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  1. That link, and every other link, shows 5 teams with worse records than us, not 6.
  2. Where are you getting 6 teams with a worse record from ?
  3. Because I need a good excuse for all the alcohol I consume.
  4. The obvious answer is Mike Vick... I would probably say Coleman or Kearney.
  5. Willing to bet Vic doesn't do a darn thing. I do expect Takk to eat though. With that said, I also expect Eli to have his best game of the season against us.
  6. Shouldn't he already be disqualified? Your title says for true Falcons fans.
  7. All year. Steelers offense is fine without Bell and Connor looks like the real deal.
  8. It's pretty apparent that Bell is not the whole Steelers offense. Their offense is doing just fine without him.
  9. Had to read the title a couple times before I understood your intent. I initially thought maybe Julio had a new nickname Julio the Fluff. Has a nice ring to it.
  10. If the Eagles are calling Buffalo asking about McCoy's availability, it certainly seems like its fairly feasible.
  11. If that is indeed the case, then my apologies for misinterpreting your post.
  12. Bro, your post was condescending in nature so don't play the victim.
  13. Did I say I was relying on it? I simply asked a question because it raised an interesting point and I wouldn't call the possibility of a trade "fantasy," as it happens all the time. Now, do you have anything to contribute or are you just looking to troll?