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  1. Def a ? But this does give Takk his chance to shine
  2. Ok i couldnt tell he was blocked into i thought a Packer just went down and smashed him and there was no call i was like wth?
  3. Was there not a punt that our returner called fair catch on and got the crap knocked out of em? What did i miss on that play that there was no flag?
  4. Idk man by the time Vic went down we already had a big enough lead to run clock so we were allowing Rodgers the underneath in bound stuff. Freeney would be a great mentor for Tak tho
  5. Basically the announcing was this "Atlanta should have done this in the Super Bowl. I love the way Aaron Rodgers semen tastes"
  6. I live in Texas and work with 2 Packers fans
  7. Idk man, they have sucked ever since they fired Brown, i dont think they have finished a season in the top 25 since.
  8. Premature firing of Phil Fulmer in Tennessee and premature firing of Mac Brown in Texas, both programs have suffered since.
  9. Game ia down to the wire, TX playing like this IS the BCS Title
  10. Trojans score first TD but refs missed a defensive PI early on on 3rd down in favor of USC
  11. First time these teams have faced each other since the 2005 title game
  12. Running the read option with that new QB is stupid as ****, i mean yes he has athletic ability but hes not Josh freakin Dobbs.
  13. They sure did
  14. 1 lunatic 1 ice pick is even worse but neither one will compare to what Alabama is gonna do to Tennessee
  15. Being a Tennessee fan makes me a saaaaad panda