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  1. I don't get the hate on Gazoo in this thread. Some of you TATF "royalty" are no worse than school yard bullies. If you don't like what dude posts, scroll past. No need to ridicule anyone. I hope some of ya'll don't have kids cause Im sure they have inherited your self-righteous attitudes and treat others like shyt for no good reason.
  2. I don't think he is going anywhere but like I said before, I wouldn't be opposed to it if we got a good haul of picks.
  3. While I could get on board as a Falcons fan, from a Bills fan's perspective, who would be throwing Julio the ball? McCarron?
  4. Your use, of, punctuation ! makes my, head hurt...
  5. TO's probably giving Julio tips on how to be more assertive and demand the ball more in the redzone.
  6. Takk's stat line from last year doesn't look all that different from Bennett's. While I am not going to say Takk is on Bennett's level at this point, to say his potential is unknown is sort of silly. He had an excellent year last year and definitely displayed his potential.
  7. North Central Kansas. Pretty cool seeing a guy from there projected so high. Another interesting note is that Kenny Osuwah, one of the equipment managers on the team, is also a FHSU alum. Pretty cool for me to see him on the sidelines, as we went to school at the same time.
  8. Pulling for Shepard to be drafted by us, as he played at my Alma Mater.
  9. We are all dumber for clicking on your thread. Thanks OP.
  10. Oh I gotta know what this was...
  11. No need. Done plenty of research of my own to form my own opinions on these matters. Thanks for the offer though.
  12. You really need me to point out how his comment is stereotyping?
  13. Don't pretend like you know anything about me...and what you did right there, that's called stereotyping. That is all.
  14. Well if we are being honest, if he wasn't one of the TATF "elite" it would probably matter and he would be scolded by a few for it not being TATF related and because there is a thread dedicated to all free agency news. Just keeping it real.
  15. Calm down, just gotta poke at g-dawg a bit. It's not like the TATF police aren't on constant patrol anyways. Don't take everything so seriously.