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  1. That's why I went Wisconsin. Figured most picked UK. Figured that would be best bet to win it
  2. Was I the only 1 that had Wisconsin beating UK in the afmb tourny pool
  3. I know I found out late but pretty excited to see that the Bundesliga and fox sports have a 5 year deal starting with the 2015-16 year.
  4. Chelsea also sold Schurrle to Wolfsburg as well.
  5. US plays today against Denmark at 315pm est on ESPN. Also Germany against Australia starts around same time
  6. Looks like a lot of aging Euro stars are ending their careers with MLS. Gerrard is set to join a MLS team after this year and Ronaldo is interested in the MLS after his contract with Real expires
  7. Espn bracketology has UGA as a #8 seed
  8. Great player wish I had the privilege to watch him play
  9. Any time frame as to when the new OC should be hired by?
  10. LSU reached out to ex-USC DC Clancy Pedergast
  11. great news to hear and job well done by Liberty Media.
  12. Started at 5pm est with replays at 6, 11, 12. Being shown on espnu
  13. Through the course of the year. The #2 spot gets the most PA with risp
  14. Tonight's game is the free game of the day on mlb.tv
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