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  1. Posted by Josh Alper on February 21, 2018, 1:12 PM EST Stephen Nicholas found himself facing the Buccaneers often during his seven years as a linebacker with the Falcons, but now he’ll be on the other side of the NFC South rivalry. The Buccaneers announced on Wednesday that Nicholas has been hired as the team’s defensive quality control coach. Dave Borgonzi spent the previous four years in that job before moving on to become the Colts’ linebackers coach this offseason. Nicholas has been in the same job at USF, where he went to college, for the last three years and worked with the Bucs last spring as part of the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship. Nicholas had 378 tackles, eight sacks, five forced fumbles and two interceptions in 101 games for the Falcons between 2007 and 2013.
  2. Posted by Josh Alper on February 19, 2018, 10:13 AM EST The last time wide receiver Taylor Gabriel changed teams, he didn’t have a say in where he wound up. That worked out pretty well for him. Gabriel was claimed by the Falcons in September 2016 after being cut by the Browns and went on to score seven touchdowns on 39 offensive touches during the regular season. He showed more splash play ability with nine catches for 171 yards during a playoff run that ended with an overtime Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. Gabriel is appreciative of the chance that he got with the Falcons, but he’s now headed for free agency and knows that it may be time to move on once again. “I love the Falcons but, like I always say, it’s a business, man,” Gabriel said, via “You never know what’s going on upstairs and things like that. But I love the Falcons. I’m very grateful for the opportunity that they gave me. Going to a Super Bowl with those guys in that locker room, the brotherhood and being a part of that, that’s a blessing, man. That’s why I said I want to be a Falcon forever. That’s something special. That’s something that you don’t get going from team to team. And that’s a brotherhood that I’ll forever, forever remember if I’m with them or if I’m not with them.” Gabriel’s production took the same turn as the rest of the Falcons offense in 2017. He dropped to one touchdown on 41 touches and saw his average gain per catch drop by five yards as Atlanta came back to Earth under new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. Memories of the impact he had in 2016 will likely spur interest on the open market, although the streaky nature of Gabriel’s overall NFL career will probably keep anyone from breaking the bank for his services.
  3. that and they just signed amerson.
  4. omg, could you imagine how many super bowls we could win if those two were starting here?
  5. dump ryan and sign aj mccarron. super bowl!
  6. not sure where you get no one is concerned about it. i have seen plenty of people mention getting a wr in the draft, i have even seen a few mention 1 rd, which i don't see happening.
  7. so that is why you are so happy to post this.
  8. stopped reading right about there.
  9. happy bday.
  10. pass. he has missed 41 games in 5 years.
  11. he told the cowboys to ''come get him, when seattle kicks him to the curb". he grew up in texas and like most kids dreamed of playing for the cowboys.
  12. i hate when my rb coach is loose.
  13. right but at 6 mil? little much imo.
  14. he had 1 good year in 2015 with 13 tds. his tds by season? 2,0,13,5,0. hard to get in the endzone when you aren't on the field.
  15. there is a problem though, he has proven he can't stay healthy. he has never played a 16 game season.