in large crowds of people.
  5. ....and two...
  6. Guess I will use this pointless thread to bump my post count a little then... heres one...
  7. The team I hate the most is the Saints (this should hold true for most Falcons fans). The player would have to be Scam Newton. I cant stand the showboating when things are going well and the pouting when they aren't. Sets a bad example for young people watching. I also cant stand Sam Bradford, probably because he looks a lot like a dude I got beef with locally
  8. I really hope he balls out, snatches the starting spot from Rico, and never looks back.
  9. Same. I was on my way home from my bachelor's party and was watching on my phone. Arrived home exactly when Tate caught the pass and turned the game off and ran in to see my family. Took me a while to figure our what happened.
  10. Where's that Panthers beat reporter @SamMills51to give an official report?
  11. I think you will find that your opinion means jacksh#t to me little fella. Don't bother with a rebuttal, I won't derail this thread any further with a response.
  12. Bro, just let it die. I worked with children with severe emotional disturbances for 10+ years (and that included children with developmental disabilities), worked with clinically insane criminals and now sexual predators for 5+. I already said it wasn't my intention to offend anyone so just let it go. Do you want me to personally apologize to you for hurting your feelings? Quit living up to your screen name.
  13. Ill be here all week
  14. See the post above yours snowman
  15. Sorry if I offended you. That obviously wasn't my intention.