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    Crazy Trav got a reaction from Since1990 in Draftnut57's 2020 Annual Draft Game, Pick 20...   
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    Crazy Trav reacted to 32wood84white in Kendall Sheffield   
    Getting in some more free Gamepass. I suggest anyone that has the time to watch it get it while it’s free. Outside of games they have some very good Falcons featured videos.
    Anyways, I wanted to watch Lindstrom vs the Niners and ended up watching Sheffield. Played every snap but two, one I know for sure and the other was goal line before the half and I may have just missed him. He was in on goal line late in the game.
    3 targets, two receptions allowed. One vs Kittle and he was making the hit as the ball arrived, the other Shanny got him with a motion, then bootlegged back out with that WR running underneath the oline forcing Sheff to cut back into the linebackers.
    Obviously the target rate was impressive enough but consider Jimmy G threw it 34 times, the 5th most in a game all season and post season, it’s even more impressive.
    In two WR sets he lined up outside, three WR sets Blidi would come in and kick outside and Sheff would move to the slot. Thats impressive as **** for a rookie and I think we got a big time player in round 4. He def has the speed and quick twitch TD and DQ like. He looks to be a big piece of this D as well as Kazee moving forward.
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    Crazy Trav reacted to KRUNKuno in casserly's 2020 mock has us selecting....   
    Don’t like it.  Henderson hasn’t necessarily done anything to be gushing over at pick 16.
    Give me Dantzler in the 2nd.  Great height.  Little skinny but willingly makes tackles. Understands route development.  Similar stats. Only dantzler has higher tackles
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    Crazy Trav reacted to Artys Arryn in Artys Arryn Mock Draft 1.0   
    So I want to start by saying I wanted to wait and see what the team did in FA before making a mock draft. I thought there were a lot of ways FA could go. Either investing in our old players, letting players go and trusting depth/draft picks, and trimming a lot of fat and being active players in FA (aka securing a starting calibre DE). I'm personally excited with our strategy. I think TD has opened cap space in a smart way and invested in the right places for the right prices. I was disappointed last offseason with our FA but I've liked everything from the new coaches to a risk free contract with Gurley. I'll assume for now we are settled and will probably only pick up a couple of depth pieces/role players.
    Enough of that though, on to the mock.
    TRADE. Eagles send 21 and 103 for Atlantas 16 and 228.
    Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma
    Been a K9 fan for months now. Was set to have a monster combine before a strained hammy put a stop to his night. Even with the strain K9 managed a 4.53 40, after putting up 21 reps, a 38 inch vert, and a 129" broad jump. Kenneth jumped off the tape with speed and blistering reaction. Every game I watched of Oklahoma this year, Murray was constantly making plays and always around the football. Also love that he never missed a game at OU.
    "A tone-setter on the second level, Murray is an urgent, aggressive and physical defender with outstanding range. He plays with an unrelenting motor and flies all over the field in pursuit." - The Draft Network
    47. Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama
    Elite size while constantly going up against the best competition week in and week out. Plays the football aggressively in the air and isn't afraid to get physical in run support. Physical with receivers at the line and at the point of the catch. Also the brother of Stefon Diggs.
    "Trevon Diggs fits the profile of a Cover 3/press man cornerback at the next level. Diggs' length makes him an ideal player to play press at the line of scrimmage and put him in positions to physically challenge receivers to stack the edge in run support."
    78. Jordan Elliot, DT, Missouri
    My number 5 rated DT, Elliot has great burst off the line, though not as much explosion as of some of my favorite prospects. Also good at both gap management and gap shooting. While he didn't rack up sacks he was highly disruptive. PFF graded him at 91.1 in both run defense and pass rush. The highest graded DT in the nation.
    "He was highly respected by opposing teams and faced additional help as a pass rusher. He'll face more one-on-one looks as a pro and could take a big jump forward as a rusher if he keeps working to add moves and counters to go with his early push."
    103. Zack Moss, RB, Utah
    Was being talked about as a top 4 back in this class before a disappointing 40 cooled his stock. However, despite the slightly lower than ideal time, Moss is a **** of a football player. Runs with vision and violence while also having good hands out of the backfield. Took over games and completely backpacked his offense against Oregon.
    "Moss has an elite trait in regards to his contact balance, and near-elite change of direction abilities and power. Accordingly, Moss is one of the best tackle-breakers in the class, and is an extremely reliable back in short-yardage and goal line situations. He has a very high floor. With a great pass-catching profile for a big back, Moss is also a quality space player on screens and swings, and is a nightmare for defensive backs to handle if he's able to get into the second level."
    119. Alton Robinson, Edge, Syracuse
    A good developmental pass rusher to add to our rotation. Robinson had a slightly disappoint year, posting only 4.5 sacks in 2019 after a 10 sack sophomore season. Robinson possesses an a good frame at 6'4 260 and has great burst off the line. Also shows good bend even when the Qb tries to move up in the pocket. Impressed me at the Senior Bowl as well.
