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  1. I'll tell you what, we will see what Mr. Riley is made of now. You can tell all this chatter is in his head, from hearing about it in their meetings, answering questions about it in the media, and if people really are going in on him on social media. That's a lot to handle. Wonder if he will rise or fold. I'm hoping the dude uses it as inspiration but something about him tells me this is not going to turn out well. Just his body language I guess.
  2. If it was a money league, Id be down. Just cant stay motivated if there is nothing to play for.
  3. He's been very impressive. He's been a missle all over the field.
  4. Ive never been in love with Rico but I acknowledge that he does his job better than average and this contract seems fair enough (cant have superstars at every position). I will say it is nice to see a guy work his tail off and get rewarded for it. Good for him!
  5. Life really is fragile and flies by in the blink of an eye. RIP Slappy.
  6. I think he will be a Raider personally.
  7. Its been fun watching Coleman the past several seasons. I sure hope he goes out in style in ATL, has an awesome year, wins the Superbowl, and signs a fat contract (in the AFC).
  8. Can you clarify? How did I make it seem like he is doing wrong exactly? All I said is I can't stand him.
  9. Sorry. I just can't stand him.
  10. Man I despise Cam more than anyone is all of sports, from any era. I just can not stand the dude.
  11. We haven't interacted much man but Im sorry to hear this and I hope you all the best. Stay strong.
  12. One of the first things I said after Rappaport reported the holdout was that best case scenario is he was reporting misinformation, as it wouldn't be the first time. Maybe thats what happened. Not sure if we will ever truly know but it really doesn't matter. Glad he's back.
  13. Flying Falcon complaining about the Falcons spending? Where is Alanis Moressette when you need her?
  14. Good deal considering Lewan just got 80 million.