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  1. I think the star ranking system is flawed. Look at henry high QB ,who is an 2009 prospect. He threw for 3,300 yards and 41 td's and 4 rushing tds 6'6 240 and good arm. The only offer he has to my knowledge is the GT offer wich they took back with the coaching change. what gives?
  2. i played against harry and his brother tony when he played at jonesboro high. Its amazing he has been able to compete at such a high level at his size. he has great hands and is hard to tackle when he gets moving. Hopefully he will continue his sucess with the falcs
  3. lets hope boston comes down with dysentary or something go hawks
  4. im not sure if thomas brown (UGA) will get drafted but he could be a good back up if we decide to deal norwood in the future
  5. hey sac did my boy chris jackson get any action?
  6. i hope its turner, we need him to be our MVP this year with our Qb situation and everything else. The pressure is on for him to come in and be the guy
  7. we could deffinetly use braxton's speed, he is a true burner. And i would LOVE to see jamal in a UGA uniform. Hopefulley, if he doesnt get an offer, he will have a standout year as a number 1 target for drew little at henry county.
  8. dear Jp7833, please take your sig down....it sucks
  9. all right people lets be nice:P. I am a huge stafford fan but he is a little inconsistent at times. seems to be a little to in love with his arm. i think this is his year though, when he will but 4 quarters together through out the season.
  10. freaking awsome! sac your the bomb! stafford does look a little leaner and more toned
  11. the draft is deep in the second round with players that are going to be stars. anything in the first we are overpaying for a namebrand college player
  12. if i had to choose between the 2 i would take flacco just becuase his size and arm. I think flacco has a more potential.
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