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  1. The John Gruden rumors have already began....
  2. Tennessee opened the season showing promise against GA Tech and have been emotionally derailed after the Florida game, barely beatin an 0-4 UMASS team and getting destroyed by Georgia, if im not mistaken Alabama is next which will be another curb stomping. I would be surprised if Jones finishes the season and poor Dormandy is getting so much blame placed on his shoulders i believe i would transfer schools. Will most likely be no bowl bid for Rocky Top this year.
  3. I think so too, I really hope if its Bama we kick their azzes twice! Much rather play against A&M BC that's the team I root for in the west, hopefully us and them beat Bama
  4. Will Tennessee get their **** together next Saturday?
  5. I think Tennessee has a great shot at winning the east this year.
  6. lol dude gonna go to the Saints and ball out like Lofton did.
  7. I am very disapointed with this cut, if Quinn brought in the right pieces of the puzzle Mass could have been a very solid pass rusher for us. He will go somewhere else and be a solid player.
  8. i totally did NOT expect this to reach 11 pages
  9. our offensive line isnt good enough for Murray, Dallas blocks well and thats why he is so good plus he has injury and fumble issues
  10. Yall already know how against signing old RBs I am but if Lynch comes with Quinn i might not complain too much, wouldn't mind cutting Quizz and Jax and resigning Smith and keeping Freeman of course and then If TJ Yeldon is there in the second or third ring bring him in. That would give us some much needed depth at RB with Lynch taking the majority of the carries with Freeman/Smith coming in on passing situations with Yeldon getting some touches as well if we are able to get him.
  11. i dont think its really that differant personally, "passing defense coach"- secondary coach, "running defense coach"-linebacker coach. I could see Quinn calling the defenses on game day and letting Matt Ryan Peyton Manning it on offense.
  12. this is going to sound really nuts but sometimes i will go on these drunken partying binges for sometimes a month at a time but when i return to the weight room im stronger than i was before
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