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  1. Guys go along with the speculation. Isn't that what message boards are for? I'd like to add Larry Foote to our 3rd down, pass rush situation group. He's an aggressive LB who's good in the run too. Don't get me wrong, i love Nicholas, but i'd rather get Larry Foote who's actually seen the field for a while. Loved the guy's passion and presence on the Steelers D.
  2. Just hold on for a little longer Darius Butler!!! LOL
  3. I say it's between Connor Barwin, Darius Butler, Clint Sintim.
  4. There've been planety of players taken already whose stocks have fallen.
  5. I think we move up if we feel if any of the Safeties or OLB are still there.
  6. Not a good pick. A GREAT pick. He may be better than B.J. Raji and a good character guy. Way to go TD! Let's go get us a LB now.
  7. Yea...ummm...JA98 ain't our worst player brother man. So what did Dorsey do last year? That guy coming back next season? Come on man! Dorsey??? Dorsey??? Are u serious??? Wow. WHOOO!!! LOL
  8. We got a future HOF TE in Gonzo, which means another weapon for Matty Ice. We also got a whole year to get that 2nd round pick back, and we can get some good Defensive players in this draft. TD is a GENIOUS!!!
  9. This is exactly what Coy Wire is though. A tweener. Just situational players.
  10. Chip Vaughn is the better safety in my opinion. Chung and Moore scare me. Delmas is the better of the four though, but i hope we get Vaughn. Chip Vaughn has a lot of upside.
  11. LOL. Peria Jerry is a UT and not an NT? WTH? Dude do u even understand the 1-9 techniques at all? Jerry can play either gaps man. As for the age thing, g-Dawg is right. And i actually think the age think works in his favor.
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