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  1. I have the same one framed in my tv room
  2. Owens has showed well once he got his chance. I met him today and he is really not that big of a guy either but I do like him and grimes they seem to both have that intangible factor at the position. They both looked good at getting their head around at the right time, the only thing that I think hurts them is their size
  3. One of my shops worked on a friend of his vehicle and he came by today. He is a real down to earth kid. I have met several of the past and present players over the years and i really like this kid. I hope he really does well with the team
  4. I dont care if we drop the saints game as long as we win the eagles and the other 4 we will be fine
  5. statistically we hold the advantage which I like. If we dont drop a game we should win it will all come down to the outcome of the Philly game in my opinion
  6. Giants 6-4 Thursday, 11/26 8:20 PM ET NFLNET*** @ Denver 6-4 Sunday, 12/6 4:15 PM ET FOX vs. Dallas 7-3 Sunday, 12/13 8:20 PM ET * NBC vs. Philadelphia 6-4 Monday, 12/21 8:30 PM ET ESPN @ Washington 3-7 Sunday, 12/27 1:00 PM ET * FOX vs. Carolina 4-6 Sunday, 1/3 1:00 PM ET * FOX @ Minnesota 9-1 opponent avg record 6-4 with 3 home and 3 away Eagles 6-4 Sun. 29 REDSKINS 1:00 PM 94 WYSP/610 WIP FOX+ 3-7 Sun. 6 @ Falcons 1:00 PM 94 WYSP/610 WIP FOX+ 5-5 Sun. 13 @ Giants 8:20 PM 94 WYSP/610 WIP NBC+* 6-4 Sun. 20 49ERS 1:00 PM 94 WYSP/610 WIP F
  7. I was hoping they would go for it. After the way they came back it would have been great, but if you go for it and dont make it you would be second guess forever epecially if we missed the playoffs by 1 game
  8. I would love to make it and get a shot at Dallas. I think with Brookings comments we will come out for blood against them. I would love to bust their noses
  9. Look at the remaining schedules for NY, Greenbay, Philly and even Chicago. If we win the games we are suppose to ie Tampa, Buffalo and New York I think we pick up one of the wildcards. The other guys have a harder row to hoe. One team I didnt mention was San Fran they have a cupcake schedule and could sneek up from behind. They kinda scare me with how easy their schedule is
  10. out of the 5 teams in the mix for the wildcard we have the easiest road ahead. If we win the philly game I really think we still make it
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