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  1. how did that work out for ya?
  2. i won't be mad. we would have a nice rotation with grady, senat and crawford.
  3. if he is willing to sign cheap, in more of a rotational/mentor role.
  4. seeing as matt and some of the older key pieces know the system, i have no doubt we can bounce back if we manage to stay healthy.
  5. you might want to look in the mirror.
  6. still mad about james stone?
  7. crawford has been a pleasant surprise this year.
  8. if a record setting season is the standard, then we have had plenty of non nfl ready OC's.
  9. where do we go? to the top 5!
  10. doubt we get high enough, take baby bosa and let vic walk. bosa and takk be a nice pair of ends for the next few years.
  11. just obvious trolling.