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  1. I don't think they are saying the truth makes you a racist. I think they are saying you are a racist, period. But you already know that
  2. Shutdown that struggles with coverage? yep Man on Man corner that struggles with coverage you mean he struggles in zone coverage
  3. nope, they are just normal people. normal people have problems. judge not, you have done things as well
  4. Roddy White is the director or event marketing?????
  5. no one cares about your vulgar propaganda. But sheep are allowed on this board so I guess it's your right.
  6. liberal? I'm not surprised since he seems to have some intelligence.
  7. Uh don't kid yourself, owners want football to come before god and family. So does every other employer.
  8. Fixed no, its not fixed and i meant what i said I just don't understand how someone knowing a player or having played with a player before would have anything to do with the player's evaluation. It matters when that person still supports and sympathizes with the jailed player. Deangelo was the same. It's not what got them sent off, but you can bet people weren't happy about them. Roddy took alot of ##### for his free Vick shirt but he is also a good player and keeps his mouth shut. that's the difference. But don't kid yourself, being friends with Vick doesn't help your image.
  9. that makes no sense at all. why would he do that
  10. why don't you make us a list explaining why you are such a vulgar racist. thanks!
  11. I love the threads started on here by racists, real classy
  12. annnnnnd your name is jigga donkey. hilarious.
  13. thread title said Deion. thats not how his name is spelled. and alki is short for alcoholic.
  14. Favre was an alki and they didn't want to pay Deon. let's try spelling his name right next time too.
  15. no i want them to stay. I can't wait for the fall when they realize their team has become the doormat of the SEC and no one wants to play for their **** of a coach. please don't leave guys. And please report in every saturday in the fall after Arkansas gets stomped. thanks!
  16. Here's the truth. No one wants to play for Arkansas and they have just become the bottom feeders of the SEC. Have fun competing with Ole Miss and Mississippi state. for the worst spot losers. Maybe you guys can come up with enough money so that UGA will come to your house and show you how we do ##### in georgia.
  17. First of all Vick was THE ONLY QB who even had a chance of being successful behind our line specifically because of his mobility. If you put Ryan behind our line he will die. He is very, very slow and will basically just get teed off on and subsequently injured if he is thrown into the fire before we have a decent line to protect an immobile QB.
  18. then maybe you should have named yourself falcon supporter instead of just Ryan supporter. But then again, Ryan might as well BE the falcons because if he ends up sucking we are screwed.
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