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  1. we'll just have to let mike make the decision yes it would be ideal for Jerious to get a good share of touches but you never know,the front office may have something else in mind
  2. best wishes man, if i was religious i'd pray for you but man i hope everything goes well, you and your friend are in our thoughts
  3. Jayson Foster can do it all, so all you who are like we want another qb..uhm he can play other positions only player in NCAA HISTORY to have a: 80+yard pass 80+yard run 80+yard punt return 80+yard kick return and i think there were a few more
  4. wanna know something funny, your number 1 quarterback threw 19 int in ONE SEASON
  5. EXACTLY how good is peyton and tom if a dlinemen broke through the line on everyplay immediatly?
  6. and he sure as **** had a good defense along with an offensive line.
  7. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady vs. Donovan McNabb and Vince Young... look at the weapons around those quarterbacks and tell me whos better
  8. in that little clip he looked faster than 4.4
  9. well, whos on your list bro? im not going to put it down or anything since thats not what im about, but id like to hear your opinion
  10. You guys are to funny! :w00t::w00t: Dixon? Johnson? Flacco? and ANDRE WOODSON?!? better then Brohm.. Henne.. or Ryan... COME ON! you can not be serious right now sorry but a quarterback who throws 19 int in a season isnt on my list of a top qb, period.
  11. i think its got a hint of truth, except woodson can be interchanged with brohm or henne
  12. hey you know what's funny, ya'll are all arguing over whos better and this and that.. but what if they both come out busts? ya'll will look like complete d.umba.s.ses The impact they will make depends soley on the team they are drafted to, period.
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