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  1. JJ wasnt a Vick hugger he was just a smart troll. If that makes any since.....but yeah he got found out by the mods and got banned a couple times but not before he got a couple other people banned....
  2. ok if you really are Rev JJ how many people have you got banned and how many times have you been banned?
  3. Our pass rush was better than theirs today go watch the game. We just got outcoached.
  4. OMG the worse troll in the history of this forum is back. Please just leave....
  5. Our Defense play a lot better than people give them credit for.
  6. Losing Jerry in the middle hurt a lot. The LBs were in coverage a lot by the time they got out of coverage to hit the RB it was a 5 yard gain. Plus it was wet out there and a lot of slipping. They will be ready next game.
  7. yes the playcalling sucked Ryan had no pressure but they had him rolling out wtf.... horrible play calls this game
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