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  1. You know nothing get over yourselves and let the front office do it's job.
  2. pretty dumb post. no offense. Sound familiar?
  3. rollow lawson said: P iss off you ******.
  4. you talk alot of ##### scott but look like a guy that plays for the same team if you know what I mean.. Whats that mean? To be blunt he thinks he looks like he has sucked a few Co cks in his life.
  5. Riiiiight... and you are adding a lot to this discussion how? Anyways, I would like to give him another chance but I'm willing to bet he gets at least another year from his state charges and by then I think his window of opportunity will be closed.
  6. Do you guys think the ravens will get him considering Harbaugh is the coach there now and if so how early do you think they would nab him?
  7. I want him with one of our 3rd rounders.
  8. If you going to accuse someone of something as bad as RACISM at least spell it right and know the correct meaning you ******.
  9. NSFWhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyczfH2IbugNSFW ^ ^ ^ Some George Carlin
  10. Mistakes happen it isn't Blanks fault he decided to be a felon. ****, after what Blank has been thru with M.Vick I'd want to get to know the players I'm about to fork over millions of dollars over to as well. What is the big deal with the man caring deeply about his team? I for one am ecstatic to have an owner that loves his team as much as I do.
  11. I think it's just growing pains,honestly.Which sucks because we as fans have to endure it. We do need stability starting from the top and I'm trying to stay optimistic about the hires Blank has made this go 'round.Looks like they pulled people from very classy organazations to help piece this together. As far as "Tuna" I like the guy but not for us his "ego" wouldn't allow him to come to the lowly Falcons.
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