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  1. He will be loved in the locker room
  2. You summed it up perfectly. The Bucs look dangerous on paper, once again, but they haven't been consistent enough for me to worry. They haven't had sustained success leading into the playoffs like the Falcons and Panthers had. Ill predict them to be better once they establish more chemistry. The Panthers once they are healthy are definitely going to be competing. If they were to get back to close what they resembled a couple years ago then they could be right behind us in the division. Im just not convinced on them being better than the Falcons due to Cam being inconsistent and hurt (recovering from shoulder surgery). Saints - ha.
  3. Love how they just completely sweep receiving stats under the rug as well. RB's have no use in the passing game apparently.
  4. Here are the rest of the segments
  5. Sorry that the videos are broken up through the first page of the thread. Make sure to check them out if you can.
  6. Ill post it when I see it available OP! Thanks for the heads up
  7. "One thing I want to point out is that the Falcons will have approx. $1.7M in cap room after signing their 2017 draft picks." Yea not even close, its 6.5 mil. This guy needs to do his hw before he decides to point anything else out.
  8. "If Deion Jones had been injured at any point in 2016, the team would have been in a dire situation trying to replace what he brought to the table. The same could have been said for De’Vondre Campbell." Um they both were injured and missed the Seattle if im not mistaken. We had Reynolds and Ish starting.
  9. I love that they are continuing this. After being in the Marines, there were definitely moments after grueling training sessions when me and my brothers would look at eachother and be like "what in the blazing high f**** did we just go through?" We would be closer after every one until we deployed. Oh and those log carries, are a b**** to carry for the tall guys like me. Poor Toilolo.
  10. I know how much some of you like these so just thought I would share.
  11. He also is tough when he runs over defenders and drags most of them.
  12. Exactly! All the praise for this guy was over exaggerated. I wasn't impressed. Now in regards to Saubert, look out because this guy is a great pass catcher. He fits the CT score perfectly in how many tackles he broke. He was literally the entire offense at Drake. He has some work to do but he is similar to Engram imo in route running and being a pass specific TE/HB/FB. And anyone that is nitpicking him in EW Game, that QB was straight garbage. Check out the other vid i posted.