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  1. anyone else see this? He said a whole lot more as well. http://twitter.com/johnabraham55 I love Abe! What was his sudden urge to say this though
  2. lol your posting scouting reports *right after he was drafted* well, hate to break it to ya but that was about 5 years ago and he isn't even in the league anymore LOLOLOLOL. I'd rather have Doug Johnson come back and be my teams backup than that awful scrub Russell.
  3. SEattles defense > Atlantas defense give me there corners any day of the week over our soft 10 yard coverage
  4. saints didnt win the superbowl goodell did for em.. that ****in city should be sunk under water with all the population dead... ****in poor ****** dont deserve life that whole city should be full of dead bodies in a pool
  5. i agree. fire mularky and hire mcdaniels
  6. he can but its about the supporting cast.. he will never win a superbowl with no defense like the no defense we have now
  7. here we go blaming the coordinators again... we have no defense you fool.. our players BLOW.
  8. Dunta blows I never supported him. Waste of money. I'm a realist idiot u cant fool me
  9. We will never be taken seriously with a practice squad players on defense end thread/
  10. we are pathetic... u idiots that said we didnt need asomugha are ******* dumb idiots. our d is a disgrace
  11. another broken tackle.. embarassing.. we are not a big staged team and will never be with ****** defense..
  12. defense... *******... BLOWS. Can't sack a **** thing. Abe is overrated
  13. wow... our defense is ******* beyond terrible this is actually embarassing... a playof team with this joke d?
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