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  1. What do you expect the coaches to say?
  2. That list is terrible in so many ways.
  3. Im surrounded by Chiefs fans so I don't have many folks jabbing at me
  4. Be prepared for some sort of graph or maybe even a pie chart...
  5. Still waiting to hear a response on your "huge yards" tail that was discredited above when it was pointed out that his yards per game average is 60. Where are these "huge yards" at again? I think I am going to start calling you Rose from now on man cause you see absolutely everything about your team through rose colored glasses. Is that okay, Rose?
  6. Wait? He was dominant? When? At a hot dog eating contest?
  7. LOL I think you are right about the nasal surgery. I think I dig listening to his interviews because he asks good thought out questions. I really cant stand listening to his game summaries or opinions though, just mainly his interviews.
  8. Thanks for sharing this g-dawg. It seems like Schein gets dogged quite a bit but I have always enjoyed listening to him for some reason. That was an excellent interview.
  9. Its not as simple as following the Pats model. They are the only ones that follow that model so successfully. Truthfully, I don't know how they do it. If it was a simple as just doing what they do and not overly committing to their players, wouldn't the Browns be relevant by now? They have certainly let enough of their players walk that have found success on other teams.
  10. Love me some Freeman. I watched that first Saints game with a die hard Saints buddy and it was pure joy watching Freeman destroy Byrd and the Taints.
  11. Your reading comprehension is lacking.
  12. Actually the Superbowl was a big reminder of how God is first, my family is second, and the Falcons are third. Trust me I know. This one aint getting away! I have learned my fair share in this life with regards on how to treat a lady. I know I still have a ways to go, but I think Im coming around. Even if I would have had to keep the honeymoon the way it was originally scheduled, I would never consider sacrificing any part of it to watch football.
  13. Oh she knows the reason and she is cool with it. She is a Chiefs fan that learned what its like to watch a real offense and now loves my Falcons as well. Took her to her first professional football game two seasons ago when we opened against Philly and she has been along for the ride every since. She was actually beside me when I asked myself "Gee, wonder which Falcons game is going on at that time" and realized how pissed I was at myself. She has no problem with the reschedule at all. Also, to your other points, luckily for me she is not fat and is the most amazing cook I have ever met. She loves it, is good at it, and I reap the rewards! Now, the shoes question is the one that does drive me a bit mad but I have adapted and now give my opinion rather than the generic "which ever ones you like" answer.
  14. Thanks Vandy! Will do
  15. Didn't realize summer weddings were popular at all. Summers in Kansas get pretty hot and the idea of having a wedding on a 105 degree day just doesn't sound enticing at all.