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  1. yeah, it seems alot of people have good to say about him as a man, just not a player, which is a shame when he 'earnt' so much
  2. I'm sorry, but so many people have Matt Ryan around number 5. That's just silly, the guy has had 1 good year, yes he was a rookie, so a great year, but it's still just 1 year. 1. T. Brady 2. P. Manning 3. P. Rivers 4. D. Brees 5. K. Warner 6. B. Roethlisberger 7. D. McNabb 8. M. Ryan 9. A. Rodgers 10. E.Manning If the list were done on potential alone, then Matty would have the top 5 spots to himself to be honest, but it isn't. These guys have proved themselves year in and year out, get off Ryan's balls. We have ourselfs a future player who could easily surpass any records these guys set, but
  3. ignore finally, he enjoys trolling other threads and claiming that they are the trolls. i enjoyed the read, thank you
  4. he pointed out some information that the coach said, and i personally had not seen. now, i could act like a ***** like the most of you, but instead ill just say thanks for finding it. I really do have a problem with the amount of people saying Sidbury is primarily an RDE on their depth charts though. I really don't see him playing the right all the much, If Abe ever gets injured or needs a rest, Biermann will take it, Sidbury will be in at LDE in the majority of any snaps he takes tbh
  5. he's been 'improving' the past 2 seasons. i just want a little improvement come game time performances.
  6. fitzgerald and boldin yes, although they're both great WR's they do benefit from having a pass happy offense. moss and welker - best imo. owens and williams - great when owens doesn't whine, but you've got witten in there too as a major threat harrison and wayne - no, harrison is done, gonzalez is a really nice slot though johnson and t.j - both brilliant, but suffer from being bengals. roddy and jenkins - roddy is brilliant. broke out last year, is comfortable now, and is showing it. i honestly think he's a top 3 WR and isnt far from being the best. jenkins is clutch. he's great. tall and can
  7. he's had his time over and over again, yet does nothing. the 2 sacks should have been a huge confidence booster, but he needs more. i honestly think next year is his true test though, he's settled down in the league, he'll have had a couple years with the new coaches etc. anything we get out of him now is huge. he's a bust for 8th overall, but he's still got time.
  8. agreed, first he gets blocked and is really low, he could have avoided the knees and gone ankles, but by that time he'd already got there. 2nd was dirty.
  9. Agreed, he's not phenomenal just yet. But for a rookie, he's easily the best rookie QB I've seen. He's got years ahead of him. I've made a bet that the Falcons win a Superbowl with Ryan as QB. I'll win £300 ($650 roughly, not sure on exact numbers). He's redefined the 'rookie qb' role but hasn't yet done the same for QB. I agree with you, and don't think he will, he'll just play the QB role at a 'best ever' / hall of fame level.
  10. He's doing wonders. I've been trying to find out just how quick his release is. His arm strength got criticised alot before the draft, but he lets some absolute stingers fly. It's amazing to see the velocity on his throws for such an extremely quick release. His footwork is good, but not great, but it's better than alot of people suggested. Just watching some of the video's of him, his interviews/comments on others is testament to the guy he is. He's a team player and you can tell. His reactions to 1st downs on 3rds / his TD reactions etc. His leadership is brilliant. So many great things from
  11. i really do hope the giants win, and the saints win carolina too. we win out and we're above them on record. a TB loss would be lovely too :P
  12. agreed. and. your signature is brilliant, hopefully you dont get lazy, will be nice to see you keep it up
  13. I can't believe it! I knew I shouldnt have drafted Matt Ryan, he's gone on the field and he's took my **** cookies! Abe, get me Jamaals!
  14. he lost his man, fell over, then gave a 2nd 15yard penalty, so really its like 40 yards on two plays. he's already been passed on a couple times. so glad he's gone, ill admit, i loved him until he became a 'me me me' player. i dont want that on the falcons. he's already punishing them, and by the looks of it arguing with his head coach
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