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  1. Just think, Falcons fans may have to still give Petrino some credit under the scrutiny of leaving. No Petrino, no Redman, Renardo Foster, or Kurt Quarterman. One starter (certainly a capable backup) and possibly two (Foster down the road) and a depth player (Quarterman) on the OL. Experience is the context of thought here.
  2. The Vick era was already over. If that was Blank's rationale then he really has no idea how to build a team. NE always starts in the trenches first. Brady wasn't even a first round pick.
  3. Give me another 'Face' of the franchise that won't be available until next year, says Arthur. We did not compensate the loss of Coleman by picking another DT or MLB. Huge mistake IMO.
  4. That's why you see him coming on the 2 Live Stews rather than the other programs on the same station. You have to be respectful to the people you want to interview at least before interviewing them. Some sports radio personalities believe they can say anything about anyone and still that person should be eager to come on their show. That's why they spend more time talking and spouting their opinions to others while the 2 Live Stews get more interviews and have taken their originally local show to a national stage. Who's really smarter?
  5. No team except a dumb team would pay a player to sit on the bench and then "franchise" them and pay top dollar next year to do the same. Besides, Hall can void his 2009 contract so they only have 1 year of leverage, not 2.
  6. There was a trade in the works, but Hall played hardball and struck out. What spin. Obviously D Hall is in the cat-bird seat and dictating the terms. Teams are trying to strike a deal with him. All he has to do it make it difficult until he is traded to a team that he wants to be on. What does he have to lose? Nothing. He can sign with anyone as a free agent next year if no deal is reached with potential suitors this year. The Falcons are the ones paying the price because every team that would want him wants a long-term deal in place first. The Raiders are trying to rebuild and simply
  7. I think the fact that he got a sack against Long should worry some. Gholston left before his senior season. It would look better for Long had he not given up "ANY" sacks to Gholston. It just proves that Gholston will be an impact player for someone if he lines up at DE. If it's linebacker, that may marginalize him. I believe Gholston did not get any sacks against LSU, but I could be wrong. I'll have to go watch the game again.
  8. It's looking more and more like D Hall will be moved during the draft. The one thing that played out as it should have is that he should have been the last player to move since he is the most valuable player left on this team. I'm pleased the organization waited to feel out maximum value for this player before pulling the trigger. Your thoughts?
  9. Just to clarify, did you mean the defense that ranked 42nd in the nation in points allowed, the defense that ranked 47th in yards allowed, or the defense that ranked 200th in passing yards allowed? :P then, there is the passing offense that ranked 10th in the nation w/ no name WRs that was complimented by the 218th ranked rushing offense in the nation...... Your argument speaks in favor of the Hawaii QB as well.
  10. Totally agreed. And this stamp of agreement is coming from an LSU fan.
  11. C. Long, J. Long, Ellis, or Gholston.I hope we can get gholston even tho people cry "well we have abe " Gholston can play different positions and we all know how injury prone abe is. I hope we can trade hall ( I like hall but if he wants to leave then goodbye) and get another first round pick. Pick up a OT in the later first round and then go on from there. I do believe Vernon Gholston will be one of the steals of the draft. This guy brings a lot of pressure and I was very impressed with him against LSU. He consistently pushed the tackle into the backfield. This guy has an "aggressive" tra
  12. That's incredible! When McFadden goes against an elite defense, gets zero help from his oline, and doesn't have a qb to take the pressure off him, he doesn't do well. Clearly AD would never do that....oh wait...I remember a certain NC game against USC...hmm.... There isn't a back in the league that's going to do well with terrible runblocking, no passing threat, against an elite defense...not AD...not LT....no one. Actually, in 2005 McFadden had 13 carries for 88 yards against that USC defense which means he averaged 6.8 yards per carry. In 2006, he had 9 carries for 42 yards which was 4.7
  13. How about a few more critical sacks and run stops in the 4th quarter to go along with the TD culture change.
  14. Peyton Manning's career at UT in perspective: Year Attempts Comp. Comp % Yards INT TD's 1994 144 89 61.8 1141 6 11 1995 380 244 64.2 2954 4 22 1996 380 243 63.9 3287 12 20 1997 477 287 60.37 3819 11 37 Total 1354 851 62.85 11201 33 90* I wouldn't go complaining about 37 TDs to 11 ints in his senior campaign. He threw for 6 more TDs and 8 less ints as a senior. That's significant especially in the SEC versus ACC. Even if you consider 57 TDs to 23 ints versus 46 TDs to 29 ints in the two year period you brought up. I would say 11 more TDs during that period is more significant as well
  15. Hall's issue was that he did not have good safeties behind him nor a quality middle linebacker in front of him. Milloy was well beyond his prime and crafty but did not possess the speed and athleticism needed to match his football smarts at this point in his career. When he goes to a team with better safety play, you will begin hearing more about him throughout the league. We've patchworked the safety, middle linebacker and defensive tackle positions for many years now. To be totally honest, we're still trying to get by with a less than stellar running back performance. Face it 11 TDs by
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