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  1. Our D line looks freaking athletic
  2. Because second place is the first loser
  3. The Falcons gonna tear teams up all season like I do on Madden with em. BET THAT!
  4. Since Roddy and Vick are retiring together maybe Reeves and Smitty can retire together
  5. In 2007 I hated Michael Vick. Hated him for what he did to us. Hated him for what he did to those dogs. He served his time and he changed. He put the Falcons Falls on the map. I forgive Vick. He deserves this.
  6. Ha! Never thought of that. Who is Mularkey coaching?
  7. I know we did but I say we were out played because our team was exhausted and that feel right into the Eagles game plan and they continued to wear us down
  8. A lot of people like to bring up Cam's success a long with his now Super Bowl Hangover but I wanted to point out one difference (and as a Falcons fan and SEC fan I have seen Cam play A LOT of games) We proved in 2015 that if you pressure Cam and hit he gets completely off point and once he's rattled he starts pointing at teammates and begging refs for flags. When he's on he's on but when he's off he's garbage. That his entire career, that's team blue print, hit Cam beat the Panthers. Matt Ryan has stood and delivered his whole career. Dude has missed 2 games in 8 years. Ryan always places blame on his self never his teammates. Im guilty of judging Ryan for throwing mindless interceptions but how do we now the receiver ran the route wrong and Matt threw to where he was supposed to be but he wasn't there. Matt still says "my fault" I think we have a much better leader in our QB and Its highly unlikely we go back to the Super Bowl I'm willing to bet we don't go 6-10
  9. Bucs, Seahawks, Cheifs, Eagles. CHARGERS is the game I forgot, probably because we should have won it. Looking back the Eagles game was he only game we were really out played, we had a chance to win every single one of those other games of course our defense wasn't that good yet in all of those games, turning point was after the Chiefs game. I hope Quinn still reigns the defense this year
  10. I read an article earlier that basically says we're sticking to the same system and Sarks has to we'll see how that goes.
  11. I know it's highly unlikely and not going to happen but this 12-4 conference champion team who I projected to be between 7-9 and 10-6, that the "experts" expected 5-11 has only gotten better over the off season and I know it's most likely not happening but imagine if we went 19-0, beating the Patriots twice. Talk about redemption, 28-3 would be forever forgotten and 19-0 would describe the Falcons. It would make 18-1 that much sweeter. I know it's probably not happening but as much as this team has improved it's also not impossible.
  12. 91, 98, 08-12, The Vick experience, I hope now is the time bc we have played this game before :/