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  1. Let me first just explain by saying I am currently living in CT (right in the middle of Giants and Patriots country ) for work, and have always worn my Falcons gear, even through the whole Vick thing when I would get crap from people all the time. So tonight I was at a comedy club (wearing a Falcons t-shirt) to see Mark Curry. So there was a point where he called me and a couple other people up on stage. So I get up on stage and Mark Curry says, "Oh a Falcons fan, good man." Then as he turns away he goes, "Gotta love a Mike Vick fan." And then the whole audience booed me. Then Curry said
  2. Why not? Before last season Browns fans thought Brady Quinn was going to run that team for years to come, only to have Derek Anderson win the job in TC, and never give it up. Now he has been re-signed and Quinn is just an overpaid back-up (for now at least). I realize it's unlikely, but not impossible.
  3. Just out of curiosity, how would you feel if the Falcons signed an UDFA and they had an amazing camp and beat out Ryan? Similarto Cleveland last year drafting Quinn, only to have Anderson emerge, although not exactly because Anderson was already in the league. But it would be similar. Thoughts?
  4. I thought those 3 kickers were supposed to be the top 3 kickers off the class? I don't claim to be a draft nut, but it just struck me as odd
  5. Spencer (miami): Mel, I'm seeing Chad Henne's stock apparently rising quite a bit. Why is that? Despite being a 4-year starter and being surrounded by NFL-caliber talent, he never seemed particularly great or good. SportsNation Mel Kiper: I would say he was good, he wasn't great. He's a tough guy. He has impressed people with his toughness. His character, his leadership ability. And his strong arm. He's played a lot of football. There's a lot to say about a veteran at the college level. Now, the concern is that he's erratic, he has a long delivery and he's not mobile. He ran hot and cold at Mi
  6. The guy is an absolute freak of nature! I don't know if there is any other person who is nearly 7 feet tall and runs a 4.33. Anyone with that size and speed is a once in a lifetime game changer that can single-handedly turn the D around. LOL...just before people start the bashing, look at what ESPN has written for his Draft bio. They have him listed at 6'10 1/2", obviously a typo, but still pretty funny.
  7. Chances are not very good. As the above posters mentioned you would either need to trade all of your seconds, or trade a future first, which I don't see happening. But the idea of Ellis and Long is pretty amazing...but hey we can dream for at least a few more weeks.
  8. This is definitely make or break. With a good draft this is the building block for a team that will compete for a title year after year, or with a bad draft it will be the building block to more losing seasons. With this much invested in one draft it is definitely a bit nerve wrecking.
  9. No, I like Brady Quinn, and wouldn't mind seeing him in a Falcons uniform. But I just don't see it happening, the Browns have invested too much, the only way the Falcons get him at a fair price is if the Browns decide to cut their losses...but I don't think they will do that until Anderson has another really good year.
  10. I don't see the Dolphins signing anyone until at least a week before the draft. Signing someone this early is way too early, as there are still a lot of things that can develop over the coming weeks.
  11. This very much depends on how the Falcons spend all of the picks before the comp pick. That being said, I will go with Wheeler.
  12. noI have to agree with Legion, this team need to address a lot of holes now. This is the year they can begin the right the ship. They need to use these picks this year, I will be really upset if they trade some of them for picks next year. Only teams like New England, who don't have gaping holes, can afford to trade for future picks.
  13. That's what makes the whole thing exciting though. 11 picks will completely change this franchise for many years...for better or for worse. I truly believe the Falcons need as many picks as possible...that being said I do believe in quality over quantity, so if there was a must-have player I wouldn't be as upset as I would have in the past if the Falcons traded a pick...just as long as they don't over-pay with picks.
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