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  1. You picked 4 of the next five Super Bowl winners: Falcons or Texans in the next three years. Seahawks, Titans, & Bengals in the next five. Do you really believe those?
  2. That's a big bummer. He really needs all the reps he can get. I still have confidence he will get to the level we need him too, just not as soon as we would like.
  3. I would have taken Ladarius Green in the 3rd. I think he will turn into one of the better TE in the next few seasons. I still think Holmes has a good chance to work out, I just think between the two. Green will be better.
  4. I'm hoping for either Quizz or James Rodgers.
  5. Mine says "Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons go into Detroit to face the Lions, who just a few years ago almost went win-less. The Lions already have more wins this year than all of the past decade."
  6. We share the same B.Day, Cool!!! Happy B.Day!!
  7. I listen to 790 from morning till lunch, then 680 from lunch till dinner. Morning is a lot of Falcons, but lunch not soo much. 680 in the evenings talks a little Falcons. But on Mondays at 3pm 790 has coach Smith on.
  8. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.
  9. Sec 308 and I'm putting my undefeated streak on the line. Never lost a game with me there. And no they were not all cup cakes. I was at a games against Buffalo where Chris Chandler threw 400+ yards and Jay Feely kicked a 52yd FG to win **** Joey Harrington won the only game I went to in '07 Other notable recent games: N.O. '08 ARI '09 BAL '09 Wish me luck!
  10. That's the one I use too. I really like it better. Great work, prob my fav you've done.
  11. I would be very happy with Blalock singing. You would only have one new face on the line.
  12. I would love to have him, but really doubt we go after him.
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