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  1. i have a pair of boxer shorts, however my brother has a Jerry Richardson 1966 Atlanta Falcons trading card.
  2. It's about the money. If atlanta builds it they will get the superbowl.
  3. What happens in Indy , stays in Indy. He probably has a tiger in his room.
  4. can he play safty on passing downs? he would be looking back at the qb instead of following a wr.
  5. If Pittsburgh forces 2 ints and 2 fumbles, its called great defense. If Atlanta does the same, its called mistakes by the other team.
  6. The Panther fans are really getting down on there defense. They lost there starting run stuffing dt, Kemoeatu, all 345 lbs for the season. There defense gave up 30 point/game for the last 7 games last year. The HUGH Peppers contract has hand cuffed the Panthers, they have no room under the salary cap to make any major moves. The hosts on the radio show are x-Panthers, Frank Gracia and Brenston Buckner. Buck think they will go 7-9, Frank wants to see now they do in there first 3 games,Philly, Atl, Dallas, he is worried about teams with good running attacks. They also believe that there 3rd rou
  7. he dropped the ball in the playoff game, wide open. clutch?
  8. if roddy was clutch he would be getting 10 mill/year not 8
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