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  1. Don't forget that we will sign at least one PS Player from another team. Every year it seems that way.
  2. Did anyone else notice how Tomlin kept the 1st string defense in until pretty much the half. I was laughing when the Falcons 2nd string offense were still tearing them up (mainly Davis and Dable).
  3. My roommate is a Pats fan so I'm numb to the SB as well. You have my ultimate respect for dealing with Pats fans in Boston. That game is going to be a lot of fun!
  4. The main set is at Flowery Branch so if you don't like watching MJD talk then stare at the background of our guys. They are showing a few other teams but they had an interview with Julio and I'm pretty sure with DQ later.
  5. Started with a great interview with TD and live video on the practice so far.
  6. The Kodi app is great because it's free but it has its downfalls. When the games come on, it can be a real pain to find one that isn't glitching due to the amount of bandwidth allowed per stream. Also if you have add ons for the Kodi app, then it is crucial to kept them updated or else you could be stuck waiting for it to load for ten minutes. This off-season AT&T DirectTv is handing out Sunday Ticket for free if you join or complain to leave. I did the streaming route last year and it was annoying.
  7. Jalen will not be a nickel corner, he will be exclusively on the outside. Alford and Poole will be the main NB's.
  8. Exactly what I was thinking, considerably young iron at that.
  9. He will be loved in the locker room
  10. You summed it up perfectly. The Bucs look dangerous on paper, once again, but they haven't been consistent enough for me to worry. They haven't had sustained success leading into the playoffs like the Falcons and Panthers had. Ill predict them to be better once they establish more chemistry. The Panthers once they are healthy are definitely going to be competing. If they were to get back to close what they resembled a couple years ago then they could be right behind us in the division. Im just not convinced on them being better than the Falcons due to Cam being inconsistent and hurt (recovering from shoulder surgery). Saints - ha.
  11. Love how they just completely sweep receiving stats under the rug as well. RB's have no use in the passing game apparently.
  12. Here are the rest of the segments