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  1. Its actually not surprising at all. This move had been speculated about all season.
  2. Seriously? Why would anyone want that cancer on this team?
  3. Yep. Imagine if he and Spoon could have actually stayed healthy. Ahh, what could have been.
  4. I was a fan of Willy but its Keanu all day. Better at coverage, better tackler, and MUCH more durable. Willy Mo always injured.
  5. Interesting stuff PokerSteve. Thanks for this stuff.... needed something to obsess about for a little while
  6. He is not worth being paid top tier free safety money. If that's what he and his agent wants, see ya!
  7. Never heard of em.
  8. With one win in the playoffs.... a blown 28 point lead to the Colts, no TDs against Pittsburg last year, the debacle against Tennessee this year.... Any fanbase would feel jaded minus maybe the Browns. I mean, their one win in the Playoffs came against Houston with Hoyer for fugg sake.
  9. Completely agree. I will tell you Chiefs fans are growing pretty tired of Reid as well.
  10. Not saying fans are always right but the desire to see Smith go has been **** near unanimous amongst their fans. The argument you are making (about Shanahan) isn't even close to comparable because most knowledgeable fans knew that would be a progress. Fans calling for Shanny to leave are the same ones calling for Sark to leave this year who don't understand that coaching changes require patience. KC has had a lot of patience with Smith and how many playoff games has he won for them?
  11. I think Smith did have a better season statistically, sure. Ryan, and the entire offense, had a bad year. With that said, at the end of the day neither one is winning the Superbowl so does it really matter. Riddle me this, how many playoff games has Alex Smith won in KC? The answer to that might give some insight as to why KC fans are happy to see him go.
  12. Smith has been steady, that's it. I can tell you this, Chief's Nation is THRILLED to finally move on from Smith. Im right in the middle of the nation and they have been wanting him gone for years... ALL OF THEM. There's something to be said about that, don't you think?
  13. Don't forget Smith's year where Don't forget about Smith's 2014 year where he played 15 games and no KC wide receiver caught a TD all year. Mind boggling...
  14. Being married to a Chiefs fan and living in Kansas I am pretty pleased that I can finally root for the Chiefs after this trade! Couldn't do it with Smith under center.
  15. I shouldn't have watched that...