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  1. Finally, after years and years of having this so-called Falcons Filter gloom over our franchise preventing us from signing highly skilled players (Like Owens in 04) because of off-field characters issues, we have proven that ONLY talent matters, and not what surrounds players in the media. If you're good, you're good. This, my friends, will be the steal of the draft!
  2. Julio was one of the few reasons to keep on watching. This is just sad.
  3. This blows. Season was over, but I wanted Julio to pad stats. He would have had 100 catches this year with 1400 yards.
  4. One of the major problems of the last 5 years was drafting. Yeah, we got Julio. But we also get busts like Jerry and Baker.
  5. good. Boycotting actually being there is always a good thing. Otherwise, it tells the awful management that we are content with being terrible.
  6. What a joke. I thought this was a Murlarky thing with the leash on Ryan. It's an absolute joke that we don't go down field more like last year. I'm sick of 2 and 3 yard screens and outs. The dumb Julio screen works once every 5 games. The last drive pass to Douglas never works. The dump off to Snelling never work. Start throwing the ball down field. 10+ yards not 3 yards.
  7. The old man is pure garbage. He can't even make wide open catches anymore. Release him and get cap space to sign lloyd
  8. So DeCoud is the whipping boy at the moment? LOL! You people are hilarious. He was loved by 90% of you last season. Next week it'll be Moore. The following week it'll be Jerry etc... shall we start taking polls trying to predict it?
  9. Coulda woulda shoulda he says... I bet the Niners fans wish they could say that after getting embarrassed the past two weeks. They should be more worried then us. And yes, this isn't supposed to be about the Nines, but I'm comparing the Falcons to the Niners and Packers because we're all the same caliber type teams. None of these three 1-2 teams are truly 1-2 teams.
  10. The Falcons could just as easily be 3-0. Can the same be said for the other two teams? My point is that our problems are fixable. It's not the end of the world and certainly not the end of the season. We beat ourselves in losses. It's still too early to say "the season is over" and overreact worse than that. No one is getting fired. No one is getting benched. It's still very, very early. Lose hope all you want, but don't prematurely say the season is over. Save that until the next two games are in the books when we head into the BYE. Don't panic yet. We can beat the Pats (who've looked awful at times) and Jets. Well, we have to beat them.
  11. The D played well. Douglas' fumble was the game changer. The offense failing to score touchdowns and do anything in the red zone is what beats us every week. As much as I want to fault Bryant for missing a field goal, we shouldn't be settling for field goals every possession. So much for the high-powered offense that can't score TDs
  12. I just have those home expectations if you know what I mean. Obviously, the theory of any given Sunday is always in effect. But the Falcons, at home, are near unbeatable. I expect to go 8-0 at home every year no matter who the opponents are. The Rams are young but aren't quite there yet. I really think our defense has a field day against them. We did pretty well against the run on Sunday. The pass D held their own against Brees and I expect the same against Bradford. Tavon Austin should be a real test for Trufant and/or Alford. It's an intriguing matchup. Honestly, I'm more worried about the offense, in particular, the O-Line and how they respond after a brutal outing. Ryan seems to have faith in them because he always stays in the pocket long enough to get sacked. I'm sure he's given them an earful today. I'm sure if the Falcons don't win by 10+ half the people on these forums will be in a bad mood. I'll take the Falcons -7.
  13. Jerry and Dent are woeful. Does Nicholas even do anything either? Come on now.
  14. I still don't understand the pathetic time management at the end there. Why call a timeout with 55 seconds instead of 25? And the play calling? Awful. Keep doing those 2 yard screens though, they really work.
  15. This is it. Can the offense make up for everything now when it matters the most?
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