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  1. both 3-4 and 4-3 have there strengths and weaknesses. but during preseason no one not even the starters will play open playbook. most will be general scripted plays both offense and defense. and i think ryan will play the first 2 maybe 3 series of the first games and the last game play until 3rd quarter. I CANT WAIT!! just a few more days!!
  2. i really like joe d!!! i hope everyone is going to be alright, no doubt! its crazy they go the whole thing on tape
  3. i seen that earlier when i came home from golfing... it was a glorified tent.. what did jerry jones expect! he spent all his money on that new stadium
  4. it all starts up front.... if our line can get pressure and stop the run our DB can be ball sharks and lb can roam. if our front 4 gets pressure our lbs and DBs will all have probowl type yrs so yes i love the jerry pick!!
  5. this makes me feel great about our D line, the one thing i was so worried coming into the draft was our Dline and now after what we drafted, and hearing chucky im confident we will be great
  6. as long as the stat numbers r good im cool with whatever # they wear
  7. i heard about him i think he is going to be a special teams guy
  8. i see your point with taylor but i disagree i think with the new addition of jerry, having lewis and babs our interior is going to be lights out. with abe working one side and JA98 and davis rotating on the other and we have beriman and sid as rotational guys i think our line is going to ok this yr and if JA98 plays up to par we will have a great line and can do some great things with our scheme with the talent we already have. i could only see us making a move for Taylor if someone was hurt and he was a one or two yr short term fix but i dont see that happening. we are building something patience is the key!!
  9. good read, i thought about hill from Seattle but he would ask for $$ and we can use that to get other players but we do need another quality starting LB, im all for SN, wire, MP and lofton but i think SN, wire are all fill in, rotational type players wire did great for us last yr and i think SN will do good this yr for us but i still would like to see another pro bowl caliber LB with lofton. MP is a short term answer to a long term problem. hill would be a guaranteed starter. if we added hill could you imagine how many potential pro bowlers we could have abe, lofton, moore, jerry, houston and coleman. i think if JA98 played to expectations he could be too and if we got hill he could be too.
  10. he is a solid player but a 3-4 style LB dont see him fitting a 4-3 scheme, regardless the team... maybe a good pick for the packers being as thou they are changing to a 3-4 and he knows the D and could help aj hawk and others mature into the new scheme
  11. well we did draft 2 but hood is game ready the two of them arent. i would pick him up for a leadership role and maybe for a yr or two would be a good pick..
  12. i like it! i dont know if abe will like being in a 3-4 again being he hated the jets... but i see lewis rotating with jerry
  13. i like jerry alot, hope he does well for us!! but did you hear who his favorite team "was"? the dallas cowboys!! man i hate them! but he said he is now a falcon fan lol
  14. we are addressing our needs one by one.. next should be a LB then prob OL
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