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  1. That's why I went Wisconsin. Figured most picked UK. Figured that would be best bet to win it
  2. Was I the only 1 that had Wisconsin beating UK in the afmb tourny pool
  3. Bob Shoop staying at Penn St.
  4. I think gurley or Chubb would've broken 2k if either started every game
  5. LSU reached out to ex-USC DC Clancy Pedergast
  6. For those that want to see UGA play Notre Dame. UGA will play Notre Dame in 2 season openers. 2017 at Notre Dame and in 2019 at Sanford
  7. yes it works
  8. Anyone setting up a tournament bracket pick em
  9. let the GA's coach ST. they can't be any worse
  10. Bowl pick'em is set up Group ID: 15071 password: sec
  11. Who is setting up the bowl pick'em
  12. Dropped to 15 in the AP Poll
  13. Auburn vs A& M will be on CBS that day too.
  14. next 2 weeks are 12 pm est kick offs this week against Missouri on ESPN 10/19 against Vanderbilt on CBS
  15. UGA moves up to 6 in both polls. Also they have the CBS 3:30pm est game at Tenn