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  1. Nothing I read leads me to believe this is anything more than conjecture at this point. With that said, I cant imagine folks in the front office are happy with Julio's new friendship, but I have to question if anyone has openly said that to the wetter himself.
  2. Yes it was. Hopefully we can catch some of that magic again this season.
  3. Good post. I, like many other fans, am frustrated with all of this nonsense but we will all forget about it come football season when Julio is balling out like his usual self. My frustration of this situation doesn't make me love that we have this monster any less.
  4. I would expect him to as well, as it's not an organized team activity. If he can privately workout with TO, he sure as heII can privately workout with his teammates. If he isn't there, I will truly be disappointed, as will his teammates I'm sure.
  5. Well how about this for a lie? Watch the TMZ video where the dude asked if it was about his contract and Julio said "nah, it's not about that at all." Was that a lie or did he just "change his mind?" Edit: Just read comments from others that already mentioned all this.
  6. C'mon, you cant really be serious. You really are defending him at all costs now. Changed his mind? hahaha that's funny shyt.
  7. Guess I haven't seen much of the "hate spewing vitriol" around here, rather just differing opinions posting their viewpoints. You say a bunch of people here are acting like women but you are the one posting nonsense like this in an effort to stir the pot. If there are actual posts spewing hate, they are few and far between. You are the one letting your emotions get to you bud.
  8. Um no. My work would call this a "no call, no show."
  9. Yep. We all know how good Julio is and we would probably all agree that he deserves to be the highest paid WR in the game. However, he signed his contract, got paid a shyt ton the first couple years, and now should show some d@mn character and honor the rest of it. Does he not realize this FO has a plan regarding the structuring of these contracts and how they will affect being able to sign future players? If he is demanding more money (which I hope isn't the case and have to believe it isn't), that would throw a wrench in those plans. The way this is playing out makes him look like he simply doesn't care. Whether that's the case or not, perception is reality.
  10. Completely agree. Dude already got paid and all these players know that if you sign a longer term deal, your contract will eventually pale in comparison to new deals. Its just the way it goes. Julio has literally done everything wrong here, in my opinion. He has no leverage and is hurting his team and causing a distraction. People just automatically say "pay him" but its not that simple because everyone in the league is watching this situation closely. I hope they add incentives and he gets back out there soon, otherwise this could get ugly like you said.
  11. Excellent post Hash!
  12. Kiss @ss! I have been hard on Julio throughout this entire process but I've never forgotten that he and Ryan have a long standing chemistry. With that said, it's still NEVER a good thing for the team when a star player holds out. He's setting a bad precedence for other players (since he has three years left), he's not there to help mentor our new WR, he's not there when Sark is just now (hopefully) starting to actually understand the system he is trying to implement, he's creating distraction for the team, and on and on. Anyone that tries to argue against those things is looking at this through rose colored homer glasses. Do I think we will ultimately be okay? Ya, I think so, but this whole situation has declined since the beginning and there really is no telling if it will improve any time soon. Im as big of Falcons fan as anyone here and I too just want to see success in the form of a Superbowl. Those of us being hard on Julio for the reasons mentioned above are no less educated nor any less of a fan than anyone else here.
  13. Dude, considering holding out and actually holding out are two completely different things. You are trying to clown Peyton but you are the one who looks foolish in this argument.
  14. Not reporting to voluntary team activities is NOT a hold out.
  15. Yep I remember that thread. You and I were in agreement and even having a discussion about how it would make sense to trade Julio if the compensation was right. So many people ragged on several of us about it and now all these folks out here screaming to trade him haha.