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  1. None of those Bal offenses ever had the talent the Falcons do now. Look at what Billick was able to do with a talented offense in Minnesota.
  2. Actually really like this combo. Would be really pleased if that happened.
  3. HC - Still believe in Smitty. But he's gotta accept the same old, same old won't do. OC - Todd Haley - This guy is a good coordinator who was never meant to be a HC. He also is known for churning out good WR's, he turned Dwayne Bowe around. DC - Spagnoulo - If we get this guy, I'll gladly learn to correctly spell his name. Secondary/Asst. Head Coach - Raheem Morris - Secondary play has been a problem, and Morris has a high energy personality that we need. He was to young and immature to be a HC but this role suits him. Oline coach - Tony Sporano - Sporano makes a good Oline coach, and will be looking rehab his resume. We need to shore up the trenches. Jeff Jagodzinski - Qb coach - This guy knows Ryan better than anyone, and Bratkowski is a WR guy not Qb's. I'd keep the rest the same.
  4. Honestly, I always thought Mora would be a better college coach than NFL coach.
  5. Saw that Willy Mo is back in practice and not even mentioned on the injury list. Glad for it since the guy is a beast. But that made me think with him back in Nickel situations maybe BVG and Smitty will put Sanders at the NB spot and let Decoud play FS on those downs. Just a thought to cover our injury problems.
  6. Maybe in nickel spots we put Decoud at FS, Moore at SS, and let Sanders take the NB spot. Just thinkin out loud.
  7. Been hearing how the Texans D is the best in the NFL. But let's look at who that D has faced: Indianapolis, Jacksonville (2x), Miami, Tennessee, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Oakland. Obviously all but 3 of those teams pretty much suck. And 3 of these teams Pitt, NO, and Oak all manage to beat the Texans. So the experts say we'll have trouble but the fact is Houston earned its number 1 ranking and record playing a bunch of chumps. I know you play the schedule your given but they've lost to the good teams.
  8. Just a few positives I saw. . . 1) JJ is freakin beast! That's what we gave up all those picks for! 2) Matt Bosher has completely turned around the past couple of games. 3) Svitek had a great game against Dwight Freeney. Hope he can be the answer. 4) Quizz looks like he is going to be a steal.
  9. Voted for Gonzo, Grimes, Spoon, Lofton, and Bryant. Would've voted for Ovie if he was still healthy.
  10. Being a GM also means looking at the coaches that they've hired. Reeves was the coach. McKay - Mora Jr., and Petrino. TD - Smith. Reeves got'em to a SB so he's probably the top of the heap, but Smitty's been a more consistent winner.
  11. I thought the What I didn't like would be Suh beating Reynolds like a drum.
  12. I'd say its time to put Baker at RG where his shorter arms and lack of range will be less of a problem and leave Svitek at LT. Either way its seriously time for Reynolds to go.
  13. I thought the key difference would be that Rodgers has more than 1.5 seconds to throw the ball and doesn't get his head bounced off the turf on every pass attempt.
  14. Ryan would be better with the Pack because he wouldn't have Sam Baker and Garret Reynolds getting him hit in the mouth on every pass attempt!
  15. Despite these last few years, Mr. Davis really helped make the NFL what it is today. And let's be honest he's a character we'll miss having around the game.
  16. What's crazy is that the Pack actually suck versus the pass (31st in the league i think)! Tonight would actually be the night to come out firing.
  17. Anybody got a link to the game for today? Living in the stink hole that is New Orleans and don't get the game.
  18. Dude you rock! You know I was only expecting to see like 2 falcons games since I've been forced into exile here in Louisiana. But you've changed all that kind sir!
  19. Geez Snelling just c'mon back and sign with us already. We'll take you back man! Just swallow you're obviously diminished pride and take whatever deal TD is offering.
  20. Johnson. I think they want Johnson to develop into the backup/swing tackle.
  21. Depending on the $ he's askin for Hayden maybe worth takin a look at.
  22. I think it will be Johnson but he and Reynolds will probably have a camp battle over it. I just see them wanting Reynolds to be a swing tackle type and Johnson ending up getting the RG gig.
  23. I think this maybe one of those times when an agent lets word get out that he's in talks with another team to leverage a deal.
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