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  1. That sux, Titans had a good season
  2. Thats Angry Grandpa, he has a youtube full of him destroying things, thats all staged for sure. He must get good money off of it bc hes always destroying TVs and Xboxes and Playstations
  3. Yea this is true, the Patriots have the largest "fan base" in the leage but we all know its a bandwagon. Althougha lot of football fans want to see some new teams, which means if its Vikings-Jags true football fans will watch, if the Pats are back then the bandwagon will tune in but between anthem protests and the Patriots the NFL will drop ratings by football fans if the Pats do indeed get in, i think new faces higher ratings plus the gimmick of "first home Super Bowl"
  4. The refs will likely favor the Pats and Eagles next week but here is the thing, outside of the "who is Drew Bledsoe?" New England "fan base" No body wants to see another Patriots Super Bowl, i think Vikes vs Jags gets better ratings than Eagles vs Pats. Everyone besides Patriot band wagon...i mean "fans" hate the Patriots
  5. Aikman sits up in the booth and kisses their azz all day too "oh thats a good no call, oh he grabbed the receiver by the face mask and threw him down but i dont see a penalty there" Classless organization. Sux Kamara went there, loved him at Tennessee.
  6. Have a little fun dude. Yes we lost the biggest lead in Super Bowl history, it is what it is.
  7. Lol i gotta commend the guy for that, kudos to you Gleason even if you are a dirty Saint and for that I forgive you.
  8. Fun fact: Our 28-3 collapse was started by 3 defensive holding calls on stopped third downs for Robert Alford playing the same way Lattimore gets praised for.....yet the Saints lost in 10 seconds.
  9. 28-3? How about 24-29
  10. Alford had to rexamine him self for playing like even cost us the SUPER BOWL yet "Lattimore is a great corner" 28-3 started with 3 third down stops in a row followed by "holding #23 defense"
  11. I know that one hurt for Saints fans but it felt good for Vikings and Falcons fans!
  12. 28-3 means dont post BS like this
  13. He holds the receiver on every single play and rarely gets flagged. Alford would get flagged every single time if he played like Lattimore. Dude is straight garbage, tackeling receivers dont make u a Pro Bowl
  14. Which side will the refs be on in the SB, the Pats or Saints?
  15. Vikings trying to pull a Falcons tonight?