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  1. Well deserved and happy for both sided but I do have to ask the obvious... With 97% guaranteed at signing, what's to stop Julio from being unhappy again in a couple years and wanting more? He's done it before with a frontloaded contract. Hopefully thile contract has some fine print that mitigates that risk but still....
  2. Great news! Thank you sir!
  3. Hows Kazee? Havent seen much on him.
  4. Walsh is TERRIBLE. Not sure what the FO is thinking with this...
  5. Gazoo is going to be devastated
  6. Still trying to figure out who Stefan-Jenkins is.
  7. Sure hope he can stay healthy. We have certainly missed him.
  8. Speaking from experience on this, let it go. Even suggesting Julio is in the wrong in any way will get you crucified on this forum, especially by those that I call the AFMB "elites."
  9. Says the video is blocked. Nonetheless, I love me some Julio Jones. I admittedly was one of the folks not pleased with him during his absence from team activities last year but it didn't make me less of a fan. Dude is a stud and we are lucky to have him.
  10. Dang Yo_Lover, I didn't think you had something like this in you! Excellent write up. I would read again!
  11. OL are never "sexy" picks... That's why. I agree with you but most folks don't get excited for offensive lineman. I was hoping we would go OL with our first but never woulda guessed we would double dip. I am pumped.
  12. Right on. Definitely not a sexy pick but I am pretty stoked we are trying to keep Matt upright.
  13. Weren't you pretty pissed after round one? Thought you hated Lindstrom.
  14. Plus he grew up on a farm. There is strong, and then there is country farm strong.