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  1. That's the main problem, we can't play our game. we like to use the run to set up play action an vise versa , we have no running game, we are out of balance badly.
  2. Hmm (closes eyes) I wish we win out rest season...... a guy can try lol
  3. I think ur D would improve if we took the zone part of our playbook rip it out pour lighter fluid on it an set it on fire. Seems we always get burned in zone coverage. Here is a scheme i'd do on 2nd and long or 3rd. 4-2-5. 4 dlineman, 2 Lbs. 2cbs, 3 safety's . Tru and Alford cbs, move Asanta to Safety an move Moore up near the line. either rush 2lbs. or just one. one lb cover rb, moore cover tightend cbs man2man with safety help.
  4. Is he active for this game?? I want to see what the kid can do.
  5. DeCoud is incapable of being physical period. lol
  6. Funny how I posted this 2 weeks ago about our Defense,only to be meet with It's all the offenses fault. Not sure how much is the coaching, or just the sad fact we don't have players on Defense that are worth a crap. since in 5yrs none have stepped up.
  7. Not gona happen. sure he wants to start and we have our starter no matter how much most you ppl hate him.
  8. Poor Defense,ie: no pass rush still,too many missed plays, look lost at times. Offense rezone death, no runs, no screens,no play action inside the 30yd line. What I'd love to see: Defense more 5,6 man blitzes, bump an run corners, (screw the 15yd cushion) Offense, more 2TE sets, toss sweeps,screens to RB,FB, (screw the WR screen,never gets anywhere).Play action, quick slants. Monday night I hope we try to run it down their throat, an not give up on it so qucikly. stop tring to run up the **** middle with Quizz!!! toss sweeps, shuttle passes. pound it with Snelling.
  9. An ya'll will still be swamp rats..(Crappy old stadium..an just as Historically bad) so go slither back into the swamp.
  10. Ghostpopi


    Wonder if Jags wishing they got Tebow.. lol man they bad.
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