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  1. Hey guys quick question. Which 2nd round pick did we give up? It just says 2nd round pick in all the updates.
  2. He also had a great tackle earlier in the game. He just needs to work on his coverage but overall I was impressed considering how young he is.
  3. You guys do realize Gregg Williams was dialing up a bunch of blitzes and pressure a preaseason game. Most of the time we only see this with a new coaching scheme and I honestly thought it was good to see some of the oline starters get humbled against a a defense that had most of the starters beside Leonard.
  4. Thanks for the updates guys! Computer is taking forever to update after I got home from work
  5. Was anyone else watching NFL Network and how they didn’t even mention the guy we drafted (Lindstrom). Went straight to commercial break and then they just kept talking about the upcoming WAS pick and the QB’s. I was pissed