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  1. Yea, thats mine too. I was traumatized when I went there in '06! I'll never go back. I was there for Bush's first NFL TD, And that place went crazy with that retarted "who day" chant. Anyone who has been around the Falcons for a while will probably say the Saints. Bush or not.
  2. Jerry Rice Ran a 4.6, and I have never seen him get caught from behind. Infact, I have never seen anyone get close to him. I think Michael Irvin said it best, prior to the draft. He was not known for being fast, but he breaks and cuts were fast. When he made his cuts, the DB was still running in straight coverage.
  3. It doesn't really matter. He may run a 4.77 40 and may run a 6.5 60. As long as he moves well left to right.
  4. That is life Young Jeezy. You are always going to be compared to someone that came before you. They do it in every profession. Get over it. the more you compare someone, the more expectation there will be to play like that person..people comparing matt ryan to a little bit of peyton manning, a little bit of tom brady, a little bit of big ben..that means we should have a great QB that makes probowl his first 5 years, win superbowls first 5 years, and has career numbers..its not right to put rookies in that form of expectation. Let's be honest. He has the decision making of a Peyton Manning, with the leadership and attitude of Manning and Brady. He is also sor tof a raw talent, as is Big Ben. He may not run a 4.2 40, but he can move.
  5. That is life Young Jeezy. You are always going to be compared to someone that came before you. They do it in every profession. Get over it.
  6. The Celtics will not win it all. I doubt if they will win the East. They do have the Refs on their side. Even the one that KG pushed, and nothing was done about it.
  7. Gentry, you have many others ways if you are trying to get your post count higher.
  8. First off, I am black. A normal black guy, not the Bryant Gumbel type. I support Matt Ryan, and think that he will be a great leader. Black people are not turning on the Falcons because of a white QB is now in town. You still have some fans that are just Vick fans. You have some that are upset that we didn't pick Glenn Dorsey. People talk trash about the team that they like, when things do go the way they want them to. Come time for the season, if they are real fans; they will be there. I was also fond of Mike Vick. I like his style of play. Matt Ryan has some the those qualities. He will not sit there and take a sack. You will love this guy, I promise you that. One Love.
  9. I would as an OC. He had a remarkable offense with the Vikings. We don't have Moss and Carter, but with our core of receivers. I think that we could be just as good. Cunningham is nowhere near the passer that Matt Ryan will be.
  10. I heard that Ryan wanted a new number. All of this garbage about Jenkins needs to be cut, and we have Adam Jennings on this team. People, be real for once.
  11. You have proven yourself to me when you said that you are happy to be an Atlanta Falcon.
  12. You would die if Vick is not in the subject of any of your post.
  13. How about Matt Mutha******* Ryan? That's what I called Joe Johnson after the Hawks victory lasnite.
  14. I don't like this comparison. Its just wrong and in a way disrespectful. Maybe he can blow up other's offenses for us.
  15. Is this the best that you can do? You have no balls. You just Co-Signs to things that others say.
  16. I don't know now. He is from the Philly area. Then he went the college in Boston. Those two very urban areas.
  17. heretic I thought that you were better than that. You have stooped to a very low level.
  18. I really like this guy. He can't cover well, but he will leave you laying on the turf. If Roy Williams (Dallas) can make it, then so can Nick Turnbull.
  19. One problem people are beginning to have around here is: You think that every player that we get should be the next superstar. You will not have two Jerry Rice type receivers on one team. John Taylor did pretty good. Welker is working well with Moss. You don't have to be the number one player.
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