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  1. He also had a great tackle earlier in the game. He just needs to work on his coverage but overall I was impressed considering how young he is.
  2. You guys do realize Gregg Williams was dialing up a bunch of blitzes and pressure a preaseason game. Most of the time we only see this with a new coaching scheme and I honestly thought it was good to see some of the oline starters get humbled against a a defense that had most of the starters beside Leonard.
  3. Thanks for the updates guys! Computer is taking forever to update after I got home from work
  4. I’ll be rooting for him! Always felt he was raw with great potential.
  5. Was anyone else watching NFL Network and how they didn’t even mention the guy we drafted (Lindstrom). Went straight to commercial break and then they just kept talking about the upcoming WAS pick and the QB’s. I was pissed
  6. Beasley is also way younger and has yet to reach his prime. Houston is old and can’t even stay healthy for a whole year. Would much rather invest in further development of Vic and have him earn a long term contract.
  7. I would rather us go for OT than G. Also, I don’t know if I trust Sambrailo from what I’ve seen so far. I mean that’s why we picked up 2 Guards in FA so we could solidify a pick with DT and/or DE with our 1st. From there I wouldn’t be surprised if it was another DL pick in the 2nd and then grab one of the best available OT on the board in the 3rd. Now this does not mean I don’t like Scar, but I’m sick and tired of seeing our D-line get dominated in the end of these games where we lost so many in the past few years by just a few points. I’m sure Coach Q agrees since he’s taking over play calls but we will see. Excited for the draft!
  8. It’s okay I’m here now guys. Say my name, say my name!
  9. Carpenter was hurt and Brown showed up halfway through the season to the Giants. Both were with crappy olines as well. I’ll take that with a grain of salt
  10. It’s mostly incentive based. His cap hit is much lower but if he balls out then the max he gets is 13mil. I agree that’s too much for him too tho