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  1. can we just pin this **** so that it stops getting posted?
  2. enjoy the day.
  3. The threat of a lengthy holdout is gone, and Allen should be present at training camp. By Matthew Chambers@FalcoholicMatt Jun 11, 2018, 1:11pm EDT The Atlanta Falcons have had a few players itching to get paid, and so far, Matt Ryan has been the only notable extension this offseason. Julio Jones is quietly (?) staying away from OTAs to let the team knows he wants a little more cash. Ricardo Allen, starting safety, has been slow to sign his second-round tender with the team. These situations can turn into a huge headache sometimes, but per ESPN’s Vaughn McClure, this won’t be one of those times. Vaughn notes that the Falcons could extend Allen on a multi-year deal before the start of the season. The team certainly has some cap space, but popular opinion has been that Allen leaves in free agency while the team tries to keep a number of great players, and also Jake Matthews. It does not help that Atlanta has hard-hitting Damontae Kazee waiting in the wings. Allen has been instrumental in Atlanta’s defensive turnaround, and has quietly become of the league’s best young safeties. His future is certainly clouded with a wonky safety market this offseason, but a stand-out season should help his case for a huge deal next year. He comes in at a very reasonable $2.9 million.
  4. glad to see i didn't miss much this week.
  5. considering he took time to go to a charity event, pretty classless by the panthers. i guess that is what happens when your owner is classless and forced to sell.
  6. i don't know how some of you make through life if your panties get so sandy over an OC.
  7. On Wednesday, Richie Incognito was reportedly detained for an involuntary mental evaluation after being accused of throwing tennis balls and a dumbbell at another person at a Boca Raton, Florida gym. The police reports of the incident were made public on Thursday and point to more trouble for the former former Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins offensive lineman. Report: Incognito thought he was an NSA agent Per CBS Sports, which obtained the reports, Incognito told police when they arrived that he believed he was an NSA agent. “There’s a guy walking around with headphones on,” Incognito reportedly said. “I’m running NSA class level 3 documents through my phone. I can’t have anybody in bluetooth capability of me or taking pictures of me.” CBS Sports reports that Incognito then told police that he couldn’t disclose information about his phone because they didn’t have “high enough clearance.” Police: Incognito was in “altered, paranoid state” The police report stated that “investigations revealed that Incognito was suffering an altered, paranoid state and believed ordinary citizens were government officials that were tracking him and recording him.” Incognito told police that he had taken a supplement called Shroom Tech — a real thing — before going to the gym. The makers of Shroom Tech touted the product’s safety on Twitter, adding, “We don’t know Richie, but we hope he feels better soon.” Police responded to the incident when the man allegedly targeted by Incognito called 911. Per the CBS Sports account of the 911 call: Police detained, but did not arrest Incognito using Florida’s Baker Act, which allows officials to hold a person for psychiatric evaluation “who is in danger of becoming a harm to self, harm to others.” The Bills recently granted Incognito’s request for release, leaving the 34-year-old on the free agent market. He said in April he intended to retire before deciding he wanted to play again. The four-time Pro Bowler had a career resurgence in Buffalo after being suspended for a year by the Dolphins for his role in the bullying scandal involving Jonathan Martin while in Miami.
  8. stop televising the anthem. pretty simple solution. it is not like those at home demand silence and stand.
  9. we could hope.
  10. so do you have the ability to start a thread on something other than sark?
  11. no
  12. wow, big man can move @ 4.6 and 316.