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  1. say what u will thats a huge pickup....and the saints look good goin into this season. any fantasy owners should take a good look at drew brees
  2. well he shouldnt have came out and officially retired, it wouldve been a better situation if he drew it out all the way til training camp b4 making a decision like always but if he wants to come back they should let him back just because of what he's meant to the organization....i mean ppl up here still want YKW back because of what he meant to us
  3. bout time..through this whole thread only one person said welcome to atlanta
  4. T.I. wut up, whats happenin
  5. well i dont wanna see him get killed like carr did behind our O-Line but i see kno reason not to start him...the front office sure thought he was worth 72 mil and theres always a chance he can have a "marino-type" rookie season
  6. Uh, to NOT worry about the 2009 draft already. I swear, that has to be the most pointless issue for anyone to try and converse about at this point. Sheesh. i just asked wut our biggest concern would be...dont get ur pannys in a bunch we're still lookin forward to this season
  7. what should be our #1 concern?
  8. alright, Jammin is the guy that led us to the superbowl but he's not the best runningback to wear our uniform? ok
  9. coming on nfl network today during the top 10 marathon (4 et)..hopefully we're up there next yr.
  10. he probably wont get brought in as a savior he'll get picked up for a qb competition somewhere or for wr/kr/rb
  11. they say we'll end up 1-15 because of the things that happened last yr....but we didnt even have the worst record in the league or conference last season so tell me how this makes sense
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