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  1. I know it sucked for us at the time but looking back, him getting busted for the dog thing turned out to be great for both him and us. We got Ryan, multiple winning seasons, and a conference Championship as the last game at the GA Dome. For Mike it humbled him as a person and he had to forget about being a super star and realize he was still a human being. If only payers like Manzel would have learned from Mike.
  2. The John Gruden rumors have already began....
  3. "Oh Chaz Green gonna be blocking for me? Yea imma go ahead amd take the suspension"
  4. Unacceptable, he needs 12 sacks against the Seachickens.
  5. Im assuming u dont watch the games and just look at stats?
  6. I know he missed a couple tackles yesterday but i must say Reed has continued to be solid for us, he didnt get the Glory that Clay got but dude was in that back field just as often. Reed never gets no love around here but fact is the dude has been solid since the day we signed him.
  7. I mean, to get into the playoffs were going to need to be 12-4 to 10-6 and to accomplish that being 5-4, we would go into the playoffs on a hot streak, if we finish 10-6 we cant afford for those losses ro be against the Saints or Panthers. At this point anything can happen.
  8. I mean i dont get how we lose to the Dolphins thats getting their azzes handed to them tonight by a team we were one Julio Jones drop away from beating. Dam Falcons are like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde all the time. And we also play to our competiton (except against Tom Brady who seems to have our number)
  9. Im afraid we need to win out to win the divison, not likely but possible.
  10. Ha! Good reason as to why Aikman possibly does bash the boys, maybe hes tired of the Boys being the game of the week every week. In regards to him saying their LT needed some help....well he kind of dead, Clayborn abused him worse than Zeke and Ray Rice in an elevator with girls
  11. Guess Aikman hates the Falcons more than the Cowboys, in most Cowboy games he calls he bashes the Cowboys, there is some kind of behind the scenes bad blood between him and Jerry i think.
  12. Dan Quinn was part of the stafd in both games
  13. Wasnt 2014 the year the Broncos got pounded by Seattle in the Super Bowl then rebounded to win in 2015? Wait nvm, it was Seatlle and NE in 2014 when they ran possibly the stupidest play call in SB history.
  14. I know Zeke is in a league of his own but at the end of the day Dallae has the best run blocking OL in football and Alfred Morris aint no push over, if Garret wanted to abandon the running game against is bc of Zeke than all we did was beat a moron but at thre end of the day Zeke got 8 total yards against Denver.
  15. I mean i would have too and i would have enjoyed this game more if we had a 24-7 lead against Zeke but it is what it is and as a fan who lives in Dallas i know that Morris is no push over