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  1. i think the falcons should wait until after the rams make there pick and if jake long is available select him. if not trade down to like 6th. with that pick select Vernon Gholston, he is a beast, throw him into mlb. then trade hall for a late first and select the best available in rb offesive lineman or defensive lineman. then in the 2nd get flacco or henne and i like Rodgers-Cromartie. after that address a saftey and either off or def line. also draft coutu from uga in the 6th or 7th round. if we dont get jake long we will need to sign or draft a good lineman also we need to sign another solid vetern to be a team leader like coleman and crump was. and let shockley start the year under center and groom flacco or henne. i say release jenkins and draft or sign a sure handed receiver to complaint fin and white. also get us a punt returner jennings just aint getting it done. we have ALOT to address and the more we can this draft the faster we get to where we want to be. but i think matt ryan isnt all everyone makes him sound. i never heard of him until the game he had against vt and had that come back. and henne has started michigan (a well known competitive team) for several years. flacco i like because of senior bowl and he wouldnt be so $$. and if we dont get a rb this year we have good backs and next year i think the runner from central florida will be available. (the one who was so close to barry sanders record) and although mcfadden is great, he is really good too.

    this is just my opinion what do yall think?

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