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  1. He was hit so hard he crapped a football...
  2. Happy Belated my friend. I haven't been around but had to check in for this.
  3. Yeah JJ is going to beat up our guys up front this week. We're going to need all the help we can get.
  4. He's so old when Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone be had 5 missed calls from Morten Anderson.
  5. On a day as special as your birthday i hope you Rise Up and enjoy every minute.
  6. Your son shares it with Tom Cruise, Olivia Munn and Montel Williams. Actually, a pretty amazing list of world changers. http://www.historyorb.com/birthdays/july/3 Happy birthday to your son, the future.
  7. I've posted here for a long long time. I don't make many topics but I also don't make much noise. I'm more of the strong silent type ha. Thank you for the well wishes!
  8. If by young you mean 36 with a 4 year old daughter who keeps me powered up, then I'm definitely a spring chicken! Thanks KOG, you're the man.
  9. When the Dome was rocking, and we were trying to break the noise record (minus the fake noise) during the Seattle and San Fran playoff games, and that graphic was flashing on the Dome screens, the fans were going nuts. I still like it. It turns into a pun when we suck but when we're rolling it's great.
  10. I have full custody of my gorgeous 4 year old daughter and she makes every day father's day for me. Happy father's day to everyone and to the real fathers who take pride in it. A special shout out to my father Nader Abraham. He left us last year but will always be in my heart.
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