    "His foundation of length, burst and flexibility is a strong one to develop from and he has a high ceiling at the next level if he can get strong and develop technically. Robinson has the appeal and upside as an eventual starter as a 4-3 defensive end. "
    143. Ben Bredeson, OG, Michigan
    A natural leader, team captain, and 4 year starter on a talented Michigan OL. Great power and adequate athleticism to get out in space. Has some struggles again fast interior players but neutralizes when he gets his hands on his guy.
    "Bredeson’s game translates to the next level where he’s comfortable rolling his hips into contact, accelerating his feet and working his hands. Bredeson executes with the timing and awareness expected for his resume and there is a pro-ready component to what he offers."
    With that in the books, I look forward to hearing what you guys think. I want to take a second and say I appreciate this board more and more ever day. With the amount of uncertainty going on right now it has been a great relief to be able to escape to this board and read/talk Falcons. Thank you.
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    Crazy Trav reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in Todd Gurley Signed!!   
    And anybody btchin about his $5M cap hit? Talk to the hand:
    Rico Allen - $7.4M Jamon Brown - $6.6M Allen Bailey - $6.0M James Carpenter - $5.1M
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    Crazy Trav reacted to Norwood all the way! in Report: Falcons have interest in Gurley(Shultz and Birchfield); Gurley intersted in Atlanta if released.   
    I would rather possibly look into Melvin Gordon. It seems like he's not getting much attention in FA. Maybe get him for a deal? Gurlie would be ok only if we dont pay up the wazoo
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    Crazy Trav reacted to federicofalcon2 in We Traded For Hayden Hurst   
    We gave up the Sanu 2nd rounder
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    Crazy Trav reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Year End: Pass Rush Win Rate, Grady Jarrett, Pass Blocking   
    Welp, we finished tied with the Cowboys.  Apparently we have the best pass rush win rate in the NFL.  A few other stats: since week 7, we have the #1 third down defense, #1 in turnovers created and 7th in ppg at 18.1
    Team Pass Rush Win Rate
    1. Atlanta Falcons, 53%
    2. Dallas Cowboys, 53%
    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 51%
    4. Philadelphia Eagles, 50%
    5. Los Angeles Rams, 50%
    6. Pittsburgh Steelers, 50%
    7. Jacksonville Jaguars, 48%
    8. Buffalo Bills, 47%
    Team Pass Block Win Rate
    1. Green Bay Packers, 72%
    2. Baltimore Ravens, 69%
    3. Indianapolis Colts, 65%
    27. Denver Broncos, 55%
    28. Seattle Seahawks, 54%
    29. Atlanta Falcons, 50%
    30. Carolina Panthers, 50%
    31. Cincinnati Bengals, 47%
    32. Miami Dolphins, 41%
    Top 10 DT Pass Rush Win Rate
    1. Aaron Donald, Rams, 25%
    2. Grady Jarrett, Falcons, 22%
    3. Chris Jones, Chiefs, 19%
    4. Maliek Collins, Cowboys, 16%
    5. Quinton Jefferson, Seahawks, 16%
    6. Calais Campbell, Jaguars, 15%
    7. Ed Oliver, Bills, 15%
    8. Denico Autry, Colts, 14%
    9. Matt Ioannidis, Redskins, 13%
    10. Vita Vea, Buccaneers, 13%
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    Crazy Trav reacted to Cole World in Brain baldy   
    It’s not Baldy but this should suffice 
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    Crazy Trav reacted to atlbaby in Brain baldy   
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    Crazy Trav reacted to NOVAFalconFan in Remember how Matt missed a wide open Julio vs Indy?   
    Pepperidge Farms remembers.
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    Crazy Trav reacted to krsnat1 in Going to Indy?   
    Wanted to know since no one responded in road trips, is anyone going to Indy this weekend. Looking to see what is the team hotel? I heard it was the Conrad.
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    Crazy Trav got a reaction from Stevo in How Can You Not Love Oliver Right Now?   
    He also had a great tackle earlier in the game. He just needs to work on his coverage but overall I was impressed considering how young he is.
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    Crazy Trav got a reaction from Drew4719 in How Can You Not Love Oliver Right Now?   
    He also had a great tackle earlier in the game. He just needs to work on his coverage but overall I was impressed considering how young he is.
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    Crazy Trav got a reaction from SleepyJoeB in How Can You Not Love Oliver Right Now?   
    He also had a great tackle earlier in the game. He just needs to work on his coverage but overall I was impressed considering how young he is.
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    Crazy Trav got a reaction from Jesus in How Can You Not Love Oliver Right Now?   
    He also had a great tackle earlier in the game. He just needs to work on his coverage but overall I was impressed considering how young he is.
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    Crazy Trav got a reaction from Diesel_Bird in How Can You Not Love Oliver Right Now?   
    He also had a great tackle earlier in the game. He just needs to work on his coverage but overall I was impressed considering how young he is.
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    Crazy Trav reacted to kschreck in Greetings, Falcons Fans!   
    Any team that contributes to the Saints playoff misery is OK in my book. 
    My biggest concern about this match up is how quickly can an oline with so many new parts gel, especially against a front like the Vikings.
    Here's to a good, hard fought, and injury free game.
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