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  1. i'd probably have the ends play containment in a tampa 2 scheme. that zone defense is completely befuddling to scrambling quarterbacks.
  2. won tickets to Fridays game from 680 The Fan.

  3. Bump for those who have not seen yet.
  4. I think a lot of you still don't know about this: Link They keep it updated and they have a ton to look through.
  5. To be the best, you can't get suspended for multiple games.
  6. I will be at both. Not sure what shirt or jersey I will wear.
  7. Thanks for the post. I always enjoy your cool stats and post.
  8. I doubt the cure for cancer is in a bathroom in milledgeville, ga. BURN!
  9. nick dude, congrats on the roddy shout out! still loving my sig bro ;)

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