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    Gnorts reacted to thanat0s in Pitts stats for 2021 guessing game.   
    First of all, you should be asking the profesionals, not the experts,  because their advice can’t be beet, buuut…
    Arriving at those numbers was all very scientific, btw. 
    PS- I skipped targets
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    Gnorts reacted to dodge_birds_fan in Pitts stats for 2021 guessing game.   
    All Madden stats: 357/10986/1589/358
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    Gnorts reacted to The Architect in Pitts stats for 2021 guessing game.   
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    Gnorts reacted to JD dirtybird21 in Pitts stats for 2021 guessing game.   
    I'll go 83 REC, 950 yards, 13 TD's, yes, I went there on the 13. 
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    Gnorts reacted to JayOzOne in Pitts stats for 2021 guessing game.   
    I think he'll see most of his action at TE. Between him and Ridley, Hurst and Gage, I expect the targets to be split fairly even. I'll bet the number of targets go in order of Ridley, Gage, Pitts, Hurst.
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    Gnorts reacted to ya_boi_j in Pitts stats for 2021 guessing game.   
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    Gnorts reacted to jidady in Move to the 3rd ( 2 picks) or 4th Round (3 picks)   
    You said "With 2 4th rounders, they can even move to the high  3rd round again," but wasting picks for round four is even worse. We're sitting pretty at #108 and #114. Then, we can roll the dice three times in the fifth. It's the perfect draft for our current draft positioning.
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    Gnorts reacted to g-dawg in Schultz: Debates about Falcons’ draft and why trading top pick is a viable option - The Athletic   
    The “yeah but he’s a Tight End” thing doesn’t wash with me.
    Moreover the Kelce’s and Kittle’s of the world would have been Top 5 picks had the scouting community really understood how good they were going to be.
    Elite Tight Ends are weapons now.
    85+ receptions 
    1,200+ yards
    9+ TDs
    is worthy of a Top 5 pick.
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    Gnorts reacted to 1989Fan in Jay Glazer on Julio Trade Rumors and how teams see Kyle Pitts   
    I’m telling you all, our new FO thinks we will compete this year. Ain’t no rebuild, it’s reload and roll. They know with Matt, JJ and other core guys there’s always a shot. The (arguably) top HC candidate didn’t have to choose the Falcons, he wanted to! 
    lets rock this draft and go kick some ***!
    man, that pre-workout is some powerful stuff, got me all jacked! 😤😂 
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    Gnorts got a reaction from rugger8 in What To Make Of Our 1st Round Hoarding   
    It makes sense to me.  I feel that a player can be good on one team and not on another because of the system that team plays in.  A first round player was good at one point so maybe a change of system and they can be that first rounder again.  So pick up that old first rounder when you get the chance.
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    Gnorts reacted to Atlfalcons08 in Spoon Gone?   
    Or Tampa Bay.... Or Carolina...
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